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Welcome to 2014 Part Three

 WARNING! Some doll Nudity!

All the guests have now left except Shah who has been helping Poppy to clear up

"Good night Poppy, thank you for a wonderful evening!" Shah says taking Poppy's hands and kissing them.

"Good night...and Happy New Year!" Poppy starts to close the door watching Shah walk down the path heading towards his car (He's not a drinker). As he reaches the gate he turns and waves "Oh, and please wish Eli a Happy New Year when you see her" Poppy calls out to him.

"Thanks! If my wife ever comes back from her parents I will!" He calls back to her

"I'm sure her dad will be better soon!" Poppy tells him as she closes the door!


Neal arrives home and goes to check on Dawn


He can just make her out in her crib from the hall light, she is sleeping soundly and he can hear the rhythmic breathing of Molly their nanny in the next room.


Neal undresses and gets into bed.... alone!




A few streets away Rumi and Iver arrive back at their apartment. As always they have trouble keeping their hands off each other.... the poor cab driver did not know where to look and had to adjust his mirror so he could not see them, or they might have crashed!

By the time Iver has the door unlocked and the full into the hallway both are bare chested!

 They just make it to the bedroom before there adore gets the better of them and they make love ....several times!!!!

No comment!!!!

Well, they started the year as they mean to go on!

Back with Poppy she sighs as she removes her shoes and wiggles her toes. 


Poppy slips into her comfy pj's. As she is hanging up her dress she jumps when the door bell rings. Walking to the window she looks out and her heart misses a beat! She runs to the front door trying to tell herself he must have forgotten something.... why else would he be back?

 Her question is answered as soon as she opens the door as Shah takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Poppy responded with equal passion and they soon find themselves in Poppy's bedroom

They are soon making love

Afterwards reality hits and Poppy can't help but ask "What about Eli...your wife?"

Eden has gone back to Luke's hotel room with him, she is hoping tonight is 'the' night as they have been dating for a while now and Luke has still not made love to her

Luke feels so unsure of himself he's had many women but none like Eden! None he has been in love with? He feels himself becoming aroused... and so does Eden. She allows herself a secret smile and then...... it's gone! Luke THE Lukas Richard (big Dick) Maverick has lost his erection?????

Luke groan's and apologizes profusely to Eden his face red with embarrassment! 
"It's OK! Look lets just sit here watch some TV and cuddle... "

"Cuddling's good, I can do cuddling!" Luke replies as they both snuggle up on the sofa.

After a while Eden excuses herself and goes to the bathroom

Taking a deep breath she opens the door and enters the room... she has never done anything like this before but feels if she does not make a move on Luke soon she will need to visit the nearest 'Adult' toy shop! Luke looks up as she enters immediately he feels a tightening in his trousers

Standing he walks across the room taking the naked Eden in his arms.

 This time there are only thoughts of Eden in his head and he has no problems in making love to her 

Dania Zarr is a distant memory!....... For now!



 Sadly for Aria she went home alone!



 Faith drives her husband Peter home. For a while they drive in silence, then Faith can take it no more.

"So! who was you ogling at? " She demands

 "Ogling? I was not ogling at anyone!!!" He replies crossly

"You think I'm stupid? I know your eyes were wandering! Please don't insult me!" Faith is trying to concentrate on the road but finds her anger surging up in her


 Peter sighs "I do not think you are stupid! Just wrong!!!"

Faith swerves in and out as they drive through the early morning traffic, then she turns off as they approach their home.

Peter sighs again thankful that they are almost home. The rest of the drive home is silent

 Faith feels so angry that Peter is denying what is so obvious to her.

She knows only his body had been at the party tonight.... his mind was somewhere else!

Peter is on the defensive... he knows too that he was thinking about someone else....


 Giselle and Hrithik took a cab with Giselle's parents as they are all staying at Neal's home. When they arrive there is no sign of Neal or Sarah so after wishing each other a Happy New Year the two tipsy couples bid each other a good night and head for their rooms.

"WOW! What a fun night! " Giselle tells 'Harry' as she lays back on the bed.

 Harry takes her hands and pulls Giselle into his arms

"It sure was a surprisingly good night!" He can't help but think of the kiss Aria had given him... most certainly not an 'innocent' kiss!

 Giving Giselle a kiss she then leaves him to get ready for bed. On returning it looks as though Harry is fast asleep!

