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New guy... please meet....Topher.

OK, so all he's told me so far is he is over in England on a two year work permit from the States. He is working with Chris in Chris's fathers boat yard. His hobbies are pulling girls and downing the odd can or two! Chris thinks he is a real idiot... we will have to wait a while and see if things improve on that front... but so far...

 I say....Topher....Look behind you!!!!

Oops! where's he gone?

 Oh, there he is...

Hay....where'd he go again?

 OK, *hick* I'm still here!

 I'm loving the fur ball wall!

Topher! Get OUT of there!

 Ooops! Thought this was the toilet!..... Hay, don't look like that, it's clean.... I never did anything... I'm just joshing! I'm sorry lady!!!