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Episode Eighty Six...... Hen and Stag Night

It's the night of the Hen and Stag parties 16th December.

In a London Hotel Luke has booked half a dozen suites for his fellow stags.

Before the evening begins Luke gets a phone call from Eden "Darling I know you will try and behave but please... my father will be with you so DO NOT show me up!"

"Eden, sweetheart I will... try and my dad will be with us too!" Luke lays back on the bed and smiles.

"LUKE! Your dad is just as bad as the others!!!...." Eden also smiles as she looks down at her just finished pedicure. " I don't want to have to bail you.... or anyone else out or find a way to get you back from Moscow or some such place!"

"Babe's it's all fine, Neal won't do anything bad... I think he's been through enough lately and he is still on bail until this Kyori mess is sorted!"

"OK, have a good time and I'll see you for lunch tomorrow... I love you!" Eden blows a kiss down the phone.

"Love you too!" and Luke ends the call.

He turns to Neal "That was Eden..."

"NO! I thought it was your mother!" Neal grins.

"Ha bloody ha.... you jerk! She said if anything happens to me tonight  she's going to have your balls for earrings!" Luke tries to look stern.

"Humph! and if your still capable of worrying about that by the end of the night I will consider I have failed in my duty as your best man!" Neal smirks.

Both men head for  the door "Talking of balls if you can still locate yours you need more booze!" Neal whacks Luke on the back.

"Ass-hole!" Luke mutters.

The order of the night is a brief walk to a pub. Where they booze and chat with the ladies and even some dancing.

Strippers? Girls? A few.... But Neal, Luke and the other 'taken' guys have fun but no naughty stuff!

Followed by more booze and DVDs (football, action and the obligatory porn ...soft) back at Luke's hotel suit.

Things are going well and it's been a fun night! There was some talk of sending Luke off naked on a train/plane/boat to some place.... but no one wanted to have to answer to either Eden OR Luke's mother Angela!!!



It's 4:30 in the morning and some are now out cold. Buick (one of Luke's model friends) drunkenly rummages through the stack of DVDs besides the TV and picks up a blank box removing the DVD and puts it on....

It's a porn movie and the couple on the TV are getting down and dirty.....

Luke focuses his eyes on the TV trying to work out what's going on.... has he seen this DVD before? The bedroom looks familiar as dose the butt....SHIT!!!!!

Neal is lying across Luke's bed  pretty out of it when he feels Luke jump up shouting ..... something?

He rolls over to see what the fuss is about and is confronted by......SHIT!!!

"Turn it OFF! Turn it OFF...NOW!!!"  Luke is screaming at a bemused Buick.

"Hay! She's HAWT! Look at her go! What the matter with YOU?" Buick holds on to the remote.

Neal grabs a bottle from next to the bed and throws it at the TV smashing both the bottle and the TV which makes an alarming popping and fizzing noise as smoke billows forth.

This wakes some of the others up who all look at Neal in amazement

"Wha... waz the matter?"  one of the guys slurs.

Neal just gets up and storms out.

Luke follows close behind in an attempt to calm him down.

The rest of the guys look at each other a little shocked and confused.

Jonathan staggers up from the sofa and follows Luke out of the door "It's his WIFE!"  he mutters as he leaves.


Meanwhile over at the Hen Party...

The coach arrives on time to collect the ladies from the spa where they had spent the day being pampered and beautified. Now they were off to a restaurant and then on to a club for a little dancing.


The ladies are all in fine form and giggling away. They sing and tell stories as the coach makes it's way to the restaurant. A few friends had not been able to make it to the spa and will be meeting them there.

As Eden and her entourage enter the restaurant a group of women are standing chatting in the foyer.

As they turn to greet Eden Angela spots Izzy "I was hoping that husband stealer would not be here!" she hisses to Agnes.

"Angela! Be good... you promised Eden!" Agnes hisses back gripping her arm.

"Oh .... look at her, I hope that bumps not my Luke's!" Angela remarks in her clear clipped voice.

The room goes silent all look from Angela to Eden to a very red faced Izzy.

