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Erin's Date ... A Romantic Dinner

 "Hi, Its me! ....Erin"


 ".......And it's MY TURN!!!!"


"At last I can get OUT of this darn box! Look at this thing, I know it keeps my hair looking good but ....well!!!! pleeeease!"

"That's better! Now you can see my beautiful hair!" 

 "Time to get the rest of my clothes on and go about my business! Buy the way... what is my business?" Erin asks me

ME... "Well that's for you to decide. For now all you need to do is go have some fun!" 


 "Fun??? Now that sounds good! I hope you've found me a hunk to have fun with? And who made this coat? I'm not a midget you know!" Erin is very full of herself

 Me... "I've arranged for you to go on a romantic dinner date with Neal Hage the actor! Will that do you? And you don't need a coat even in England it is August you know!"

 "Humm? Neal! I've heard he's HOT! So why has it taken so long for my date? I got here in June you know?"

Me... "Sassy aren't  we? Now behave! I can always put you back you know!"

  "Look! My boots are perfect they even have trendy red soles!" Erin tries to change the subject


Meanwhile Neal is getting ready for his date with Erin.... Nice butt!

They meet up at 'Darius's Restaurant'  (Part of his new night club)

Neal and Erin both give each other the once over. They like what they see but Erin is wary she knows Neal has a bad boy reputation

It's not difficult to see why all the girls full for him. He is a born stud muffin!

They sit at the table chatting. Erin soon feels at ease but Neal appears a little distracted...


Me thinks it might be the blond over there supposedly chatting to a couple of friends? But soon Erin looks a little distracted herself?

Over the other side of the room Ricky is trying to attract his brother Daniel's attention


Eventually Neal realizes that Erin is no longer listening to him and is studying someone over his shoulder


He laughingly tells Erin to go and introduce herself. But is a little shocked when she grins at him jumps up and makes her way over to the guy who aroused her interest.....

They introduce themselves and start chatting  animately. Erin thinks Daniel is sooo much more her kind of guy. Luckily for her Daniel seems to feel the same way

Neal was left sitting at the table alone and a little in shock.


Neal's not used to being dumped by a women. In fact not since.....He shacks his head and closes his eyes. No don't go there he thinks to himself!

When he opens his eyes seconds later Erin and Daniel are walking towards him

God this is a nightmare! How am I going to get out of here and save face. Neal thinks to himself a little panicked. Just then guess who dumps herself on his lap

Thank you! One thing you can say about Kyori she always turns up when you need her! The two couples chat a little and then bid each other goodnight. Erin jumps in a taxi with Daniel. Neal and Kyori??

Oh come on! What did you expect? You must know Kyori and Neal by now!