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The Priors... Episode Eighty Five... Happy Families?

Later that day Iver moves all his stuff back in.

They talk for hours about how best to tell Daisy that Rumi is her mother. But after talking in circles most of the night and a long  phone call to Luchia they are no closer to working out what to do!

Iver phones Jed to tell him he is back and that he has brought Daisy back with him, that she is staying with Luchia in London and that he is now back with Rumi! 

Jed tells him about JoElle and his father ....

"That's a bit of a hot potato with Rumi again now!" Iver tells Jed.

"So you told her that dad new the baby was alive?" Jed asks.

"Yeap! She called him a lot of very un-ladylike names!" Iver sighs.

"I'm guessing she would! I was hoping dad would tell her... now it's to late! So when can we meet up?" Jed wants to know.

"Well, I'm going to see Luchia and Daisy this afternoon so maybe tonight? You could bring JoElle and we could go out for dinner... oh, shit forgot about Marc! How about a take out?" Iver suggests.

"That sounds good I'll see if JoElle is free and get back to you!" and with that they hang up.

Iver turns to Rumi  "Jed and maybe JoElle are coming over later.... Chinese?"

Rumi nods her agreement "should I tell my sisters? About Daisy?"

"I don't know? I'm guessing you want to?" Iver smiles.

"I do!" Rumi hugs him.

"Then do it! Just make sure you make it clear that she knows nothing about any of you yet!" Iver advises.


 Later that afternoon Iver meets up with Luchia and Daisy at their hotel.

Spotting Iver entering the hotel Daisy runs to him "Iver, I missed you!" she hugs him tight.

Iver ruffles her hair and looks over at Luchia confused. Luchia shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head mouthing "Я понятия не имею?" ("I have no idea?")

Iver looks down at Daisy untangling her from him " あなたは問題がないですか? デイジー?" ("are you OK?... Daisy?")

Daisy nods and taking Iver's hand pulls him over to sit with Luchia " 私があなたたち2人が話しているのを聞いて養子にされたことを知っています... 私にはもう1人の母がいますか? 彼女はイングランド人ですか?" ("I heard you two talking I know I was adopted... I have another mother? She is English?")

Iver and Luchia exchange looks "OK! Ahmm、はいあなたにはもう1人の母がいますか? あなたはどのように気がつきましたか?" ("OK! Ahmm, yes you have another mother? How did you find out?")

Iver turns to Luchia "Вы говорили ей?" ("did you tell her?")

Luchia is still recovering from her surprise "НЕТ!" ("No!") 

"I can speel Russian and Englesh... I know what you say!" Daisy smiles pleased with herself. "Me brother, Takeo he teeech me!"

So she does not know everything Iver realises. "OK, and what do you what to do, the ball is in your court?"

"ボールのもの? どのようなボールのもの?" (" Ball's? What ball's?") Daisy look puzzled.

 "問題がなくて、恋人! どのようなIver手段あなたをすることであなたの母に会うことを望んでいますか? あなたは他の家族についてよりもっと知りたいですか?" ("It's OK, sweetheart! What Iver means is do you want to meet your mother? Do you want to know more about your other family?") Luchia asks her.

"Yes! I would like more!" Daisy requests.

"In Japanese or English?" Iver asks.

"Englesh! I need to speak in Englesh!" Daisy nods.

"When you mum met you dad, she was only fourteen and they had you! Your mum was so young and she was told you had died! It was not until yesterday that she learned the truth!..." Iver starts speaking slowly and clearly making sure Daisy understands what he is telling her.

"Dead? why think I dead?" Daisy asks.

"I think her father, your grandfather thought it was for the best? So anyway you went to live with Meko and Ryoji who brought you up as their own!" Iver is not sure what more to tell her?

"I born Japan? I mixed up?" Daisy looks puzzled.

"No, you was born in England. Meko and Ryoji they lived in England for a while but after you was born they returned to Japan."

