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Miami Honeymoon Page Four

 Once they had retuned from the Keys and rested up they went to visit Château Teresa's

 A beautiful hide away in the centre of Miami

 Where they could swim

 and canoodle in private

 "Another perfect day and the people here are so nice and friendly" Lilith says taking Marco's hand.

  "yes, I know! I'm so glad Suwi recommended this place .... the perfect way to end the perfect Honeymoon!" Marco smiles at his new wife.

  As the sit drinking Champagne spritzers they chat with the waiter Chuck.

 He tells them he is the owners brother and a little about the area.

 While Marco and Chuck chat Lilith get a little frisky playing footsie!

 "So ammm, long have you lived here?" Marco stutters as Lilith continues gently rubbing his leg with her foot.

 Chuck smiles to himself he can see what Lilith is up to and the effect it's having on her husband. The lucky so and so....

  "My sister has lived here about thirty years, I've been back a while now. I used to live in New York!" Check tells them.

 "Well, I had better get back to work! Nice chatting with you!" Chuck turns and leaves them alone.

 It's the last night of their honeymoon and Lilith's mind is full of wicked, wicked thoughts!

 Marco are you sure you know what you have let yourself in for?