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Last week I gave you a three part who's who and now it's time for the story update....


Sarah met Neal when he was dating her best friend Faith and had double dated with her then boyfriend Peter. Faith and Peter had hit it off while Sarah and Neal spent the evening like a couple of spear parts.


Six months later Faith and Peter married inviting Neal and Sarah to the wedding. Sarah had disliked Neal to start with but he wore her down and they eventually started dating in secret as Sarah hated being in the limelight.

A year later they married quietly on a Florida beach with just his sister Giselle and her husband Harry as witnesses.


At first things went well and then Sarah found out she was pregnant. Neal was overjoyed and Sarah tried to keep her fears to herself (her mother died in childbirth when her younger sister Kandy was born) Then Sarah miscarried and she felt a huge relief. It was when she realised this she decided she could not stay married to Neal as it was evident that he wanted children and she just felt this was not a risk she wanted to take! She should have told him he might have understood? But she did not give him the chance, instead she ran..... Ran to her sister's home where she hid out for some months.


Reading how Neal had agreed to participate in Neal's Date's a TV show where he went on and she found out later slept with all eight dates. Sarah confronted him when he was on the final date and threw his ring in his face telling him she wanted a divorce... a bit of a shock for the party guests as even his publicist did not know he was married!!! Then came the Suwi-Narmi and all was lost... the town of Woodley gone for ever!

This was when Neal showed the world his love for his wife searching tirelessly until he finally found her. He also reunited her with her older sister Rumi who now has a baby she named Marc.

They gave their marriage another try and things appeared to be working themselves out until Neal went to stay with his sister and Sarah found herself in labour not even knowing she had still been pregnant, having miscarried a twin.


Naturally they were overjoyed and called their daughter Dawn. Sarah hoped that now Neal had a child he would be OK and not want more children, but he did and without realising it pressurised her for another child. Sarah was in a panic still unable to tell Neal about her fears and that was when things went VERY bad! First Neal found he had another child a baby called Ben who's mother was a sixteen year old junky who had been inseminated with Neal's sperm, stolen when he was having sex with one of 'Neal's Dates' This was all arranged by the evil Dania Zarr who he had pissed off big time when she had been plying his fashion model sister Giselle with drugs and again when she had the hots for his cousin Luke who was in love with Eden (both also models) Anyway Dania took her revenge and arrived at Neal's home along with her henchman Takeo. In the ensuing gun fire Amanda their minder is killed along with Dania and Takeo. Neal is shot in the leg and Sarah is shot twice once in the abdomen (resulting in a Hysterectomy) and once in the back of the neck. The children are unharmed.


The men assigned to protect them ...  Iver who was Sarah's sister Rumi's boyfriend and the father of her child and Jed Rumi's twin who had been sent away along with Rumi one night when they were only fourteen by their father Steven. At the time Sarah had no idea why? Turns out he had found Rumi and Jed in the same bed he put 2 and 2 together and came up with five. Not helped when he later found out Rumi was pregnant. She was sent away to a school run by nuns and Jed to a Military school.This was when he met and became best mates with Iver. Rumi told her father in the end that it was family friend Takeo who had made her pregnant.

When the child was born she was told the baby had died. Then a couple of months ago she is told that in fact the child... a girl had lived and had been raised in Japan by Takeo's parents who the child thought were her own parents. After the birth Rumi lived on the streets doing what she had to do to survive.  It was then that Jed found her but unsure how to handle things he asked his best friend to look after her and get her away from the strip club she was working in. Iver was happy to oblige as Rumi was such a hottie and soon they were dating Rumi having non idea she was a 'favour'! Iver fell for her big time but then he was required to go undercover for some time and just disappeared from Rumi's life not knowing that she was expecting a baby.


Rumi cleaned up her act and found a job waiting tables and a small studio flat by the time Marc was born. Then Iver returned when he and Jed were undercover with the Zarr case. Dania a Russian with a taste for the good life had many fingers in many pies... drugs, people trafficking, prostitution amongst others. Her front was a publishing house where she met many of her high flyer clients! For an old(er) man banging a top model he would pay top $. That's why she had wanted Giselle.... and Luke and if she had not been killed she had Eden in her sights too.

