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Episode Eighty Nine ..... New Year Wedding... Part Two

"The cake? is THAT all!... OK, so we will go without a cake!" Eden smiles in relief.

"Darling, you MUST have a cake... I'll phone Angela see what she can do?" Rebecca pats her on the arm "now go and get bathed the others will be here soon"

Just then the phone rings again Roger goes out into the hall and picks it up then turns to Eden as she reaches the bottom stair "It's Chris?" he tells her.

"Oh?" Eden takes the phone listens then looks at her parents a sadness on her face "Thanks Chris, give her my love and I hope she feels better soon?"

Then looking at her parents anxious faces "Kandy's ill she can't be a bridesmaid?"

"OK, so who else is her size that can do it at such short notice? Roger looks from his wife to his daughter.

"DAD! Kandy is sick! I don't want anyone else!!!" Eden is surprised at his insensitivity. 

Rebecca hugs her daughter "I'm sure Chris will look after her and you can phone her later to check on her but for NOW you need to go get bathed!"

"OK, I'm going!" so of she goes and having run the bath and adding her favourite bubble bath Eden gets in and tries not to think about any more things going wrong!

While she is in the bath the phone rings again "I'm starting to dread answering the phone today!" Roger tells his wife as he picks up the phone having listened to the person speaking on the other end he replies "Oh, god! I hope they are OK? Thanks for phoning!"

Then turning to Rebecca "Marc and Daisy are in hospital... " he tells her.

"NO! This is turning into some sort of nightmare... I'll go tell Eden." Rebecca give him a hug.

Having been told about Marc and Daisy, Eden starts to cry "What is it that's making everyone ill? It sounds bad?"

"I don't know sweetheart some sort of vomiting bug?" Rebecca tells her holding up a towel for Eden to wrap herself in.

As Eden dries herself the phone rings yet again... please don't let anything else have gone wrong Eden thinks to herself. 

Then she hears her mother's strained voice "Eden, Eden come quickly!"

Eden rushes down stairs, at the bottom of the stairs her mother is holding out the phone to her "H.. H... Hello?"

"Eden It's Neal, look ahmmm Luke's sick the ambulance is here and their taking him to hospital"

"Oh!...." she sits down with a thud on the bottom stair.

Roger takes the phone from her "Neal, what hospital are they taking him to?" 

After a muffled conversation at Neal's end "QE2!" Neal tells him.

OK, we will meet you there... Oh, have you phoned Angela?" Roger asks.

"Yes, Richard phoned her she's on her way and my mother and father are going to start phoning people to cancel everything" Neal informs him.

"OK, see you soon" Roger replaces the phone on it's stand.

Turning he looks up the stairs and can hear a frantic Eden slamming drawers and flinging on some clothes with the help of her mother. Roger puts on his coat a picks up his car keys "I'll be warming up the engine... don't forget your coats, it's freezing out!"


Once at the A&E department in the hospital they are met by Neal.

Eden is frantic "How is he? What happened? Is it that vomiting thing?"

Neal holds up his hand  "Slow down... the doctor is with him now!"

Neal leads the way to Luke's curtained off bed. Richard and Angela are standing to one side watching the doctor work. They all stand in silence as the doctor runs some tests and then a nurse enters and takes some bloods. 

When he has finished Angela demands to know what's wrong. 

"Well, we need to wait for the test results but I'm sure it's Swine flu!" the doctor tells them.

"Swine flu? but he was fine?" Eden's voice is little more than a whisper. 

"No, he's been taking cold pills for a couple of days!" Neal tells her.

"The stupid idiot why didn't he say anything?" Eden goes to him and reaches out to take his hand but as she goes to do so a nurse stops her "Sorry but we can't allow you to touch him....risk of infection!"

Just then a porter appears with a mask on.

"We will be moving him to isolation but I'm afraid that until we are sure what it is he will not be able to receive visitors, you might as well go home and we will call you when we know more!" a doctor tells them.

Angela starts swearing and going into one...

"Angela, STOP IT! Your not helping anyone" Richard tells her.

Angela is so shocked she stops mid flow... "If you had been more like this when we were married I might not have divorced you!" 

"You divorced ME? OK, I can't be bothered with this now" and grabbing her arm he starts to remove her. At the door he turns "Eden if you want to stay that's fine but I'm taking Angela for a coffee and then I will put her in a cab home."

