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Sarah goes up to her room and after putting away her new purchases she bathed and stood at the window looking out to sea.

 So sad and alone…… With a sigh she turns and lays down on her bed.

Within minutes she was asleep all the stress of the last few weeks had finally taken there toll and she falls into a deep sleep!

The next day Sarah looks through her new wardrobe, what had she been thinking? These clothes were just not her style!  So after breakfast Sarah sets of into town and another visit to the Boutique. This time buying some clothes that suited her more.

Deciding  not to take the other clothes back though…….. maybe she would give them to Kandy  a few at a time? Slowly as the days went by Sarah started to relax a little and open up a bit to Kandy....

She told her sister about the wonderful man she had married…. The man of her dreams who turned out to be the stuff of nightmares.

 How things had gone wrong and Sarah had, had enough she walked out!

Sarah had stayed with a friend for a couple of days the decided to visit Kandy.

After some rest and relaxation Sarah was starting to feel a little better and ready to face the world and get her life back.Kandy told her there was to be a big party at Neal’s new house Kandy had managed to score an invite and was going with Chris

 Chris said she should ask Sarah along as well.

When Sarah said she would love to go Kandy was positively amazed.

 Sarah had NEVER been one for parties and after what she had been through ……?????

But that was Sarah full of surprises? The sisters decide they need to go shopping for new outfits.

Sarah took an age! And then went for a little gold number.

'Very sexy and not Sarah at all?' thought Kandy 'AND, I never had to talk  her into it????'

 This was all very puzzling?????

Later that night Kandy was telling Chris about her day out and about Sarah.

 “Maybe she fancies Neal?” he said in his usual kack handed manor.

Kandy hit him with a pillow! “Pleeease! Don’t even joke about it!”

They then dissolved  into a fit of giggles and ……. well that’s all I’m saying!!!


As the day of the party dawned Kandy met up with Sarah for lunch before they went to have there hair done.

Sarah was SOOOOO jumpy “what on earth is wrong with you today?” Kandy asks
“Nothing! Nothing at all!” Sarah replied shifting in her seat.

 “ You got piles? I told you not to keep sitting on that cold marble bench that looks out over the sea!” Kandy asks.

 Sarah’s mouth opened then closed ….. What sort of an answer could you give THAT!!!!!

 “Amm…. it’s time to go and get our hair done. We don’t want to be late!” Sarah says as she gets up from the table and trying to change the subject.

 And that’s another thing! Sarah HATES having her hair done that’s why she always has it tied back!!!!!!

  Oops! Did I say you would find out Sarah's secret now? I meant...

at Neal's party.....

So go check out Neal's dates and find out what's going on?


Or if you just want the party?....... LINK