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Welcome to 2014....

The New Years Eve Party is in full swing 'HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WELCOME TO 2014' Everyone shouts out together!

But first.... The evening started at about nine o'clock when Poppy, Shah, Amelia, Aria and  Kandy look around the room.... it all looks ready now they just needs the guests!

"Darling I'm sure the evening will be a roaring success" Shah can see Poppy has a slight frown on her pretty face

"Here sweety have a drink" and he hands her a glass on Champagne


 Aria and Amelia are chatting away...Amelia has started on the cocktails!

"I'm so excited, Poppy said Shah has invited some of his famous friends! This is going to be a REAL 'A' list party!"Aria tells Amelia

 "Yes! I'm hoping to find me a STUD to see in the New Year with!" Amelia tells Aria with a giggle!!!

 She looks across the room at Kandy sitting on the other sofa a major frown on her face.

Amelia lowers her voice and whispers "Kandy's not looking very happy, I wonder where Chris is??"

Both girls suppress a little smile to each other.....

Just then the first guests start to arrive.

Poppy's sister Gina and ....hummmm very nice Bob Diesel.

  Reese has a new guy too.... Steve

 Aria comments to Amelia that they make a nice couple!

 "Oh, my gawd!!!! It's Hrithik Roshan and his with Giselle! Do you know who her brother is? WOW she's stunning!" Amelia squeals.

 Aria shuffles her feet and goes a little red "Yeah! Been there done him!"

Amelia almost chokes on her drink making a most unladylike  sound " Oh, YES!!!!! I had forgotten YOU was in that show 'Neal's dates'!"

Aria smiles "and so was Reese!" Then she winks at Amelia just as the next guests arrive.

 Amelia and Aria both have a sharp intake of breath "Now that's one hot couple!!!" They both say together...

 "Who are they?" Amelia whispers.

Aria smiles "The new golden couple Luke and Eden.... their models! Oh, and Luke is Neal's cousin."

 Just then the door crashes open and a giggling Rumi fall's through the door with Iver 'trying' to hold her up!

"I know these two, I met them at Christmas .... Rumi and her mystery man Iver!" Amelia tells Aria.

 "I reckon he's a Chippendale!" Aria giggles

"He can shake his booty my way any time" Amelia giggles again and goes in search of another drink

 Just then Jonathan and Agnes arrive

"Who are the oldies?" Amelia asks Aria

"That's Agnes Von Weiss  and her hubby... can't think what his name is? Their Neal and Giselle's parents

 Just then Agnes calls to Jonathan .... "Johnny darling, make mine a double!"

The room is filling up when Neal and Sarah arrive

 Amelia looks Sarah up and down.... "I have no idea why he would be sniffing around other women with a wife like her?"

"Thanks!" Aria replies

Dr Peters arrives with his girlfriend Lorri

 "I hear she's an 'older woman' and has kids!" Aria tells Amelia

"Oh! A Cougar!!! " Amelia smiles

 "I understand he looked after Sarah and Giselle's babies when they were born!" Aria hands Amelia another drink

"Thanks! Still no hot guys though!" Amelia smiles

 Faith and Peter had slipped in unnoticed by the commentary girls

 Now the party is in full swing.......

At midnight everyone wished each other a HAPPY NEW YEAR

The drink had been flowing and many by now were feeling the effects

Part Two