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Jett's Date .....A Party

"Jett are you OK in there?" calls Gavin tapping on Jett's box lid 

 "I'm fine but can you get me out of here?" Jett calls out. 

With a wiggle and a jiggle Gavin manages to remove the box lid.

"Oh, Thank you! That's so much better...." Jett is overjoyed at eventually being realised.

"Here, I'll give you a hand out of that box!" Gavin tells Jett holding out her hand

 "Look at me! I'm ready to face the world!" Jett is overjoyed at her new freedom

 "Don't we look good together?"

Then Jett finds out she has a party to go to. Gavin asks Jett to a company her to the Boutique and once Gavin had found the dress of her dreams for her date with Neal it's Jett's turn. Jett spots the perfect dress for the party a wonderful little black number by OVAZ .


 On the night of the party... Jett was sooooo excited. She was on the arm of one of the most handsome men she had ever met. At an A list party with faces she recognised from TV and the big screen every way she turned.

As the evening wore on Jett and Neal get to talk a little ...both enjoying the others company.

Neal thought Jet was young, fun and of course VERY pretty. He introduces her to his guests

Jett felt that Neal was charming and attentive. She also thought he actually listened to what she was saying?  she did not notice his wandering eye as they worked the room together though

The party was in fall swing and everyone who was anyone was there.....

The Barbie twins,  Isha, Faith and Jude....

"Look there's Fabio is that Erin he's smooching with? There's Molly Lynn chatting with Maxi and??? is that Mari? Yes, I think it is! Micheal ( orange jumper) is with Shala  and Eli" Jett spots them all!

Kandy as always is accompanied by Chris. "That's strange I thought Sarah's was coming tonight? Don't tell me she's chickened out? After all the effort she made too?" Chris asks Kandy

"Oh, look Anita's here with Dominic. ( I think she looks a little tipsy)" Jett tells Neal.

Kandy asks Chris if he can see Sarah anywhere yet? She knew she should have insisted on picking her up on the way! But Sarah was adamant that she would meet them at the party!

 While Neal and Jett are chatting to Gavin Neal notices that Kyori's here too! 'Oh, well if things don't workout with Jett I'm sure Kyori will be on hand to commiserate!' he thinks to himself.

 Now there chatting with one of the Barbie twins and Isha. Things seem to be going VERY well!

Maybe a bit to well?

Finally Sarah arrives and is greeted by Kandy and Chris


"WOW! You look stunning" Kandy tells her sister.

"But why are you so late?" Kandy asks a little worried

"I just wanted to make a bit of an entrance" Sarah laughs.

 Kandy has a small coughing fit. Has Sarah gone NUTS???? Her sister wanting to come to one of these fancy parties was a surprise and now 'she wanted to make an entrance?' Sarah has truly gone mad!

"Oh, look there's Neal .... I think I'll go and say hello..." Sarah says to a astonished Kandy.

After all Kandy didn't even know Sarah knew Neal????

" Hello Neal.... Long time no see!"  Sarah put her hand lightly on his arm

Neal turns round and he tries to speak but no words come out! A million thoughts wizz through his head .....


For once in his life he's speechless....

Kandy and Chris follow Sarah wondering what's going on?

"Kandy, Chris.....I would like you to meet my soon to be ex HUSBAND Neal......................"

All the chat and laughter near by stops instantly and all turn to look at Neal and Sarah

"Did she just say husband?" A party guest whispers to the person standing next to them.

 To say all were shocked was a understatement most didn't even KNOW Neal was married?


Eventually Kandy managed to stutter " Neal Hage is your hhhhhhhusband????? Bloody hell!"


"Yes! I've been reading all about you and 'Neal's Dates'! Oh, and darling I have something for you" Sarah almost hisses the words. You can feel the venom in her voice the air felt thick around them.

"your ring"

She takes his hand and gives him her ring



The one he brought her not a year ago with the stone that so matches her eyes!Or at least that's what he said at the time!

" I think it's time to leave now!" Sarah turns on her heel starts to walk away.

Kandy and Chris in hot pursuit

 Jett by this time was in tears. Thankfully her best friend Gavin was at the party and comforts her "How could he?"

 " I can't BELIEVE this!" sobs Jett

 Neal is still standing there totally dumbfounded!!!!

 Kyori turns to him......" You Bastard !!!!!!!!" She hisses and slaps him hard around the face

Loosing his balance Neal lands on his ass!

The End?......

Well, of Neal's Dates But only the beginning of a whole lot more.....



 The Suwi-Narmi