After Sarah had been shot the bullet in her neck had lodged in  her Amygdala

This changed her personalty and she was no longer the woman Neal had married. She was now a nymphomaniac  sleeping with both men and women. This went on until one night Neal found Sarah in bed with a teenager. Neal went nuts the boy/man made a run for it but as he finished dressing by the front door the argument between Neal and Sarah moved out into the hallway and Sarah fell down the stairs.


The lad (Topher) thought Neal had pushed her and Neal sent a while in prison only being cleared when Iver and Jed found a tape revealing what had really happened. The good news in this was that the bullet in Sarah's head had moved and was now operable. Sarah had no memory to start with of what had happened to her since the shooting although over the next couple of months she did regain her memory although she dearly wished she hadn't and was mortified by what she had done!

THEN she found out she was pregnant! So how can that be if she had had a hysterectomy?  TWO wombs that's how!

Uterus Didelphys, or a double uterus, is a rare condition that occurs in female foetuses as they develop in the womb. Normally, two tubes called Mullerian ducts are fused together to create a single uterus, but occasionally these two tubes fail to join. When this happens, two separate uteri form, usually with double cervix and double vagina's as well. They are both fully functioning uteri, and some women with this condition have given birth to twins who were each housed in a separate uterus. This means it is possible to deliver babies several days or weeks apart, though many with multiple births opt for scheduled caesarean sections.

The cause of this anomaly is not known and there are often no symptoms present, so many women never even know they have uterus didelphys. Other women may have abnormal pain during menstruation, and some will have reproductive and pregnancy issues. If uterus didelphys is suspected, a doctor will perform a pelvic exam. During this exam, if a double vagina and double cervix are present, doctors may order other tests to assess the condition of the uteri. Diagnostic procedures used to view the uterus include ultrasound, magnetic resonance,  MRI, and hysterosalpingography, which is a cumbersome label for a procedure that involves injecting a dye into the uterus and taking special x-rays.

If no symptoms are present and there are no complications with fertility and pregnancy, then uterus didelphys does not require any treatment. Sometimes women with this condition will have pregnancy complications due to the smaller size each uterus. Miscarriage, infertility, and delivery issues are all possibilities. Breech births are especially common for women with uterus didelphys, and many end up having caesarean sections. Doctors are loathe to perform surgery to correct this condition, as the symptoms do not typically warrant the risk of surgery. However, if it's only a thin layer separating the uteri, and a foetus is at risk, doctors may remove the barrier.

The most important thing for pregnant women with uterus didelphys to remember is that the condition puts one in the high-risk pregnancy category. This means all the normal safety precautions associated with any pregnancy should be tightly adhered to, and doctor's orders should be closely followed to avoid miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and premature birth. An incompetent cervix is one of the factors that contributes to premature labour, so it is essential that women have the cervix checked often in the latter portion of a pregnancy.


 Meanwhile Neal's cousin is having family problems of his own. Luke is engaged to Eden and they were looking forward to their wedding on New Years Day ... but not to having his father, mother and step mother all in the same room. Then Luke was taken ill with Swine Flu and was hospitalised.


His father visited him as did his mother and Richard (Luke's father) offered Angela (Luke's mother and Agnes's sister) a lift home. On the way they collected Izzy, Richard's very pregnant second wife.


Yep! Izzy goes into labour and Angela delivers the baby!


We have also briefly met a new family to The Priors Mark and Danni Edwards are divorced with two children Berri and Ricky. Like many couples they have grown apart over the years and what was once endearing Mark's laid backness and Danni's uptightness  ended up driving them apart.


Mark is a pilot he flies private planes and Danni is about to open her own fashion store.


So that's as far as the story has gone so far.... If this has set the taste buds a bubbling and you want to find out more here's a link to THE PRIORS main page