"No, Uncle Richard I'll take you both home" and Neal gets up to follow them.

"Darling, do you want to come home or stay? Daddy and I will do what ever you want?" Rebecca asks Eden.

"You go, phone Agnes and see if they need any help with the cancellations? I'm staying here!" Eden waves them away.

"Are you sure? I think someone should stay with you?" Rebecca looks uncertain.

Just then Lilith appears "Eden, are you OK? Agnes phoned.... this is just awful! How is Luke?"

Eden turns to her parents "You go, Lilith will stay with me... you will won't you?"

"Of course I will silly moose!" Lilith hugs her twin feeling all the fear and panic that Eden feels.

So the others leave after Eden promises to phone them as soon as there is any news. 

When they arrive back at Neal's place they find Sarah looking drained and Izzy snoozing.


"The kids have been so exhausting today... come back Molly is all I can say!" Sarah grins.

"When is Molly coming back?"  Neal asks.

"Two more days, Tuesday she will be back! Thank god!!!" Sarah sighs.

"Look if your tired why don't I take Angela home and then Izzy and I can get some rest and see you tomorrow?" Richard puts out his hand helping his whale like wife as she struggle to stand up. 

Angela splutters a bit but can see this would make sense. So Richard goes upstairs and collects their bags returning with Izzy's coat.

As they get into the car Richard looks at the road, "Come on you two it's getting colder by the minute and the roads are looking icy!"

Izzy get in the front with Richard leaving Angela to get in the back.  (air bag has been deactivated)

A few miles down the road Richards mobile phone rings Izzy answers it "Hello?... Oh, Eden how is he? .... Richard's driving at the moment!....Yes....yes.....OK.... I'll tell him... Oh, she's here too!....OK!"

"What? what did she say?" Richard and Angela are both beside themselves

"Luke, does have swine flu and they have started him on the Tami flu plus a few other things. Eden says she thinks he is looking a little better already although she can only see him through a window!" Izzy tells them.

They drive on in silence for awhile then the car hits black ice and Richard looses control as the car slews across the road stopping with a BANG as it hits a bank at the side of the road bounces and land with a crunch.

For seconds all is still then Richard turns to Izzy "Izzy, Izzy are you OK?"

"I'm fine... just a little shaken!" then she turns "Angela, are you OK?"

"Fine thank you!" Angela says starchily.

Richard gets out and goes round to look at the damage to the car... why here... why NOW? Then he comes  back and get into the car. "I'm not sure if it's drivable I think we need to phone a tow truck?"

"This is so dam typical of you ... only you would smash the car up in a country lane... I don't expect you get much traffic along here either!" Angela moans.

Richard takes his mobile from Izzy and tries to dial a number... nothing!

"Dame and blast! No reception.... I'll walk up the road a little see if I can phone someone or find a house... or something?" Richard gets back out of the car pulling the collar of his coat up around him.

"OK, but please don't be to long!" Izzy tells him.

After ten minutes Richard has still not returned  and both women are starting to shiver in the cold. Izzy reaches over and tries to start the car but nothing happens... the engine is dead!

"You had better get in the back with me... before we BOTH end up with hypothermia" Angela tells Izzy through chattering teeth. Then she opens the car door and gets out to help Izzy. As Izzy climbs out she straightens up and then doubles over as she cries out in pain. Simultaneously a stream of water runs down her legs pooling on the ground.

"Oh, boy... this is not good!" Angela looks down at her wet shoes.

"I'm sorry Angela... I... arghhhhh!" Izzy doubles over in pain.

Angela sighs " Come on lets get you into the car and get your wet leggings off!...  I just hope Richard gets back soon?"

Izzy gets into the back of the car crying in pain and shock "Where's Richard... I need Richard!" she sobs.

Angela tuts and  helps Izzy get more comfortable "Now lets get them wet knickers off...."

Just then Izzy give out another squeal of pain, Angela looks at her a little puzzled "How long have you been getting contractions?"

"A couple of hours?" Izzy replies through gritted teeth.

"A couple of hours... you silly girl why didn't you say anything?" Angela sounds cross.

"What with Luke and... things I didn't want to worry anyone... it might have just been those... 'hicks' things?" Izzy starts to cry.

"You mean Braxton Hicks?" Angela picks up Izzy's knickers and drops then on the floor of the car pulling a face.

"now bend you knees and let me have a look!" Angela starts to move Izzy's legs apart but Izzy snaps her knees together,

"Go away your not looking at ME!" Izzy tells Angela pushing her away.

