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Sarah's Story Page One

It’s 1 o’clock in the morning….Kandy and Chris are sound asleep

Kandy stirs as her cell phone rings….

Chris mumbles still half asleep….

Kandy gestures to him to keep quite….
“It’s my sister she says she’s down by the beach??? She’ll be here in 5 minutes???….”

Chris…“Whaat?... Why?... When?….”
He’s not good when he's just woken up!
“Quick you need to get out of here!” Kandy says pushing him out of bed

“Hand me my clothes then but I don't get why we can't just tell her?”

Chris stops dressing!…. “ I live here, with you? Why do I need to leave?”

“My sister! She’s Miss goody two shoes! Don’t get me wrong I love her but she wont get the living together thing!” Kandy frowns.

“OK? But it’s still one in the morning? What’s she doing visiting you at one in the morning?” Chris asks in confusion.

“She lives in New York!” Kandy tells him in way of explanation.

“Annnd???” Chris asks.

“Well they say it’s the city that never sleeps!”  Kandy smiles.

“That’s the CITY not the people! I’m pretty sure they sleep at sometime!” Chris chucks her under the chin.

“Not if there Vampires!”  Kandy giggles.

“KANDY!!!!!!” Chris laughs.

“OK! OK!” …..Kandy waves her hands at him and pulls a face. Just then the door bell rings…

“Oh No!!! She’s here already!!!!”  Kandy rushes down stairs in total panic and opens the front door to her sister.
'How can Sarah look so good even at this time of the night?' Kandy is bemused.

“Kandy! Sweetie! You look tired darling, are you getting enough sleep?” Sarah greats her sister.

“Amm.. Derr… you wake me up in the middle of the night and say I look tired?” Kandy smiles.

“Yes! I guess your right….”Sarah replies a little distracted.

As they talk Kandy shows Sarah into the living room, just then there’s a sound on the stairs, they both look up as Chris enters the room…

“Amm! Hi, I’m Chris”  Chris puts out his hand for Sarah to shake…

Kandy lets out a small groan… “Oh, boy!”

“Hi, Chris? Kandy never said she had a boyfriend?” Sarah gives him a smile that not quite reaches her eyes.

“That’s OK! she never said she had a sister either!”Chris quips.

They both look each other in the eye… Kandy wishes the ground would just open now and she would be gone!  Sarah and Chris start to laugh and turn to Kandy who is standing there like a naughty school girl!
“I think we are going to get along fine” smiles Sarah.
Kandy sits down hard on the settee.

Sarah puts up her hand to cover a small yawn it’s been a loooong day!

Chris looks at then both… “Look I’m gonna go now! I’ll phone you in the morning Kandy”  leaning forward he kisses the top of Kandy’s head.

“But? But? Where are you going?” Kandy looks confused

“It’s OK, I’m going to stay with Luke” … Chris winks at her and leaves

'Luke? That’s strange I thought he had a date with Erin?' Kandy thinks fleetingly then her attention is drawn back to Sarah

“Kandy sweetie can you get me a drink and show me to my room?”Sarah asks.

“But???” Kandy tries to explain.

“In the morning darling... I’m just so tired now” sighs Sarah

“Well for a start I only have the one bedroom!”Kandy finally manages to tell her.

“That’s OK we can share!… It’ll be like old times” Sarah gives her sister a smile, but it does not reach her eyes….

Kandy shivers! Why is her sister here in the middle of the night? Why is she so sad? What happened on Luke and Erin’s date? And why does a ducks quack have no echo?

The next morning Sarah was up early and by the time Kandy comes down for breakfast it was ready and waiting for her!

Even dressed in the dress she arrived in she looks stunning! Kandy thought with the hint of jealousy!

Just then the phone rings...It's Chris “just phoning to see how things are going?”

Kandy smiled, Chris always knew just when to phone.

Boy does she love this guy!

MAJOR jolt!!!!!

Yes, she does love him! Kandy smiles and hums to herself as she gets ready for work.
When she comes back down Sarah is reading the newspaper.

“So what are you going to do today I'm so sorry I can’t get the time of work and I can’t just not turn up! I can see if I can get a couple of days vacation though! That’s if you staying? Are you staying?” Kandy babbles.

Sarah lowered her paper

“ Yes I’d like to stay a while if you don’t mind? But I think it might be best if I book into a hotel! I don’t want to put Chris out of his home!” Sarah relies.

“Oh!”is all Kandy can say.

“... and I need to get some clothes! I only have what I’m wearing” Sarah gestures down at her dress.

“OK! Perhaps we can meet up for lunch? I can take you to this wonderful new Boutique that’s just opened!” Kandy tells her.

“That would be nice!” Sarah smiles again it was one of those ‘Sarah’ smiles that never quite reaches her eyes!

Maybe it was because she was thinking that a ‘boutique’ was not the sort of store she normally went to for her clothes these days!

But then I would be nice to spend some time with Kandy, Sarah looked up to see Kandy disappear out of the front door!

“By sis! See you later! I will phone you let you know a time!” Kandy calls out and with that she was gone!

After washing the breakfast dishes Sarah finished getting ready and leave the house.

Sarah heads back towards the beach as she remembered seeing a nice hotel that looked out over the sea. As she walked she felt the sun was warm on her face. In fact by the time she reached the beach and the hotel she was feeling decidedly hot!

Back in New York Sarah never walked anywhere!!!

Sarah walks into the Hotel foyer, it was cool and welcoming

"Can I help you?" smiled the girl behind the reception desk.

"Do you have a room with an ocean view, please?" Sarah inquires.

"Yes, madam" the girl reaches for a room card and calls the porter while Sarah fills in the booking form.

"Your luggage?" the receptionist asks with a puzzled look.

"No! I don't have any luggage" Sarah tells her.

"Oh! Amm! OK! John will show you to your room" The receptionist tells her handing John the room card.

The room has a wonderful view out over the beach and to the sea beyond.

Sarah looks around, the room looks clean and comfortable. She sits on the bed and a single tear trickled down her beautiful face!