"So who my mother?" Daisy wants to know.

"Her name is Rumi and she would love to meet you but only if you want?" Iver looks over at Luchia who smiles and nods.

"Do you want to meet your mother Daisy?" Luchia asks her in English.

Daisy looks from one to the other finally she speaks " My mother and my father ... they died car... but lady you call Rumi.... my other mother... yes, I would very much like this!"

"OK, I'll arrange it!" Iver nods.

"Now!" Daisy smiles... she has Rumi's smile and impatiences.

"Now? Yes, I'll phone her now!" Iver gets up taking  his phone from his pocket.

"No! See her NOW!" Daisy insists.

"I'm not sure we can do that darling?" Luchia looks concerned.

"I want to NOW!" Daisy insists doing her best teenage pout.

"I'll see?" Iver tells her walking away from them and across the foyer.

Rumi answers the phone on the third ring "Iver?"

"Hi, sweetie I'm with Daisy...." he starts

"Yes, I know that! What have you told her?"

"Not a lot... She thinks she was adopted I just said that you did not know until yesterday about her and you was fourteen when you had her... that's about it!"

"I see!" Rumi sits down on the sofa. 

"Rumi, she wants to meet you!"

"Great, when?" Rumi is smiling now.

Iver hesitates  "NOW?"

"Oh......Oh, boy? OK, but I have Marc to sort out?" Rumi's stomach is suddenly full of butterflies.

"Well, why not take the bull by the horns and we come to you?" Always a man of action!

"I...well... yes... OK? If your sure?" Now panic starts to really set in.

"We will see you soon then!" Iver closes his phone and heads back to Luchia and a bouncing Daisy. "OK, now is good!"

"YES!" Daisy punches the air. 

"Well, go and get your coat then, I'll wait here!" Iver tells her.

"Luchia? You come too?" Daisy asks.

Luchia looks at Iver he nods "I think it will be a good idea"

 Хорошо, я получу мое пальто также! ("OK, I'll get my coat as well!") and they both head of upstairs giving Iver the chance to phone Rumi back and to explain that Daisy thinks Takeo is her brother and knows nothing about his relationship with Rumi.

 While he waits for Daisy and Luchia to return he starts chatting to a young woman. When Daisy returns she in none to pleased! (Me thinks she is a little in loooove?)

When Iver spots them he excuses himself. Daisy has changed her clothes "I pretty?" She asks Iver giving him a twirl.

"Yes, you look very pretty!" Iver tells her as they head out into the street and Iver's car.


As they head to the home Rumi shares with Iver Daisy is bouncing around like a two year old.... or a teen after to many E numbers? She had fired questions at Iver all the way there and as much as Luchia tried to calm her down she was having none of it! Brought up in semi seclusion (her parents/ grandparents feared they would get found out if she mixed with the locals) then after their death Takeo had taken over and hired Luchia, again keeping her in the shadows but this time fearing for her life ....what with his doggy dealings. When Iver had befriended her she had been so excited that this English man would be interested in her she had never heard of a pedophile so had no reason to fear him. Luchia went potty when she found out but Iver had convinced her of his sincerity and honesty .....with the help of a DNA test.

So now Daisy was in ENGLAND with a new English 'mother' to meet and maybe a new family? Suddenly it dawns on her how monumental this all is and she goes very quite.

"Конфетка, в порядке Вы?" ("Sweetie, are you OK?") Luchia ask concerned.

"F..F...fine... I see my!" the fear tangible in her voice.

Iver pulls the car off the road "We can turn around if you want?"

"NO! NO! NO! we see mother!" Daisy's eyes fill with fear.

"OK! were here anyway!" Iver tells her getting out of the car and coming round to open her door.

Daisy looks around "WOW! Good home...yes?"

Iver grins "Yes!"

They head up to Rumi's apartment and it does not go un-noticed that Iver has a key. When they enter a little boy bursts forth from the direction of the living room "Daddy! Daddy back!"

