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Richard and Isabelle....


 You look so beautiful... but why the hat?

 What! I love this hat!!!!


 And it suits you darling.... but.....


Look! Hats are all the rage...... Lady Gaga wears them all the time!


Lady Gaga? Since when did you start reading the society pages?


She's not a REAL lady she's a pop star!.... Oh, it doesn't matter, I'll take it off! 


We could take it all off you know


Down boy!


 Is that dandruff?

WOW! Looking to be the second EX Mrs Thompson in a year?

Oh, darling it's just fluff don't be so melodramatic


You know how much I love you don't you Mrs Thompson?


I love you too Mr Thompson


I think it's time you met the rest of my  family


 OK, but not just now I have something else in mind


 Oh, yes! And what would that be?

Weeeell, first I need to tell you that...... Sugar your going to be a daddy!

 I'm going to be a WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, darling the vasectomy reversal worked!!!!

Isabelle's outfit is designed by Mary miniaturecouturecollection on ebay

Richards outfit is designed by CHEWIN