 But when she kneels on the bed to kiss him goodnight he turns and pulls her to him

 They kiss and make love

"Who needs a silly girl when you have a sexy women in your bed?" Harry smiles to himself!


 Meanwhile in Agnes and Jonathan's room

 "You know the party was full of stunning women tonight but none as stunning as you! Even after all these years you still make my heart beat faster Mrs Hage!" Jonathan takes Agnes in his arms

" Why you say the sweetest things Mr Hage! Now give my feet a rub there killing me! I guess I'm not as young as you think I am!" Agnes kicks of her shoes and waves then under Jonathan nose! "They sure smell like they need help!" Jonathan holds his nose.

" Humm! Maybe I need a quick shower before bed?" Agnes gets up and heads to the bathroom.

"Need a hand scrubbing your back?"  Jonathan inquires as he gets undressed.

"No thank you!" Agnes calls back through the closed door.

After putting on his PJ's Jonathan settle down to watch an old film on TV while he awaits his wife.

When Agnes returns Jonathan rubs his foot up and down Agnes's long leg "Fancy some hanky panky?" he enquiries

 Standing up he puts his hands on her shoulders.

 "Thanks for the offer but I think I'll pass..... especially as we have our children in rooms either side of us!" Agnes smiles and smacks Jonathan's butt before getting up removing her robe and getting into bed. Jonathan turns of the TV and joins her.

"Can't blame a guy for trying?" He comments

" No darling...maybe next time!"

 Amelia had taken up Diesel's offer to share a cab. In the cab they had got chatting and Diesel invited Amelia back to his place with a VERY drunk Gina

 With a now out cold Gina they chatted for a while then Amelia said it was time she made a move


Diesel felt it was time he made a move... on Amelia!Not that Amelia was objecting!!!!


Just as they were getting at it a noise from the doorway made then stop and look up....

 Gina was standing there looking VERY pissed off! "What the HELL do you think your doing??"Gina demanded.

Diesel just smiled "Take chill pill girl! Were just having some fun!"

Stripping off and jumping into bed Gina starts to giggle " Not with out ME your not!!!"


 Oops! I didn't see that one coming!


Steven drives Reese home to her parents house as Steven takes Reese into his arms and is about to kiss her good night they hear a noise behind them

"Reese it's freezing out here girl now come in side before you catch you death!"


 The couple turn to see Reese's father standing there a disproving look on his face.

 "Daddy, this is Steven he's just brought me home" Reese tells her father

 "Yes, well your home now" he turns to Steven "Thank you for bringing my daughter home young man.... now goodnight!" 

 The couple can see that he has no intention of leaving them to say goodnight properly so decided to bid each other goodnight.



Here we have Dr Luc Peters and the delectable Lorri Penna! Dr Luc is a shy one it's taken him two years to get together with Lorri and still they have not been 'alone' together? He's a very strange one is Dr Luc... sweet but like many over educated people not very good with 'real life'.


 Anyway after the party...their first proper date Luc takes Lorri home and she invites him in (her children are with there father for New Year so the house is empty!

 They go to Lorri's bedroom and Luc sits on the bed. They have waited so long for this night but now it's finally here they are so unsure of themselves. Lorri senses that she will have to take the initiative and excuses herself.

 Luc lies back on the bed and a couple of minutes

later Lorri returns dressed for action

  "Oh, my GOD!!!!" Luc is shocked but very aroused....


  He feels like all his dreams have come true....


 He has found his perfect woman!



 Sarah has taken a distressed Kandy home. There is still no sign of Chris


 "I just don't understand him!!!" Kandy wails

"No, men are a mystery to me too! I'm sure he's fine and will be home soon!" Sarah tries to abate Kandy's distress


  Sarah opens her arms and Kandy leans into  her

"I hate him! How can he DO this to me and where  the hell is he????" Kandy sobs.


 "show me the way to go home...BELCH! Daisy, Daisy....HAY!.... 'Appy Newsh HICK!"

 "Allo! Allo! Evenin' oshifer! All white dalin'?"

 And with that he passes out cold! Leaving the police officer to call for assistance and for Chris to spend the night in the 'booze tank' with the other drunks!

 The police find Kandy's phone number all call her to tell her he will be spending the rest of the night with them! Kandy is both relived that he has not come to any harm ..... but so VERY, VERY angry too!



Episode Forty Four