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Welcome to 2014 Page Two

As the clock chimes 12 the kissing gets going

Dr Luc Peters turns to Lorri, as always he is worried what others might think and gives her a chased kiss on the top of her head and wishes her a Happy New Year.... BUT what he whispers in her ear as to what they will get up to later....WELL!!!!!

 As midnight rings out a 'slightly' tipsy Amelia finds her self alone. Then she looks up as she feels a tap on her shoulder and a sexy male voice wishes her a 'Happy New Year'. Turning she sees the sexy voice has a sexy owner... Diesel. But standing next to him is Poppy's sister, who it must be said looks a little glassy of eye. With an inward shrug of the shoulder Amelia wobbles to a stand and Diesel holding her by the waist kisses her with passion!!!!

 Aria had been chatting with Hrithik (Harry) as the clock struck 12. She looks around and can just see Giselle Laughing and kissing her cousin Luke a Happy New Year... now was Aria's chance she leans in and before Hrithik can react kisses him with abandon!

 At midnight Luke finds himself standing with his cousin Giselle and the love of his life Eden, both women are awaiting his Happy New Year kiss... so who does he kiss first? Doing a quick calculation he has it worked out!Taking Eden's hand he gives her a wink then turns to Giselle and gives her a hug and kiss on the check wishing her a very happy 2014. Then he takes Eden into his arms and kisses her like he will never let her go!

 Well, like Rumi and Iver need an excuse for a good snog! They were at it like rabbits!!!!

 Shah and Poppy are 'just good friends' so it was a chaise kiss for them!

 Agnes and Jonathan have been married for over thirty years so a smile and a kiss then Agnes was off looking for Neal, Giselle and Luke!

 Faith and Peter have only been married for 18 months so are still at the lovey dovey stage, although I must just say Peter does not look so loved up? To me it looks more like he's looking across the room at someone else?

 Well, we all know these least we think we do? A quick kiss from Neal and Sarah is off looking for her sisters (Kandy and Rumi)

 Poor Kandy! Chris never did make it to the party and she is sooooo pissed off at him! She phoned him about 10 o'clock and he said he was on his way....just needed to finish a quick drink with some mates he had met up with who would be leaving in the morning for a boat trip to god knows where??? Me thinks she will make him suffer BIG time!

 So there we have it! You expected more???? Weeeeeelllllll...... There is more but I have been packing away all the Christmas stuff and moving furniture most of the day and my back is KILLING me! So there will be a Part Three tomorrow! Oh, and a word of warning Part Three is after the party and NOT for those of a sensitive disposition!!!! 


Part Three


And Part Three UNCUT


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