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Gavin's Date...A film Premier

Gavin waist's no time in getting herself free from her box...

It's so nice to be free from those awful restraints

Funky boots and cool shades

Looking good!

Gavin needed to get a special dress for her date with Neal! She thought it would be fun to go dress shopping with her good friend Jett!

Jett agreed it was a good idea, soon the girls arrive at the Boutique...

 They were soon lost is the jewellery department.... trying it all on and having fun!

The proprietor over hears the girls conversation and thinks she can help

 Gavin and Jett are so excited to be taken through to the designer room at the rear of the store               

The dresses are just stunning

Jett makes herself comfy on the sofa while Gavin takes a selection of dresses though to the fitting room to try on

 "What do you think of this one it by Mattel?" she asks Jett

"Or this one the designer is OVAZ?...Is red a bit much with my hair?" Gavin asks coming out in the next dress

"I'm not sure about this one.... I think it makes me look to?.....old!" Jett nods in agreement.

"This one is gorgeous! It's from the Fashion Royalty Collection!" Gavin twirls in front of the mirror.

"I think this one should go on the short list!" again Jett agrees.

Jett starting to get a little sleepy

 "Oops! Sorry I'm with you!" Jett get up to stretch her legs and looks around for some more dresses for Gavin to try on.

"The Joe Tai looks beautiful but I think it's a little big for you?" Jett looks on as Gavin twirls.

"No! I know it's Fashion Royalty but the colour is all wrong!" Gavin frowns.

"Nope! It needs to be long!" Jett tells Gavin when she comes out in a short lilac number

"Nope! ..... To bright!" Gavin dismisses it

 Eventually Gavin made a decision...


It was a VERY long day! 


The next evening Gavin is all ready for her date

At the Film Premier...


So who the older lady in some of the pictures??? I hear you ask......

Well I got so fed up with Neal's...... ahmmm amorous ways I asked Gavin's mother along on the date as a chaperon! I'm telling YOU Gavin was sooooo not pleased!

 At the end of the evening Gavin went home with her mother and Neal went home alone.... or did he?


Neal was NOT a happy bunny! I've had to promise NO MORE CHAPERONES  or Neal said NO MORE DATE'S!!!!

Gavin's hairstyle

 Ayumi's Date Opening Night of Darius's Night Club