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The following story is based on fact

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..... Oops! Sorry wrong story, but there is a lot of truth in these words. This is the story of Kandy and her return to The Priors.

It was spring and Kandy was invited to visit the US, Colorado to be precise. She was to  visit with an artist and hopefully have some time for a little fun?Kandy's boyfriend Chris was a little apprehensive after all she would be gone for some time and he would miss her a great deal, but it was work and could lead to a much needed promotion.

They had been together for some time childhood sweet heats in fact

and had been living together for a couple of years now, they were each others first and only loves. So yes, he would miss her,but they both had iPads so would facetime each other and he had his work as a boat builder in his father's business to keep him busy. Plus, a few night out with the boys...humm OK, so maybe it would not be so bad after all he thought with a sly smile on his face.

Kandy meanwhile had other things to worry about, she hated flying but had accepted it was an evil necessity.  Kandy and Chris had just moved and there was still a lot of unpacking and sorting out to be done, a new kitchen was to be fitted in a few weeks, would Chris be up to keeping the fitters in line? But mostly she was worried about her sisters sooooo much had happened with her family in the last couple of years.... and there was still a lot going on.

She was the baby of the family but the most level headed and sane by far! Take her sister Sarah please someone TAKE HER!

Kandy sighs she loves her family but they sure are a kooky bunch. Sarah's a stunner the one that looked the most like their mother who had died giving birth to Kandy. Sarah is married to the world famous actor Neal Hage. Sarah and Neal married in secret not even the family knew about it  (Sarah's family that is, Neal's knew all about Sarah and his model sister Giselle along with her husband Bollywood actor Hrithik were the only guests at Neal and Sarah's wedding)


All had gone well when they first married but things went wrong when Sarah miscarried their first child... but had she? Well that's another story. They split up then got back together and now they have Dawn and Neal's son Ben plus, Sarah is pregnant again! Then there was the shooting when Sarah almost died and all that stuff! Kandy shudders at the memory. Now Sarah and Neal look like they are back on track but Kandy is sure Sarah is still keeping secrets?

Kandy's mind wanders on to thinking about her oldest sister Rumi boy has SHE got some history! She had a child at fourteen who she thought had died until a few months ago. Rumi had lived on the streets for some time and the family had no contact with her for many years. When Rumi was first reunited with her sisters she was still a mess having been dumped by a guy who got her pregnant with her second child , little Marc.

He was a sweetie now two  and adored by his auntie Kandy.....Kandy can't help but grin as she remembers Marc's latest exploits.

But Rumi was now back with Marc's father Iver who was best friends with their only brother and Rumi's twin Jed.


Jed had had a tough life too having been sent away by their father at the same time as Rumi, all because of a dreadful mix up! Jed and Iver both had such dangerous jobs working for the government. They travelled all over the world and killed people! Kandy shudders and gets up from the sofa walking over to the kettle and flicking the switch she makes herself a cup of Earl Grey tea and tries to move her thoughts on to more pleasant things, her trip for one! 

The next day Kandy is packed and ready to go, no big airport goodbyes ...after all she would only be gone for a while.


Soon it was June and Kandy was ready to fly back to her family, she had missed them soooo much but the trip had been fun. Plus, it would be good to get away from Finn, he had been paying her way to much attention of late!


The guy was so full of himself and stubborn too he asked her out almost daily and would not accept that she had a boyfriend back home. PLUS, why was he paying her so much attention she thought when he was seeing the beautiful... if sometimes a little sharp tongued Dasha?


Anyway no biggie she would be home soon enough snuggling up on the sofa with her Chris. 


OMG!!!!!! No No No! This can't be happening? Kandy's head was spinning. But yes, it was HIM stood standing there with a stupid grin on his face... FINN! Finn was going to be on HER flight???


"Hi, Kandy! Small world" Finn sidles up beside her as she reaches the ticket desk.

Kandy has no words just a big frightened lump in the back of her throat. 

"Good morning Miss Anderson and are you travelling alone?"  the check in woman asks looking at Kandy's ticket and passport.

"YES!! Yes, just me... on my own...totally alone!" Kandy's voice comes out in a squeak. 

The woman looks from Kandy to Finn a slightly worried frown forming on her face.