Agnes grabs Angela by the arm and starts to pull her away "That's just EVIL! How can you say that?"

"Well, someone gave her a good seeing too... and it was not my husband... he's been doctored!" Angela looks Izzy up and down a sour expression on her face.

Izzy opens her mouth to reply but Eden holds up her hand "Angela, next week I marry your son and you will be my mother-in-law. I will endeavor to show you the utmost respect ... but it's something you will need to show me as well! I played the wedding game with you... yes, I know you was testing me! But.... this! This is to much and I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH IT! I do not see why we should have to talk about this in such a public place and I'm very disappointed in you!"

"That's all fine and dandy but.... who's the little bastards daddy?" Angela just does not know when to keep it shut.

This time Izzy steps in front of Eden " MY husband is the father of OUR child!"

Agnes pulls Angela away before she can say any more "If you will excuse us I need a word with my sister! Eden take your guests through and sit down... we might be a while!"

Eden does as Agnes said and apologizes to Izzy. 

Izzy smiles "I've known Angela a long time... I know what she can be like! Forget it, it's not your fault!"

 "Thank you... come on lets make the most of it before the old cow comes back!" They all laugh and sit at the table. 

The Champagne flows (but none for Izzy or Sarah) the food is great and everyone is having a good time.

Eventually Agnes and Angela return. Angela glares at Izzy and offers no apology but she does behave .....well for Angela anyway!

After the meal the young ones go on to the nightclub. Agnes a now drunk Angela and Eden's mother Rebecca decide to let the young ones go on without them. They get a taxi home. Izzy also decides to call it a night and heads back to her hotel.

The rest make their way to the club where the drinks continue to flow and they boogie the night away.

Eden arrives home a little after two and is sound asleep when her phone bleeps, slowly she wakes not sure at first what the noise is? Finally she focuses on her phone.... it's now five in the morning and the name flashing on the screen is Luke? What on earth can he be calling about this time in the morning? She sits up a little and opens her phone "Luke? what is it? You do know it's five in the morning... you've not been arrested have you?"

"NO! But Neal might be! I don't suppose Sarah is with you?" Luke sounds distraught.

"No? she went home? Luke.... what's going on?" Eden is now wide awake.

"Neal.....Neal calm down mate... it's OK? Look Eden I'm sorry I woke you I need to go.... " and the phone goes dead.

Eden stares at the phone wondering what if anything she should do .... what can she do.... what's going on? She lays back down her head swimming with a mix of drink and confusion. Soon the drink takes over and she falls back to sleep or passes out....whatever?


Meanwhile back with Luke and co.......

Jonathan has found Neal sobbing drunkenly at the end of a corridor.

"Dad, this is never going to be over! Forever we will be reminded of what happened to Sarah!!!" Neal slurs.

"Son, calm down! OK, things are still difficult but it will get better I have never seen a marriage stronger than yours" Jonathan is now stone cold sober.

Luke sits down on the floor too "I don't know what happened.... where that ....stuff come from? But I promise you I will find out and somehow we will stop it getting out.... I promise!"

Neal looks from his father to his cousin "Thanks for the nice thoughts but I don't think there is anything anyone can do.... I guess I could have a word with Jed? See if he can do anything about the DVDs but no one can help us forget it all!" he wipes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

"OK, maybe but the memories will fad.... one day" Jonathan squeezes his hand.

"No dad.... Sarah's pregnant.... every day we will be reminded of what happened and every day I will have to look at this..... child and I'll remember!" then looking distraught "what if I hate the child.... what if I can't stand having it around.... what will that do to Sarah? What will it do to our family?"

Jonathan and Luke exchange looks.... oh, BOY!

"But Sarah love's Ben... and he's not hers... what makes you think you won't love her child? Are you sure your not the father?" Luke asks.

"What does Sarah say about how you feel?" Jonathan asks.

"Sarah has a big beautiful heart... I don't! I don't know what she thinks... I've not told her.... and YOU can't tell her! It would destroy her and she has been through to much already!" Neal gets up from the floor staggering a little "Look, lets just forget it.... I need a whiz!


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