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Kyori's Date.... Lunch at Neal's Club

First Kyori needed to visit the Boutique...

After trying on many, many outfits...

Then it was time for a visit to the hairdressers and beautician...
After all that Kyori was ready for her date with Neal!...

Neal hands Kyori a rose

Kyori is NOT the most romantic of girls!  But she still put the rose on!





Humm? So what's going on with that foot???? Kyori wastes no time making her intentions known to Neal

Don't you just hate it when you get an itch on the sole of your foot!!!

 The pair flirt outrageously all through lunch

After lunch.......


Now what's she doing?...... Pinching his butt!

Kyori is a major VAMP!

 As soon as they are in the hotel room Kyori pounces


  Neal never stood a chance.... but then I don't think he was that bothered!