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Neal's Dates

One day a large box arrived at my home. When I opened it I found EIGHT new dolls inside:

1. Dynamite Girl Gavin Wave two

2. Dynamite Girl Aria Wave Two

3. Dynamite Girl Reese Wave Two

4. Dynamite Girl  Jett Wave Two

5. Quick Silver Kyori

6. Ayumi London By Night

7. Colette Lost Angel

8. Erin Clash Control


So not wanting to open them all at once and not being able to decide who was first I decide to have some fun.

Neal is my very special OOAK guy he started life as Raw Appeal  Lukas. So I thought he might like to go on a date or two with my new girls. I gave my friends on Doll Divas the opportunity to vote for who would go on Each date with the lovely Neal.

These are the dates and who was chosen for each date

1. A Day at the Beach...Aria

2. A Drive in The Country...Reese

3. Lunch at Neal's Club... Kyori

4. A Film Premiere... Gavin

5. Night Club... Ayumi

6. A Fashion show... Colette

7. A Romantic Dinner... Erin

8. A Party ...Jett


Aria was chosen for the first date.....  


LINK to Aria's Date


Reese was up next... 


 Link to Reese's Date...  A Drive in the Country


This Date was followed by Kyori...



Link to Kyori's Date... Lunch at Neal's Club 


Then it was time for Gavin's Date...



Link to Gavin's Date... A Film Premier


The Next date was with Ayumi 


Link to Ayumi's Date... A Night Club 


Colette loved her date 



Link to Colette's Date... A Fashion Show


Erin just wanted out of the box and to have some FUN!!!! 



 Link to Erin's Date... A Romantic Dinner


 While Jett was looking for....loooooovvve!



Link to Jett's Date.....A Party