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‘Bring, Bring’ Sarah awoke with a start, her cell phone was ringing…….


Where was she? Then it all came rushing back…

She fumbled around and retrieved her phone, it was her sister Kandy.



“Where are you? It’s 1:30 I thought we were meeting up for lunch???” Kandy sounded a little cross.

“I am sooooo sorry, I must have dozed off!” Sarah replies guiltily.


“OK! But where are you?”  Kandy repeats.  

“I’ve booked into The Royal on the beach” Sarah informs her.

“ OK! Do you feel up to lunch or would you rather meet up later?” Kandy asks her.

“ Lunch would be good! Where should I meet you?” Sarah suddenly feels a little hungry.

“There’s a café down by the beach , it’s called the Café Blue. I can meet you there…..say 2 o’clock?” Kandy looks at her watch.

“I’ll see you then!” Sarah closed her cell and put it back in her purse.

Going to the bathroom and Sarah freshens up. Then she set of to meet up with Kandy….

 As Sarah approaches the café she can see Kandy sitting at a table chatting to a beautiful young woman.


Kandy spots Sarah and calls to her.

“ Hi, Sarah this is a friend of mine Kyori, Kyori meet my sister Sarah”

The two woman size each other up smile and both say "hello".

Sarah sits down at the table and asks Kyori if she would like to join them for lunch?

“Thanks, but I'll have to pass this time, I have a lunch date with a VERY handsome man!!!” and with that she was gone...

Link to who Kyori's meeting...

 “ So what would you recommend for lunch?” Sarah asks her sister.

After a very pleasant lunch the girls went shopping, Sarah soooo needs some clothes (she’s been in the same clothes  since yesterday!!! Although she did wash out her ‘smalls’ last night!)

Kandy settles down on a chair near the fitting room... 

"This is a nice skirt ?" Sarah shows Kandy a plain pink skirt.

"No! I like the other one!" Kandy tells her pointing at a short floral skirt.

"I love the black!" Sarah holds up a basic black skirt.

"No! Go for the denim"...Says Kandy  

"These are a classic" Says Sarah looking at some check trousers.

" I think these will suit you more" Kandy replies. 

"A nice black swimsuit?" Sarah looks over at her sister.

"I think the bikini!" Grins Kandy.

"I GIVE UP!!!!!"Sarah throws her hands in the air. Then she goes in to the fitting room one last time....

 "WOWZA" Kandy is knocked of her chair!!

(The blue dress is for Kandy)


This outfit is about as far removed as you can get from Sarah's normal look.

After a very successful afternoon shopping Kandy dropped Sarah of at her hotel and went home for an early night. What with Sarah’s late night/ early morning appearances and an afternoon’s hard shopping she was exhausted.



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