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Episode Eighty Seven....... A Very Happy Christmas

It's Christmas day and the families are gathered for Christmas lunch. As some are visiting from far and wide in preparation for Luke and Eden's wedding on New Years Day it was thought a good time to gather together and get to know each other.....

 They decided on lunch at Hanbury Manor (the same location as the wedding)

 "Now, Akaine stop frowning and at least LOOK like your having a good time!" Jonathan tells Akaine who is sulking.

 "But daddy.... I wanted to spend the day with my new boyfriend .... it's all soooo unfair!" she grumbles.

"I told you to behave and he is coming to the wedding next week!" Jonathan tries to placate his youngest daughter. He then turns to a smiling Sarah "Sarah, your positively.... blooming? Is there something you and Neal should have told us?"

 Sarah blushes slightly "If your asking me if I'm expecting a baby...the answer is YES!"

  Richard and Izzy are chatting with Marco. 

 "So what's it like working for Neal? The Hage family must keep you pretty busy?" Izzy winks and Marco.

 Richard laughs as Marco looks a little surprised "You'll get used to my wife, she is prone to saying what she thinks!"

 "It's fine! Yes, Neal and his family do keep me busy but I have to admit I prefer checking contracts to bailing him out of prison!" Then changing the subject "So how's married life? I understand your newly Wed's like Lilith and I? We had our honeymoon in your home city in fact... Miami"


 "Hi, JoElle how are you? Have you met my sister Angela? Angela is Luke's mother!" Then turning to Angela "Angela, please let me introduce JoElle she's Jed's girlfriend"

 JoElle smiles and holds out her hand to Angela "Pleased to meet you, I've heard a lot about you!"

 Angela roars with laughter "All bad I hope? So what do you think of the place ....such a wonderful place for a wedding?" Then turning back to Agnes "What are they doing here?" gesticulating with her head.

 "Angela, behave! Lets get Christmas over before we start in on the wedding just for today and please leave Richard alone! He's been invited by Luke and Eden so keep it SHUT!" Agnes smiles sweetly.

 "You don't have a hope in hell, sister dearest! .... OK, I get Richard being here but why bring that little tramp?" Angela scowls.

"When she was dating your son she was the Bees knees but now she's married to your husband... she's a tramp?" Agnes looks bemused while JoElle feels like she's at some sort of tennis match?

 "'s different!" Angela for once appears a little unsure of herself. "So changing the subject, I guess we will see you walking down the isle soon?" Angela turns to JoElle.

JoElle's mouth opens and closes not sure what to say when Agnes answers " I don't think they have been together all that long....  but then again, he's not taken his eyes of you since you arrived!" and both sisters start to giggle.

JoElle realises they are teasing her but she too had noticed that Jed's eyes followed her wherever she goes.

"That boy is in loooove!" Angela tells them a little sarcastically.

"So is Richard.... with Izzy! Don't you think if you had been a little nicer he might not have left you?" JoElle tells her.

Angela looks from JoElle to Agnes not sure she heard right? Agnes shrieks with mirth  "Oh, welcome to the family!"

 "Dad,mum this is Luke's cousin Giselle and her little boy Abhay...oop's Dawny I nearly didn't see you down there! Look at you walking!" Eden smiles narrowly avoiding stepping on Dawn.

 Dawn giggles "Ooops...ooops....poopys...ooopys!"

 "I hope you not saying what I think your saying?" Eden wrinkles her nose as a faint odour drifts up from Dawn's nether regions.

 Meanwhile Roger (Eden and her twin sister Lilith's father) shakes hands with Giselle in greeting trying to not notice the smell wafting up from a giggling Dawn.

 Dawn toddles of towards her father calling "pooee....pooeee" as she goes.

 "Hello, so nice to meet you again Giselle and your little boy is a sweetie!" Rebecca tells them.

 Coming up to the group Luke smiles "My mother can be a little.... difficult to get to understand! The rest of my family are pretty cool though!"

 ".... and to carry on with the introductions.... this wonderful lady is Maggie Sarah,Rumi, Jed and Kandy's step mother!" adding the last bit in case Eden had not explained who Maggie is.

 "Hello!" Maggie smiles at Eden's parents.

 "This young lady must be Daisy?" Maggie smiles at Daisy.

 Daisy smiles shyly and nods.

"I'm Marc... Daisy my sister!" Marc informs them as Daisy shifts him onto her other hip holding him tightly.

 Giselle grins "Daisy you could put him down you know... Marc your to big to be carried for to long!"

 "No, He's fine" Daisy holds him close. But Marc has had enough of the cuddles and wants to be off anyway!

 Steven stops to chat with Chris, Harry and Jed.

 "How's the boat building going?" He asks Kandy's boyfriend Chris

 "Fine, thank you sir" Chris is still a little uneasy around Kandy's dad.

 "Good, and Harry how are things in Bollywood?" the two men shake hands.

 "Very good, we start shooting a new film in a couple of weeks" Harry tells him (real name Hrithik)

 Then Stephen turns his attention to Jed "OK, son?"

 At first Jed does not answer as his attention is elsewhere Harry elbows him in the ribs "Jed.... earth to Jed?"

 "Oh, sorry miles away.... so is my sister up the duff do you think?" Jed asks and all the men turn to look over at Sarah noticing the slight swell of Sarah's belly.

 " Hi, Lilith what are you doing skulking around the Christmas tree?" Kandy asks.

 "Trying to steer clear of my parents if you must know!" Lilith smiles "They can be a bit of a pain at times!" 

 "YOUR parents? WOW, have you met my family?" Kandy giggles as Rumi comes over to join them.

 "So what's all the giggling in the corner about?" she asks.

 Kandy turns to Rumi "WOW! I LOVE your hair!"

"Thank you.... JoElle is as good as Jed said she was! Next time you want your hair done I highly recommend her"

 The tables are all laid  and dinner is almost ready to be served.

 Across the room Neal is chatting with Iver "So that's Daisy then?"

"Yeap! And that's a baby bump on Sarah?" Iver looks at Neal a little worried.


 Neal sighs "Yes, she's pregnant and I'm trying to be happy for her!"

 "Can I ask you something? Lilith asks.

"Well, you can ask!" Kandy smiles.

"Is Sarah pregnant?" Lilith looks from Kandy to Rumi

"Yeap!" they both answer together. 

 Just then the chef call out "Ladies and gentleman if you would like to take your seats dinner will be served"

 Everyone sits down and it's on with the party hats.....

 Soon all are laughing....

 And the waiters start to serve the meal.....  But Jonathan is feeling ill and decides to leave the party.

 Episode Eighty Eight