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The Priors Episode Forty Four.... Neal Gets A Letter

If you need to catch up.... Synopsis


The following week Luke has gone back to London with Eden. He hopes Neal can sort out his little problem with Dania for him?

Giselle and Harry have flown out to India where Harry is in film negotiations and to visit his family they have taken baby Abhay with then and this will be the first chance some of  the family have had to see him.

Agnes and Jonathan  have taken Akaine (Neal and Giselle's little sister) to Miami for a week before she is due back at her horrid boarding school.

 Neal and Sarah are at home.

While Sarah is giving Dawn her bottle, Neal collects the post then makes them both a cup of tea.

Placing the tea in front of Sarah he looks from Sarah to Dawn taking in the beauty before him. Sarah looks up and smiles "penny for them?"

Neal smiles "I love you both so much! I'm just so very happy I still can't believe how things have worked out so perfect for us!"


Sarah laughs and waving her had as if to shoo him away "You, soppy fool! Go away and do some work!"

Neal smiles and picking up the letters he had left on the coffee table heads for his office. At the door he turns looking at his family and marvels at how lucky he is.


Sitting down at his desk he starts opening the letters. The first few are bills and a couple of legal things about his latest film. The next letter takes his breath away as he reads it for the second time he sees in his minds eye all that he holds dear to him slipping away! What the hell is he going to do? How could this have happened??? He sits for a few minutes then with a shacking hand he picks up the phone ...hesitates then dials the number of the only person who he thinks can help him


 "Hello?" comes the voice at the other end of the line

"Hi, its Neal...I need to talk to's urgent...I'll meet you somewhere ....when are you free?"

"Neal? are you OK? you sound strange? the voice replies

"No! No I'm not! I think I might have messed up BIG time!" Neal sighs just not knowing what to do! his assured demeanour lost to him.

"OK, well I will be in court all morning but I can meet you about 1 o'clock? There a coffee bar near the court called 'Babs' I could meet you there? the voice instructs him

"OK! 1 o'clock...I will see you then!" Neal replies putting down the phone.


 Just then there's a knock at his office door.

"Neal, Dawn's asleep I'm going to have a bath can you listen out for her?" Sarah calls through the door

"Amm, yes...I mean no? sorry I can't I have to go out!" Neal just can't stay in the house...he can't face Sarah. He's a good actor but he's not sure even he could act normal at the moment!

"Oh, I thought you was staying home today, it's thick with snow outside and freezing?" Sarah inquires puzzled

"Yes, well now I'm not!" tucking the letter into his pocket Neal opens the door and pushes past Sarah and heads for the stairs.


Sarah follows him to their bedroom "Neal? NEAL! what's going on? What's the matter?"

"Nothing! Just don't hassle me!" Again Neal pushes past Sarah and thunders down the stairs charging out of the front door. 

Then she hears the front door slam shut followed a few seconds later by the car starting and tires spinning as Neal heads off down the drive and out onto the road

"Well!" Sarah just can't understand what's going on and what has happened to make him so cross?

Meanwhile Neal's reaches a lay-by and pulls over as the tears are streaming down his face and he can't drive any further. He needs to compose himself. He's VERY rattled.....

Eventually he composes himself and sighs! He pulls the letter from his pocket where he had shoved it when Sarah knocked on the door. How could this have happened? He looks at his watch and notes he has two hours to kill before his meeting.

 He drives into town and parks his car then walks down past the court house to the park near by. Sitting on a wall the snow and wind whipping around him. He watches the few people daft enough to be out on such a day as they rush home  to their families.


After a while he can take no more and getting up he turns as a beautiful woman starts to walk down the steps of the court house. She smiles and waves at him. Neal waves back and starts to walk towards her.

He catches up with her outside 'Babs' coffee shop and kisses her on her cheek. They enter together

"Well, I was very surprised to her from you?" she says

"Thank you, for meeting me! I'm in a mess and I'm hoping you can help me?" Neal replies as the sit at a table.

A waitress comes over and hands them both menu's.

"Just a coffee for me..strong and black, please!" Neal tells the waitress

"Ahm...Earl Grey tea no milk and a Almond croissant, please" the woman says then turns back to Neal

"So what's the matter? Last time I sore you was..... Well I think we were at that hotel in Woodley before the Suwi Narmi? Great sex if I remember rightly!.... Then you went back to your wife!"

Neal blanches slightly " Yes and yes in answer to your last two questions. As to what's the matter ...well that's a little more complicated!"

"So spill! I don't have all day even for you! Unless you want to go back to my place and 'play' a while?" she says placing here hand on the top of Neal's thigh and winking at him. 

"KYORI! please!" Neal says removing her hand but not able to suppress a smile. 'Boy! she still knows how to press my buttons ...other than Sarah no woman's turns me on like Kyori' Neal thinks to himself

Just then the waitress returns with their order.

When she has gone Neal pulls the letter from his pocket and hands it to Kyori. She reads it and looks at Neal

"You dum ass jerk! You going to lose everything!!... Sarah, Dawn and this will play havoc with you career! Sarah's going to castrate you like a tom cat..... but with out the aesthetic!!!" she  says matter of factly....


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