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Episode Eighty Four... Iver's Return


Rumi had pretty much put her life on hold the last few months but now Sarah was starting to get better and Rumi no longer needed to be back an forth to the hospital she had some time for herself... and Marc. Not, if she was honest Rumi really wanted time to think as thinking = Iver! She wished she could forget about him but Marc was there as a constant reminder.... along with the ache in her heart. Not to say she regretted having Marc... not for a second! But she did regret letting Iver back into their lives only to have him hurt her again and Marc was just getting used to having a daddy.....and now he was gone?

She had tried asking Jed where Iver had gone but either he did not know or Iver had totally vanished? Rumi guessed that Jed had an idea what was going on with Iver but when she asked all he would say was that Iver was on 'sabbatical' what ever that meant? He had been gone almost six months now and even after Sarah's accident when Rumi had needed him so badly he had not returned? In the darkness of the many lonely nights as she had lain awake in their bed she had even wondered if he might be dead? But as light dawned she knew Jed would not have kept that from her.... so where the HELL was he? Even if he no longer loved her what about their son.... surely he still loved Marc and wanted to see him?


It was nice meeting up with Psyched (such an odd name for a person) Jed had not said anything but she guessed that Psyched was now Jed's new partner... again bringing into question ....where was Iver? His life was his job how could he give that up too? But then if he was on a sabbatical she guessed when he was ready he could at least go back to work.... maybe he was working but just somewhere else?

Rumi had to admit she quite liked Jed's new partner so very different to Iver... well, apart from the trained government assassin bit! But then she was used to all that now? Such a strange thing to think of as .... well, normal? After all that had happened over the last year or so what was 'normal'? But she did like Psyched and he had helped her in many ways.

At first he helped by just being a stranger she could talk to. Talk about Iver and their strange life together? About Sarah and Neal and all the STRANGENESS there! About Marc and how he missed his daddy! Psyched was such a good listener and he had the most beautiful eyes! Yes, she thinks she could easily full in love/lust with him... if there was no Iver! But then Iver was gone and who could say if he would ever come back.... she was only 29 and way to young to spend her life pining away for some guy that did not know when he was on to a good thing. Maybe she should make a move on Psyched... it could be fun... just see where things go?

Rumi had already been on a few shopping trips and brought a ton of new clothes. She had a bank account that Iver had set up and money was still being paid into it so maybe he was around somewhere... or maybe he had just not gotten around to stopping the payments? Anyway for now she had money... more money than she had ever had, and a nice place to live, no mortgage or rent to pay and if things changed then she would worry about it!

Oh, and she did have an appointment with JoElle (Jed's new squeeze) who was apparently a top stylist in some London hairdressers! That was one thing she did regret, getting drunk that night and cutting all her beautiful hair off! As revenge because Iver loved her hair so much.... she wouldn't mind but Iver was not even around to SEE it!!!! The joke was on her she guessed?

So that was her life as it stands......

Then....BANG! Walking through a busy shopping mall she stops at a coffee shop thinking she might go in for a quick coffee and what does she see.... Iver is back... but he is not alone. He's with a woman and a young girl, her daughter laughing at a guess and joking with them like he has not a care in the world.

Rumi catches her breath and a sob sticks in her throat. "Bastard!" she hisses to herself and goes to enter the coffee shop. But then she stops what can she say, what could she do? Well, tip a cup of coffee over his head... or that bitches head? But then they split six months ago she had been thinking about moving on so why shouldn't he? BECAUSE HE SAID HE LOVED HER THAT'S WHY!!!!! A voice screamed in her head!

So with tears running down her face she turns from the entrance pushing past the Christmas shoppers she rushes home to the sanctuary of her bedroom where she cries and cries until there are no tears left to shed. 

Then she realises the time and after washing her face she has just taken a few deep breaths when the door buzzer sounds... Kandy is back with Marc!

Rumi presses the door release button without thinking and putting on a smile opens the door to her apartment, but it's not Kandy with Marc.... it's Iver!

Rumi feels the world spin but taking a few gulps of air she steadies herself "I...Iver what a surprise!"

"Hi, Rumi...look can I come in?" Iver asks stepping forward a little.

"No? No, I don't think so? I don't see that we have anything to say?" Rumi starts to close the door.

But Iver guessed she would do this and is ready for her he already has his foot in the door and with one swift movement he pushes the door open and enters closing it behind him. 

"Rumi, we need to talk and this is not open for discussion!" Taking her arm firmly but with a sort of gentleness he guides her through to the living room.

Rumi does not fight him but goes with him without saying anything. Iver is surprised he thought she would put up more of a fight? He had gone over this in his head many times rehearsing what he would say and how she would react. The screaming the shouting the denial the refusal to listen... he even imagined the making up!!! In fact if he was honest it was the making up that had kept him going over the last couple of months but he had never expected the meekness? Rumi just sitting on the sofa expectantly.... He noted the redness around her eyes "You've been crying?" He states wanting to take her in his arms crush her to him and never let her go! The last few months had been so difficult with out her... and Marc. 

