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Episode Eighty Eight....... A New Year Wedding

New Years Eve had been a quite one for most.

Eden had spent the evening at home with her parents.

Lilith and Marco had joined them but left about ten thirty as they all needed to be up early the next day to get ready for the wedding.

(Naughty cat!)

Kandy and Chris went to a party but had come home early as Kandy was feeling poorly.

Rumi and Iver also stayed home a saw in the New Year with Daisy.

Then Rumi was up with Marc most of the night as he was feeling sick and had a temperature.

Neal and Sarah had Luke staying the night along with Luke's father Richard and his wife Izzy.

With both Izzy and Sarah being pregnant the evening was a quite one. The children stayed up until about eight and then the adults played cards for a while.

Izzy was feeling tired so went to bed followed soon after by Sarah. Neal, Luke and Richard stayed up to see in the new year but without their other halves it was not the same.

Giselle and Harry had flown out to India on boxing day (should have gone the week BEFORE Christmas for two weeks but the snow had closed Heathrow Airport!!!!)


Anyway they had arrived home late afternoon and went straight to bed.

Agnes, Jonathan (now feeling better) and Angela went  to a party and arrived home just after one.

Akaine decided to go with a group of friends and her new boyfriend to see in the New Year by the Millennium Dome.

They did not get home until four .... Agnes was livid!

(I think there might be some MORE fireworks when/if her family ever meet Akaine's new guy??? You don't remember him?.... Clue.... Topher! No? you need more..... LINK)

Jed? Weeeell.....

Jed spent the evening ....

and much of the night in the arms of JoElle and a very good time was had!!!!

Psyched is on special assignment and no photo's are allowed!


 The morning dawned dull and overcast with the prospect of snow later in the day.

Eden lay in bed listening to the hubbub coming from downstairs. Her mother telling her father not to sit around reading his reports... there are things to be done! Then a few minutes later there's a knock on the door.

Eden sits up smiling as she looks over at the dress bag hanging in her wardrobe. Not long now and her bridesmaids would be arriving then the hairdresser... flowers and whatever else? 

Another knock at the door "Eden, are you OK?"

"Come in daddy!" Eden smiles.

Her father enters carrying a try with her breakfast on it! "Your mother thought you would like breakfast in bed today. So how is my beautiful girl!"

He puts the tray down on the bed and sitting down pats Eden's hand.

"Pop tarts and milk? Mum's so funny!!! In answer to your question I'm happier than I've ever been, Luke is the most wonderful guy and I'm GOING TO BE HIS WIFE!" Eden sings the last bit making her father smile.

"I'm sure he feels the same... now eat your breakfast and come down... your mother is on a hyper and I need your support!"  Roger hugs his daughter and gets up to leave just as the phone in the hall starts to ring.

Eden's mother calls out from the kitchen "ROGER? Get the phone.... ROGER?"

With a smile and a shack of the head he leaves the room, turning to Eden as he leaves "and so it begins.... COMING DEAR!"

Angila had crashed/passed out at Agnes's home and was now awake with the hangover from hell. "Why did you let me drink so much?" she groans.

"I never... young a big girl now!" Agnes frowns "Now, get it together we have a wedding to get to!"

Angela groans again and pores herself a glass of Champagne. Agnes raises an eyebrow at her?

"Hair of the dog! Cheers" Angela gulps it down with a slight shudder. "That's better, now I'm off for a bath..." as she leaves the room she turns to Agnes "What's for breakfast?"

"Whatever you want to make yourself dear sister" Agnes picks up two cups of coffee and heads upstairs to join Jonathan in their bedroom.

Kandy is now sleeping having spent most of the night in the bathroom Chris in attendance for the most part. As he sips a coffee in the kitchen he looks at the clock it's eight thirty and Kandy is due at Eden's by ten? Should he phone Eden and tell her Kandy is to ill to attend let alone be a bridesmaid? Then again Kandy might wake up in a minute and be fine (sort of) and still want to go?

Iver looked on worriedly as Rumi sits nursing a very poorly Marc. "I think we should call the doctor?"

Rumi looks up at him "I think your right, but who will come out today? It's New Years DAY!"

"I'll find someone!" and he picks up his phone bashing out numbers.

Daisy enters the room

"Rumi, I'm not feeling to good....." as she speaks the room spins and she crashes to the floor.

Iver drops the phone and scoops her up as Rumi looks on fear in her eyes.

Iver checks her vital signs and can feel the heat coming from her. "She got a fever, I think we had better get them both to hospital!"  

Nodding Rumi looks from one sick child to the other "Should we call an ambulance?"

"No, it will be quicker if I take them... Get a couple of blankets and bring Marc I'll carry Daisy down to the car.

Rumi jumps up still holding Marc and kisses the top of Daisy's head and caresses her face then she hurriedly collects blankets, her jacket and slips on some shoes.  While Iver lays Daisy gently on the sofa so he can put on his jacket then he picks up his car keys and and shoves his feet into a pair of trainers.

He is quickly out of the front door and carrying Daisy he presses the button for the lift which comes quickly as there are not many people up yet. He holds the door open as Rumi rushes to catch up with him.

Once in the car Iver rummages around  under the dashboard and pulls out a blue police light putting in on the roof and flicking a switch turning it on.

"I never knew you had one of those?" Rumi looks surprised as she sits in the back between her sick children.

"No! I don't get to use it much" Iver looks in the rear view mirror and the two flushed children and Rumi's white face.

At Neal's home....

Richard, Izzy, Sarah and Neal sit at the dining table eating breakfast Dawn is 'attempting' to feed herself and Sarah is feeding Ben.

"Don't you think Luke should be getting up by now? It's almost nine... times getting on?" Izzy asks.

Finishing off the last piece of his toast "I'll get him a coffee and take it up to him"

Neal leaves the room and moments later they can hear him banging on the bedroom door "LUKE! LUKE you lazy bastard time to get your lazy ass out of bed!" 

No answer.......

"Luke?" Neal opens the door and can see/smell that Luke has been sick

 (Yeah, I know I'm BAD showing you this.....)

"LUKE!... LUKE? ...." as he rushes to Luke's bedside "RICHARD, RICHARD get up here NOW!"

Roger answer's the phone and listens to what he being told he ends the phone call with "OK, thanks for phoning... I'll tell Eden now!"

Then he goes into the kitchen and talks quietly with Rebecca.

Meanwhile Eden gets up and after a few bites of pop tart and a sip of milk she goes out into the hallway on her way to the bathroom. As she passes the top of the stairs she is sure shecan hear her mother crying?

"Mum? are you OK?" Eden bounds down the stairs and is met by her father at the bottom  "dad, what's the matter? You look awful!"

"Eden, come... into the kitchen... I.... ahm... I have some bad news!" Roger leads her into the kitchen and she looks from her mother to her father "Dad you frightening me, what's the matter?"

"There's been an.... incident?" Roger starts

""Is it Luke? Oh, god is he OK?" Eden can't catch her breath the room spins a little.

"No, sweetheart it's the caterers some one dropped the cake... it's ruined I'm so sorry!"


 Episode Eighty Nine