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Reporter Ken PART ONE .....For H.A.D club members only

(Now I need to just warn you that this is a mixed doll town and while pictures and stories will be around Mattel dolls other dolls might well sneak in)



Hi, My name is Ken... Ken Carson and I'm about to move to a new town called The Priors it's a new town in south east England. I'm a reporter, and I understand there's a lot to report on in this supposedly sleepy little new town.


First up I need to find some place to stay while I look for a permanent home and some office space.

Looking around I can see that construction is going on everywhere.



The shopping mall looks pretty much finished as does the hospital.



A good freind of mine Dr Luc K Peters works at the hospital and we are meeting up later for a drink at the hotel. Talking of which that looks like it over there. I hope they have a vacancy? I was going to book in advance but out here in the sticks the mobile phone service is a bit hit and miss!

I wonder if it's OK to park here I can't see any lines... but then I can't see any car's parked either?

Getting out of my car I have a good look around taking in the nightclub next to the hotel and the school further down the road.


I can hear the children playing and I can't help but smile I like that I can hear children playing even over the sound of construction.

 As I turns to enter the hotel foyer two beautiful women exit ...WOW!this place is sure looking good!


A porter holds the door open for me and enquirers if I will need my car parked? The porter explains that all the cars are parked on the upper level (free of charge) this helps to keep the roads and pathways clear. What a good idea don't you think?

The hotel foyer looks nice I can see there's more building work to be done though. The receptionist looks hot are all the women around here like that I wonder? She's smiling at me she has beautiful even white teeth just like she's jumped out of a toothpaste advert.

"Good afternoon sir how can I help you?" she asks me with just a hint of a London accent.

I'm looking for a room do you have any vacancies? I answer the vision before me. The receptionist smiles at me, a smile the reaches her eyes as she taps something in to the computer looking intently at the screen. She nods "we have a single room free would that be OK? "

Well a single would save on the penny's and I'm hoping it won't be for long. Yes, that would be fine I tell her and she hands me a registration card to fill in. 

Name.... Ken Carson

Address.... OK, what do I put? at the moment I'm of no fixed abode? I hesitate for a second and then give my parents address (Yes, I have parents)

She scans my credit card and hands me a credit card type key for me door. She makes a small hand movement and a porter comes over and helps me with my bags, we head over to the lift going up to the second floor.

I follow him along the corridor to the end where he opens a door for me, my room is small and clean.  This will do nicely I tell him giving him a tip.

Once I've unpacked I head out to start looking for some place to eat. On the way back to the foyer I notice the swimming pool area and beyond it the beach I think I'm going to like it here!


The restaurant is closed but they are serving food and beverages in the lounge.

After a cup of coffee and a cheese salad sandwich I head out to get acquainted with this new and intriguing town.... 




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