After what Jed had told him he had made a few phone calls and decided to go to Japan... if he could sort this out maybe Rumi could see how much he loved her and would take him back? But it had all taken a lot longer than he had thought? First he had to locate her, then let her get to trust him a little (and her guardian) (She was running low on family) but Takeo had arranged things so she would be well looked after. Iver had found it hard being on the wrong side of the law and was grateful for the Japanese lessons he had taken at school! Iver had always found languages easy he spoke not only English, Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese and Greek but a smattering of a few other languages too! So he had gone to Japan and now he was back..... with Daisy and her guardian in tow!

Not that Rumi knows that! All she knows is he is back and she saw him 'playing' around with some woman in a coffee shop. For all she knows he could have been back for ages... he could be shacked up with this woman? Heck he could be married to her for all Rumi knows! This last thought frightens the s**t out of her!!!! So does she tell him she saw him in town? With another woman? Then she realises that Iver is talking to her... what was he saying? He's been to Japan?.... well, Jed had told her that much! 

"Rumi? Rumi this is important, sit down you need to listen to me!" Iver can see her thoughts are elsewhere.

"What? It's OK, I know you've found someone else! Now please just GO!" She tries to get up but Iver holds her still taking her wrists and kneeling down in front of her! 

Rumi knows he is a lot stronger than her and it's useless trying to fight him so she concedes and sits back with cold eyes staring at him "OK, tell me what you want! But be quick, Kandy will be back soon with Marc and as you will not be staying around I don't want you upsetting him!"

At the mention of Marc Iver's mind is the one to wander "How is Marc... is he OK? Does he ask about me? I bet he must be getting so big now?" 

Rumi smiles now she has the upper hand "He's good and yes, sometimes he asks for you.... but not so much now!" She can't help but add.

"Ouch! That stings!" and he puts his hand over his heart.

The corners of her mouth twitches... he always knows how to get at her... what buttons to push! But she says nothing not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was getting through to her. But it was to late she didn't need to say anything he had noticed!

"Look, we can talk about 'us' later... but now I need to tell you about Japan!" he tells her loosening his grip on her wrists.

Rumi pulls her hands free and rubs at her wrists... his grip had been tight and he had hurt her (not that she would tell him that!)

"Sorry, did I hurt you?" Iver's voice is full of concern.

"No! I'm fine, now for gods sack spit it out... what do you want?"

"OK! First I do not have a new girlfriend...." Rumi goes to speak but he puts his finger on her lips. She does wonder if she could bite it but thinks better of it. 

"I went to Japan after I had found something out.... about Takeo... and his family" he starts.

"What..." Rumi starts to ask but can see Iver is struggling with what he is trying to tell her? If it's to do with Takeo she can see why he is finding things hard to tell her.... after all Takeo was her first lover at the tender age of just fourteen! He got her pregnant (but the baby had died) then years later it was Takeo with  Dania who had tried to kill Neal, Sarah and their children! Iver had shot and killed Takeo instead!!! There was a lot of history in that one name.

"I'm just going to tell you what happened and please Rumi... try not to say anything until I'm finished... this is going to be hard enough as it is!" he pleads.

Rumi nods.

"Thank you! I found out that the child you had... she had not died. She is very much alive...."

Rumi gasps her hand flying to her mouth, but she says nothing waiting to hear what else Iver has to say.

"Your father arranged with Takeo's parents, who went back to Japan for them to take the baby with them. She was brought up as their daughter and thinking Takeo was her big brother? Rumi the thing is she still thinks that!"

"But... I ... I...." Rumi shakes her head in disbelief thinking her father is a DEAD man! Just when they had started to re build their relationship too! This was all to much! (understatement of the year) 

"I found her, Takeo's parents died a few years ago in a car accident and Takeo had the sense to appoint a guardian for her... a Russian woman...."

"The woman in the coffee shop?" Rumi mumbles the penny dropping... but then that means the girl with them? Her daughter? Rumi gasps!

"What? You saw us in the coffee shop?" Iver looks stunned.

Just then as Rumi is about to answer the buzzer goes making them both jump.

"Oh, boy! That will be Kandy with Marc!" Stating the obvious!

"Can I see him?.... Please Rumi!" Iver asks standing up.

Rumi is shocked to see a tear in his eye?

"Well, we can't leave things as they are and I can't leave them on the step .... so I guess so!" and with that she presses the buzzer to let them into the front lobby. 

"Stay here!" She tells him and goes out into the hallway to great her sister and collect Marc from her.

Kandy is a little surprised to see Rumi in the hallway when the lift doors open "Rumi? is everything OK?"

