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When Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Dolls gift set arrived I'm afraid she went straight in the body swap bin as I don't 'do' stiffies! Once his hat had gone he looked fine. As he arrived with 'Faith's' dress and at the same time a the Mattel Collector dress form. I decided he will now be a designer and he's been re-named Karl....


And with his wife Karen

They met at design collage Karl is ultra creative where Karen has the nack of turning his designs into reality so they make a good team.

 They have been married for a few years now with no children


 They design for both men and women and Hans is the male house model

Karl is very impressed with Hans muscles....

 This might be a good time to mention that while I love Hans jacket, shirt, boots and accessories I sorry but I just can't get my head around those droopy draws!

 Hans and Karl in a more casual attar. These two Ken fashion's are great. They are made for the Fashionista dolls and as such the waist is a little small on Hans but the boots fit well so I guess you can't have everything!

Not sure if anyone's told Karl that though?

 Does Karen know?

 What do you think?


 Oh, and I found a new owner for the droopy draws!