"What's going on?" Richard's voice makes them both jump.

Then he can see what's happening "Oh, boy this is not good! I found a farm and the farmer said he would call out a tow truck. He also said we could wait in his house!"

"Might be a little late for that now!" Angela growls.

Just then Izzy lets out another yell of pain! "Oh, for gods sake put a sock in it!" Angela tells Izzy "Your having a baby not trying to brake glass!"

"Says she that was to 'posh to push' and was out cold when Luke was born!" Richard rounds on Angela.

"I was not to posh to push! I just did not want my son seeing my.... private parts!" Angela is indignant. 

"I... that is soooo wrong in soooo many ways!" Richard almost smiles.

"And how would you know... you went off to play GOLF!" Angela fires back.

"I did no such thing! You, told me to go play golf but I waited with Agnes in the waiting room!" Richard's voice is raised.

"You did? I always thought you went off to golf?" Angela sounds a little deflated.

"HAY! Women giving birth here!" Izzy yells at them.

They both turn back to Izzy. Richard looks bemused "Sorry darling!"

While Angela just looks cross!

At the same time a car pulls up beside them "Hello, I phoned the relay people but they are real busy tonight, do you want to hop in and I'll take you back to my place to wait!" the farmer tells them. 

"It might be a little late for that! My wife has gone into labour, can you call an amberlance?" Richard asks.

"OK, but I'll need to go back to the house... sure we can't get your wife into the car and get her back to my place... it's so cold out here?" the farmer looks concerned.

Richard looks at Izzy "Izzy? If I help you can you get into the other car?" then turning to Angela "What do you think? Do we have time to get her up the road?"

"Why are you asking her... I'm the one in lllllllllllaaaaaaabbbbbbboooooouuuuuuurrrrrrr!"

"Because Angela trained as a midwife!" Richard tells Izzy

"WHAT? When???" Izzy starts to fidget around in discomfort.

"Years ago! Before I met her... she was after a rich doctor!" Richard smiles.

"So, now will you let me look at you?" Angela asks.

"OK!" Izzy tries to lay back a little.

"Oh, we won't be going anywhere... the heads crowning, now ask farmer man to phone for an amberlance and then come back .... Richard pull yourself together... go round to the other side and support Izzy's back!"

Richard does as he is told and the farmer goes back to phone for an ambulance. 

Angela shivers in the cold "Now I need you to do exactly what I tell you... do you understand?"

"Arrrgh! YESSS!!!!" Izzy hisses.

"OK, on the next contraction I want you to push"

"OK!.... Arrrh"

"Now push ... that's it... good girl... OK, stop! ..... Izzy what ever you do.. don't push, do you understand me?"

"Yes!" Izzy sounds exhausted

"If you get another contraction just pant, did they show you that at pre natal class?"

Izzy nods her eyes closed against the pain.

Richard looks up at Angela mouthing "what's the matter?"

Angela just frowns and looks down at the babies head.

Richard follows her eyes and can see the cord is wrapped around the babies neck. Inside Richard is screaming 'oh, god no!' but outside he shows no reaction not wanting to frighten Izzy.

Izzy can feel another contraction and while gripping Richard's hand she tries to pant as instructed.

Then Angela exhales realizing she had been holding her breath as she worked on removing the cord from around the babies neck.

"OK, were good to go, next contraction push as hard as you can... lets get this little bastard out of there!"

"Angela!" Richard is horrified.

"What???" Angela glances up.

"Arrrgh" Izzy gives one big push and the baby is born.

By now the farmer has returned with warm blankets and he hands one to Angela who wraps the baby up and rubs it all over in a fast but rhythmic movement. She puts her little finger in it's mouth clearing  away the amniotic fluid and then the baby starts to cry. The four adults all breath a sigh of relief. Then the farmer hands Angela some shears "There OK, I keep them boiled up and clean... you never know when an animal might need a little help and vets... well they are not always around when you need them!"Just then his hat blows of in the freezing wind.

"Thanks!" Angela accepts them along with some tie to tie off the umbilical cord.

Angela looks down at this tiny baby so much like her Luke when he was a baby... with one obvious difference (no, not the mother although you have a point) She hands the baby to Izzy "Congratulations, you have a daughter!"

Just then they see flashing blue lights in the distance "the ambulance is here!" the farmer tells them.


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