"It's OK, Kandy was not aware that I would be on this flight, was you darling? I wanted to surprise her!" Finn gives the check in attendant his most disarming smile. "We will be able to sit together won't we? I'm sure you can organize it Miss...Banks." Finn glances at her name tag.

Miss Banks nods and smiles looking into Finn blue, blue eyes " Do you have your ticket and passport sir?"

Finn hands them over along with another ticket and a second passport. For the first time Kandy noticing the stunning redhead (is it red? her hair has an almost pink tint?)

Finn notices the confusion on both Kandy's and Miss Banks faces

"Kandy let me introduce you to my sister Sassi, she will be travelling with us too!" Finn looks towards his sister who joins them at the counter.

"H..h..hello!" Kandy stutters a little and smiles towards Sassi.


"Hello Kandy, Finn has told me so much about you!" Sassi proffers her hand towards Kandy a slight smile on her beautiful face as she flicks her her just slightly so the light catches it and people turn to look, Sassi's hair is such a vibrant colour. 

A waft of Chanel No5 touches Kandy's nose "I did not think he would have known much about me to have bothered telling someone else?" Kandy is so flustered she it not sure how she should address this woman or her comment?

"Excuse me?" Miss Banks interrupts " But we have a problem with your tickets..."

Finn turns away from Kandy and his sister focusing his attention back on the check in woman "Oh, what problem?"

"Well, Mr Wells you and your sister are booked on our flight in first class but Miss Anderson is in economy" she tells him apologetically.

Finn just waves a hand at her "No problem just upgrade Miss Anderson's ticket."

Kandy tries to object but soon realises that Finn will have none of it and looking about realises that they have drawn quite a crowd she stops protesting embarrassment creeping through her body. "OK, thank you! I would be happy to join you and your sister on the flight."

"Good! I hate it when I can't get my own way. Now Miss Anderson will you join my sister and I in the first class lounge?"

Kandy nods taking ahold of her hand luggage and follows Finn and his sister as they head towards the first class lounge....OK, so lets just go with this... soon I will be home and I can see my family and my Chris again.... Finn will be gone and life will return to normal! she repeats to herself almost mantra style.

After about half an hour there flight is called, the three get up and follow a member of cabin crew through to the plane, they settle into their seats ready for the flight back to England.


And now this is where things start to go wrong.... so very, very wrong!

On arrival in London they get a transfer to the nearest holding area  Welwyn Garden City.


Customs are not happy with their paperwork and they are held to ransom until 'duty' is paid. A letter is sent out but unfortunately is 'lost in the post' It's never received. Kandy, Finn and Sassi wait....and wait Finn is so frustrated that there is absolutely nothing they can do he wants to punch his way out of this dang box they are trapped in. Sassi demands that their captors do something... send another letter or just let them go?At first Kandy is resolute all will be well. She has heard so many stories of others who have had to wait while the customs demands are met. She herself had waited for days the last time. But this time days turn into weeks and still they wait?

Then they get news they are being moved, someone will be along shortly. YES! they are going home at last.

A few hours later they are collected and ....TAKEN TO A BOAT!!!!! Confused and distressed Kandy, Sassi and a VERY pissed off Finn are manhandled onto a boat back to the USA, there entry had been denied as the ransom had not been paid.

By now it was late July and no one back at The Priors had heard from Kandy since she first left America in early JUNE! All were worried as e.mails and phone calls flew back and forth.

Then on the 6th September Kandy, Finn and Sassi find themselves in San Francisco, what the ****???


A few days later they are shipped off to Denver just in time for the floods in Boulder.


They are evacuated out of the area but have no idea what's happening as they are moved from one place to the next one van to the next. At one stage they ended up back in San Francisco and for a few days they thought they were on their way back to the UK? But no, another day another van and then they are back in Denver.

Back home Kandy's family are now beside themselves with worry. Still no direct news from Kandy but they had managed to glean a little news from the authorities. They knew Kandy had been sent back to America, that she had been spotted in Frisco and had arrived in Denver at the time of the floods. Then nothing! The authorities had lost track of them, finally the message everyone had dreaded arrived... Kandy was missing presumed dead! 

No? this could not be right? Her family would not give up hope they would fight the authorities... they would find her! It was decided to send someone to America and hope they could find her! 

