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Topher and Akaine

Akine giggles as Topher approaches.

Without saying a word he takes her in his arms.

"I wonder how much longer we can keep 'us' a secret? Akine asks smiling up at him.

I slight puzzled look crosses Topher's hansom face "I'm still not sure why you want use to be a secret?"

"I told you! My family are.... different! There in the public eye so much and once people know about us ... well, it's just better this way!" Akaine nuzzles Topher's neck in a way that makes him start to breath a little faster.


He holds up his had "OK, OK I knew when to shut up! So do I get a kiss?"

He pulls her to him and removing her hat kisses her with passion


Akaine is happy to return his kisses but even as there passionate kisses become more fervent she can't help but wonder what he would say if he knew her brother was the famous Neal Hage? That her mother was the supermodel Agnes Von Weiss? That her sister was also a supermodel the famous Giselle?  Would he run a mile like her last boyfriend? How would he feel that she had not told him?

At first she did not tell him because so many boys only wanted to date her so they could meet her family? Or, for the money they thought she had! But, now she was fulling for Topher so how was she to tell him she was a Hage? Then she realised that Topher had stopped kissing her and was looking at her in puzzlement.

"What's wrong?" he asks her.

Akaine gives herself a mental shake and looking up at him love in her eyes "Nothing! Now kiss me I will need to go soon!"


 Without the need for a second asking he is happy to oblige.