Iver scoops the boy up into his arms and turns apologetically towards Daisy and Luchia "Sorry I should have told you... I live with Rumi.... and we have a son!"

"Yes, I think you should have!" Luchia looks cross.

"I have baby brother?" Daisy looks from the boy to the woman standing in the living room doorway "You my mother? You pretty!"

"Thank you.... Daisy... your very pretty too and you speak very good English!" Rumi can't seem to move.

"My brother... Takeo he tell me Englesh... he good brother!" Daisy tells her in all innocence.

Rumi blanches but nods "I...I...I'm sure!" 

"He dead now! So parents! You my family now!" Daisy looks around "You rich Englesh? My family they rich Japanese!"

"Well, not sure about rich but we are OK?" Then realising they are still all standing in the hallway "Where are my manors... please come through and sit down!"

It's an interesting afternoon with a mix of languages used but mostly English as it's many years since Takeo had taught Rumi a smattering of Japanese. Daisy is a little excitable but happy to meet her mother.

Firing questions at her which on the most part Rumi answers... a couple (Like who was Daisy's father) made Rumi uncomfortable but Luchia and Iver were there to fend of these questions.

Time passes quickly and before they know it it's evening and the buzzer goes. Iver looks at the clock "Jed! I forgot!"

"Jed? He my father?"Daisy asks.

Rumi almost chokes at the irony in this question "No, Jed is my twin brother.... he works with Iver!" Rumi explains.

Just then Jed enters the room heading straight for Daisy he hugs her and swings her around "こんにちは、らっぱを吹いて私があなたの叔父、Jedです" ("Hi, toots I'm your uncle Jed!")

"Well, say it like it is, why don't you!" Rumi grins.

Iver clears his throat behind them.

Jed turns putting Daisy down. "Long time no see! Oh, this is JoElle... sorry sweets got a little carried away!"

Luchia and Daisy stay for dinner and then Jed takes them home after dropping JoElle off.

Rumi is pleased to hear that Daisy wants to see her again and over the next couple of weeks Daisy and Rumi ... and Marc get to know each other.


Rumi takes Daisy to see where the new town is being built. Everything has stopped at the moment....

As it's to cold for the foundations to be completed.... 

So now all work has been stopped until the ice thaws out!!!!

"WOW! Rumi it's going to be so big!" Daisy looks around trying to imagine the space filled with homes and shop, etc....

 Daisy was over the moon to find out about her new aunties too....

 but even more excited to find out her Aunt Sarah was married to NEAL HAGE!!!!

 Although on meeting him the first time she was so shy she ran and sat with her mother totally tongue tied!

Then the day arrives Luchia needs to go back to Russia..... it's crunch time... Does Daisy go with Luchia or stay with Rumi?


Meanwhile the wedding of Luke and Eden is progressing well. The Manor house is booked for December 30th. Both the ceremony and reception are to be held in the same place Menu's are approved..The wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are ordered. Four bridesmaids Giselle, Akaine, Kandy and Lilith. Best man will be Neal... no surprises there! The wedding invitations are ready to go out... still need to sort out a cake? Florist has been contacted and Eden just needs to agree on what flowers she wants?

Luke thinks he knows where the honeymoon will be but he's telling no one! Neal has the stag night all in hand... it will be on the 16th two weeks before the wedding, Eden does not want her groom half way to Singapore on her wedding day! The hen night being organized by Kandy will be on the 16th too... 

Richard and a very pregnant Izzy have arrived from Miami

(any later and Izzy would not have been allowed to fly... even with a private airline)

Now Richard just needs to keep his ex wife Angela and his new wife Izzy apart as he just knows Angela will go into one when she sees a pregnant Izzy!

OK, so he's chicken and he should have told Angela months ago...

but hay what she don't know can't hurt HIM!!!!


Episode Eighty Six