Nothing for over a week and then..... The message the family had been desperate for KANDY HAD BEEN FOUND SAFE she had arrived back in Colorado. After all the stress of the last few months it was agreed she would fly down to Miami with her travel companions and fellow hostages  then after a bit of a break she would return home with a bodyguard/ escort. (me) Oh, and Yvette who had been sent out to look after them and help with getting them home without further incident.

 She had a couple of days to shop and relax in Miami before they arrived


I've agreed not to disclose all that went on while they were locked up in that BOX but Kandy spent a lot of time crying and pining for her family... and Chris of course! Finn was the perfect gentleman looking after both Kandy and Sassi. Sassi found Finn's gentlemanly behaviour towards Kandy highly amusing, a good thing with having all the other stuff going on around them. 

So soon they arrive in Miami and after one last exchange of money (the hotel charged me $3 for taking in my box ..... yeah what the **** is that all about????) At last Kandy, Finn and Sassi are FREE! Oh, and Sadie who is Finn & Sassi's little sister arrived with them. 


I've been told it should be 'what happens in Miami stays in Miami' but where's the fun in that? HeHeHe

 So after a couple of days rest and relaxation for Kandy and co it was time to let their hair down and to P.A.R.T.Y! After all they are in Miami central for the in crowd.


At some stage in the evening Kandy found herself alone with Finn, she is a little tipsy and Finn offers to walk her back to their hotel.

As Finn guides Kandy towards her room they can hear giggling coming from the direction of the suite she is sharing with Sassi and Sadie then Kandy starts to cry.

"Kandy, my sweet whatever is the matter? Is there anything I can do?  Please let me help you?" Finn is genuinely upset by Kandy's sudden distress. 

"Please can we go to your room I need some time before we met up with the others again?" Kandy asks her voice muffled in Finn's shirt as he gives her a bear hug. She can feel the the heat generating from his body and the beating of his heart quickening as he holds her. The sudden rush of blood going to his head his desire for her evident.

He gives Kandy a quizzical look but happily agrees and they turn back along the hallway to Finn's room.

So just going to gloss over what happened next but suffice to say it was not one of Kandy's finest moments although she initiated what did ensue!

Finn as you may have guessed by now is head over heels in love with Kandy and he is like putty in her hands (well not all of him is but... OK, not going there) He thought their night together meant something to them both... well it did, but not the same something! In the morning Kandy is mortified by what had happened.

She dresses quickly and returns to her suite. She opens the door quietly hoping she can sneak into bed without anyone knowing. No such luck not only are Sassi and Sadie awake and waiting for her but the had been so worried they had phoned Yvette (Kandy's family representative sent to keep Kandy safe until her return)

"Oh, my GOD! Where have you beeeeen?) Sassi cries as Kandy enters the room.

Startled Kandy just stands in the doorway not sure what to say. "She's doing the wall of shame!" Sadie whispers.

Sassi stares and Kandy "Oh, Finn! Oh, no! Kandy, please say you haven't?"

Yvette at first confused then realises what's happened, taking charge as she can see Kandy about to crumble. 

"No questions now, lets get you showered and get a cup of coffee in you. Time enough for questions later" She glances over at Sassi as she finishes her statement.

"No problem, I'm getting dressed I need to talk to my brother" and as quick as a flash Sassi is out of bed and striding towards her wardrobe.

"What about me? What am I to do?" Sadie asks as the three women leave the room in different directions. 

Sadie rolls over in bed and reaches for the TV remote 'watch TV I guess!'


For the next couple of days before they return to England Kandy spends her time alone with her thoughts and keeping out of Finn's way. 


The holiday comes to an end and time for all to return to England.

The flight goes by without incident and soon they are through customs and in The Priors. 

Kandy's family are on their way to collect her and the others on her flight are on their way to going where they need to go. But will life for Kandy and Chris ever be the same. Will Kandy be able to keep her night of shame to herself? If she tells Chris will he leave her? What about her family can she confide in them? Will they have time for her with what's happening in their lives? Does the new kitchen look good? Can they get a kitten? What about the others? Will Finn try to contact Kandy? Will Sassi go through with her threat and bitch slap Kandy if she goes near Finn again? Will Sadie cope with British TV? What will Yvette tell the family about what happened in Miami? Now that Kandy is back will anyone care what happened while she was away? So many questions do I even know the answers? ......NOPE! OK, so at least that one question answered.