"Yes! Fine! I.... I.... just thought I would run a bath and then you....I don't want to waste... I .... Oh, heck... Iver's back!"

"Oh! Are you OK?" Kandy's not sure how to react "Do you want me to take Marc? I could keep him over night if you what time to... talk?"

Rumi smiles "Thanks, but I said Iver could see him!"

"OK, if your sure?" Kandy steps back into the lift.

"I'm sure!" Rumi turns and carries Marc back into the flat.

Iver is standing just inside the front door "Sorry I got impatient!"

At Iver's voice a sleepy Marc perks up turning in his mothers arms towards to voice "DADDDDDY!!!!" he screeches.

"I was not even sure he would remember me?" As he talks he puts his arms out and takes Marc from Rumi. Iver holds Marc to him. Marc snuggles into his fathers chest as Iver carries him into the living room.

Sitting down Iver takes a proper look at his son, amazed at how much he has grown. 

"Tea?" Rumi asks thinking she needs to get away and straighten her head out.

Iver nods  "Please!" his voice thick with emotion.

As Rumi leaves the room she hears Marc say "Daddy wet?"

Glancing back she can see Marc touching Iver's wet face?

 So after tea and bathing Marc, Iver put him to bed... well tried! Marc screamed the place down and in the end Iver had to take him through to the bedroom he once shared with Rumi .... noting that she had redecorated and even brought a new bed?

Iver lay on the bed with Marc until the child fell asleep.

Laying on the bed... in the bedroom he had shared with Rumi was one of the hardest things he had ever done! Harder than anything he had en-counted in his job? (yes, spot the double innuendo)

After a while Rumi comes in and touches Iver on the shoulder feeling the electricity spark between them!

"Time for bed... Marc that is.. I didn't mean... I was not thinking..." Rumi gets flustered.

"Not 'us'! You trying to say!" Iver grins, that wicked sexy grin the one he keeps just for her! 

Rumi tries to not notice the way he is looking at her...with open lust in his eyes. She bends over and picks up the sleeping Marc and carries him through to his own bed hoping Iver did not notice in the semi dark the flush of her face?

She was hoping that Iver would follow her but turning she realises he is still laying on the bed. "Dame that man!" But Rumi has more on her mind than sex... she has a daughter... a FOURTEEN year old daughter?

"Iver I think it best we talk in the living room" she tells him.

"Well, you can't blame a guy for trying!" he gets up and follows her into the living room sitting down next to Rumi on the sofa.

"So what's she like? Where is she? I don't even know her name?" Rumi quizzes him.

Iver smiles "She's a lot like you! Gentle one minute and spitting fire the next!...."

Rumi interrupts " I'm not like that!" 

"No? think about it! She's staying at a hotel in London with Luchia... her guardian...." Iver starts again.

"London? So what was she doing in a coffee shop in Hertford with you and.... Luchia?" 

Now it was Iver's turn to look puzzled "Coffee shop? In Hertford? Oh, today! Luchia thought it would be a good idea to let Daisy familiarise herself with the area."

"Daisy? They called her Daisy? I was going to call her Daisy!" and now the tears start to flow.

Iver is uncertain what to do... does he try and comfort her and risk messing things up or sit and watch her cry and let Rumi think he no longer cares about her? He decides on the first option... even if she rebukes him at least he might get to cop a feel of her... even if only for a few seconds!

But she does not pull away from him she lets him hold her as she cries at first she is stiff in his arms but soon softens towards him drinking in his manly sent letting him hold her while her body shakes with sobs. After a while she is all cried out and taking the tissue offered she dries her eyes.

 She turns to Iver "I want to meet her!"

"Yes, that's the idea! But we need to take things slowly don't forget she thinks her grandparents were her parents and still thinks Takeo is her brother!"

"So, what are you going to do? What's your plan?" Rumi looks into his eyes.

"God your sexy!.... Sorry I never meant to say that out loud!... Sorry!" Iver is surprised at himself.

But Rumi giggles "You still think I'm sexy?"

"Hell, yes! even with the shorter hair!" Iver replies 

Rumi reaches up and touches her hair "Sorry, I know how much you loved my hair!"

"That's why you did it.... because I loved it!?!" Iver's looks confused.

"Is that a question? Yes, I got lashed one night and cut it! I have an appointment with JoElle next week to get it styled" Rumi looks away embarrassed.

"Who's JoElle?"

Now it's Rumi's turn to look confused "JoElle... Jed's girlfriend!"

"Jed has a girlfriend? I didn't know!" Iver looks surprised.

"Have you not been in contact with Jed while you have been away?" Rumi is shocked.

"No! I lost my phone just after I arrived in Japan and we only got back yesterday!" he shrugs his shoulders.

"So you never got any of Jed's messages? You've not spoken to him yet?"

