Suwi's Place

Home Of The Priors

Neal as you have never seen him (and I suspect will never see him again)

After a fun dinner where Sarah had the chance to unwind and play with the new puppy, Neal felt happier than he had in a long time! (Well since Sarah walked out on him if he was honest.) So they went back to the house they once shared and Sarah sat down to open the ton of Christmas cards for her sitting on the coffee table. While she was doing this Neal said he would just go and get changed....

After a while he came back in and sat on the sofa opposite Sarah

At first Sarah did not notice him so engrossed in her cards

When she finally looked up she nearly fell of the sofa she was laughing so much

When Sarah had stopped laughing she got up and started across the room. Neal jumped up and took ahold of her by the Christmas tree

Sarah started to laugh again..... She just had to see what was under the Santa ...AHMMM...suit???

(Me thinks the Ice Queen might be wavering?)