Suwi's Place

Home Of The Priors


New doll arrived a couple of days ago, she is an OOAK by Jon Copland SeloJ Spa

So I would like to introduce Jo'Elle

She checks out the greenhouse, but declares she's not that into gardening!

After a stroll in the garden she declared she was in need of some entertainment and would need a companion!

She looks one way and takes in the eye candy.....

 "HAY! HAY! What about US???" comes a voice behind her.

Turning she sees a whole lotta guys ....son are to young and some to old!Then there are those already taken....


Then Jo'Elle feels a tap on her shoulder.... making her jump!

"Excuse me miss.... do you need some help? You look a little confused!" Jed asks

 "Oh! You made me jump! Yes, I'm new here and it's all soooooo confusing! I don't suppose you could show me around?" Jo'Elle shakes Jed's hand and smiles winningly.

Like he's going to say 'NO'????

 I smell romance in the air.....