"No? Why? What happened while I was away?" Iver looks worried now.

"Oh, not a lot.... Sarah came out of hospital a sex maniac she went after every guy... and girl she clapped eyes on! Neal could not cope and started seeing Kyori again, then he had a fight with Kyori came home found Sarah in bed with some guy... had a row with Sarah and she fell down the stairs! The police thought that Neal had pushed her and put him in prison! The bullet in Sarah's neck moved and the doctors removed it but when she came round she had no memory of the last six months! It was left to Jed and Psyched to..."

"Psyched? What's he got to do with it?" Iver had been sitting with open mouth until Psyched name came up.

"He works with Jed now.... no one knew when or even IF you would be back! Anyway they found a hidden camera and got Neal released. So now we have the old Sarah back and Neal is home!" Rumi finishes.

"Oh! I see... I think? and how's little Ben and Dawn?" (Remember Iver helped Neal find Ben and his birth mother) 

"Ben and Dawn are wonderful both doing very well... Ben is almost as big as Dawn now! Oh, his mother Overdosed and died and her parents tried to get Ben, but I think they were more interested in money? Anyway Marco chased them off!  Oh, yes and my father's back in our lives! Jed persuaded us to give him a chance and until you said he knew about Daisy things were going well! I think that's it?" Rumi pulses for breath.

"WOW! that's quite a lot! You went through all this without me... I'm soooo sorry Rumi!" Iver is genuinely contrite.

"It's OK, Psyched was a rock!... As was Jed and Kandy... and my dad!" she ad's hastily seeing Iver's thunder face.

"Psyched! Always sticking it where he's not wanted!" he frowns.

"I gather you don't like him?" Rumi is curious now... what's not to like?

"No! he's not top of my Christmas card list!" Iver looks away and Rumi can feel his body tense up next to her. She puts her hand on his arm and notes his slight jump? What on earth had happened between these two to make Iver react like this?

Iver senses Rumi's change in attitude towards him and feels he is at that now or never stage... should he just go for it?

Hell, yes!

So he wraps her in his arms and kisses her at first gently and then when she does not pull away with more passion.


Then with one swift movement he picks her up in his arms and carries her through to the bedroom!


  Rumi wakes the next morning a smile on her face she stretches out her arm expecting to find Iver asleep next to her she remembers with joy their night of passion and is stunned to find her bed empty? Was it all a dream? What about the baby?... well not a baby now, her fourteen year old daughter Daisy? Another dream? No, surly life can't be that awful?

Rumi jumps out of bed the tell tale signs of a romantic evening evident around the room... so had he done a runner?

Putting on her dressing gown and some panties she opens her bedroom door to be greeted by the smell of bacon frying and the sounds of Iver singing.... yes SINGING along to the radio?

Entering the kitchen she is greeted by Iver frying bacon.... naked! (well, apart from one of her aprons) While an almost naked Marc runs around spilling juice as he goes!

"Ahmm? what are you two up to  may I ask?" she says in her best stern voice.

Marc stops mid flow a guilty look on his face. He knows mummy has very strict rules about running in the kitchen... and with juice! Oh, and will he be in trouble for not having any clothes on? But then daddy has no clothes on either.... not even his shorts!!!!!

Iver just looks up and grins winking at her "Sit down I won't be a sec... coffee is ready!"

Rumi does as she is told pouring coffee into a cup then turning to Marc she scoops him up and kisses him all over blowing raspberry's on his belly.

"You can do that to me later if you want?" Iver remarks "but maybe a little lower down?"

"Iver!" Rumi feigns shock "Whatever do you mean... and in front of our son too!"

Iver brings over the eggs and bacon putting a plate down in front of Rumi. 

"Thanks... are you going to put your naked butt on my chair?" Rumi asks.

"Well, I was planing too?" Iver is halfway sitting when he stops looking down at the chair "I guess it might be a little chilly?" so he turns his piny around and sits down "That's better!"

"Ooow! Yuck!  please make sure you put that in the wash before you go!" she tells him while her mind thinks 'thank god he cooked bacon and not sausages!'

"Go? your throwing me out?" Iver's face goes all serious.

"Dada stay! Dada stay!" Marc begins to cry.

Iver scoops Marc up into his arms "It's OK, son.... if daddy has to go he will come back every day and visit!"

"Is that what you want?" Rumi looks upset.

"NO! I want you and our son... and one day Daisy too! I thought... the way you talked... that you wanted me gone?" 

"I've had a long time to think while you was away and I don't want to mess around any more I want us to be a family... a proper family though.... one where I meet your family too!" she gives him a half smile not sure of his response?

Iver grins from ear to ear "You bet!" he stands still holding Marc and pulls Rumi to him.

"Hay, hay... Marc squished!" Marc giggles.


Episode Eighty Five


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