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The Priors... Episode Eighty Three... Oops!

Sarah quickly comes around from her faint and reassures her sisters she is fine. But they feel guilty for telling her everything... maybe they did go to far telling her about Kyori? Anyway they insist on staying until Neal comes home and telling him what had happened.

When they round off with the Kyori details Neal blanches and looks a little sick. Then Kandy tells him about Sarah's faint and this really does send him into a whirl!

All this time Sarah had just sat quietly watching Neal's reaction to each detail as it's revealed, but when Kandy finally tells Neal about her fainting Sarah interrupts "It was nothing... your all just making a fuss!"

"No?... no-ones making a fuss but you can't just go fainting all over the place!" Neal tells her.

"It was ONE faint and my sisters had just told me about YOU and Kyori.... AND you wanting to divorce me!"  Sarah glares at him.

Neal holds up his hand "OK, OK, that was in the past. I've not seen Kyori since that night...  and I never will again! I never wanted to get a divorce, I was just at a loss what to do?"

Sarah takes his hand "It's OK, I know all that... I love you and I know you love me! I think I need to come to terms with what happened to me... to us and then we can try to move on!"

"How very wise you are Mrs Hage!" Neal smiles and hugs her.

Sarah kisses him and then they hear a noise behind them, with all that was going on they had forgotten that Kandy and Rumi were still there. 

"Ahmm, I think it's time for us to go!" Rumi tells them picking up her bag and shoving Kandy out of the door.

"Oh, yes... time to go! Bye, see you soon!" Kandy calls from the hallway.

Then before either Sarah or Neal can answer the front door bangs shut.

The couple exchanges looks and burst out laughing they laugh and laugh until nether can catch their breath tears rolling down their faces all the pent up emotion of the past six months... no longer.... since the miscarriage soooooooo long ago now. Other than a brief interlude after the birth of Dawn life had been so.... stressful for so very, very long!

Eventually they calm down and go up to bed and .......cuddle, Neal still has 'issues' down bellow!

The following day Neal brings Sarah coffee in bed but Sarah takes one whiff and rushes to the bathroom to throw up, putting the coffee down Neal follows her "Sarah? are you OK?"

Once she has finished Sarah turns to Neal "it must have been a doggy Chinese?" then with a hollow laugh "at least I can't be pregnant.... nowhere for a baby to live!" and she pats her abdomen.

Neal goes a funny grey colour he can't think of anything worse, but Sarah had to have a hysterectomy after the shooting so they know it's not possible. 

"I think we should call a doctor anyway.... just in case it's something to do with you surgery?" Neal tells her helping Sarah up from the floor and back to bed.

"Neal, you are making way to much of this.... phone Rumi and Kandy, I bet their ill too! I'm telling you it was the food!" Sarah pleads.

Neal phones them but both are fine so he phones their GP who tells him to phone the hospital and if they say it's nothing to do with her existing problems to phone him back and he will come right out.

Neal does as instructed and is told to bring Sarah straight in to the hospital. Neal feels sick with fear but turns to Sarah a false smile on his face and mustering his best acting skills "they reckon it's nothing but want you to pop in!"

Sarah takes a deep breath "OK, I'll get dressed and we can go now!"



At the hospital they sit in the waiting room holding hands and after about twenty minutes a nurse comes out "Mrs Hage, the doctor will see you now" 

Sarah gets up and turns to Neal "Will you come with me?" her voice is quite and a little squeaky.

Neal jumps up "Of course I will!"

Entering the doctors office they sit down and the doctor finishes reading Sarah's notes. It's not a doctor they have ever seen before.

"You've had quite a time of it Mrs Hage, so can you tell me how are things now?" he asks

"Well, my husband is making a fuss! Last night I fainted and this morning I was sick!" I told him it was a doggy Chinese!" Sarah laughs.

"OK, so lets check you out, can you lay down on the bed, please!" the doctor tells her.

The doctor give Sarah a quick examination checking her abdomen, her heart, her pulse and her neck wound. Then he gives her a little pot to pee in. "Why? do you think I have a bladder infection?" Sarah asks.

"I just want to rule everything out, then we can put it down to a tummy bug and I'll give you some antibiotics!" the doctor tells her.

Sarah dutifully goes with the nurse and pees as instructed handing the warm pot back to the nurse.

Neal is back in the waiting room and Sarah joins him.

"The doc said to wait here while they do a couple of tests, you might need a blood test too?"  he pulls a face... he's not into needles.

"Great! Just what I need!" Sarah grimaces. 

After about fifteen minutes the nurse re-appears and calls them back into the doctors office.

They both sit back down and can see a puzzled and uncomfortable look on the doctors face. This time the nurse does not leave but stands a little behind the doctor. 

"Well, as you know your anatomy is a little .... how can I say this, a little unusual!" the doctor looks down at her papers and starts to shuffle through them.

"Yes! So? Get on with it woman! What's wrong with Sarah?" Neal can feel a mix of fear and anger rising

"Mr Hage, Mrs Hage there is no easy way to say this..... your pregnant!" the doctor looks from one to the other.

"NOOOOOOOO! No I can't be.... this can't be happening!" Sarah sobs.

"Are you sure? Sarah had a hysterectomy? How?" then looking from a sobbing Sarah and back to the doctor "you must be wrong... surely when Sarah came in after she feel down the stairs... it would have shown up then?"

"No, not necessarily! You see when Mrs Hage was admitted she was not pregnant as such. In layman's terms she had ovulated and the sperm were present ...they had just not met up!" the doctor tries to explain.

Sarah just sobs some more but Neal's head although spinning as he tries to understand what the doctor is telling him "But HOW? Sarah had a hysterectomy?"

"Mrs Hage had TWO wombs.... only one was removed! Was this not explained to you?"  the doctor asks looking from one to the other.

"No, not to me? Sarah?" Neal looks at Sarah

Wiping her eyes she turns to Neal her body still shacking with sobs "N-n-no ..... I don't think so? God, I just don't remember!"

Neal gets up and kneels down in front of her " It doesn't matter... none of it matters! Were strong we can get through this!" Then gently cupping her face in his hands "Hay were going to have a baby! This time it will be fine! I always wanted a TON of kids... so now we are on number three, a little soon but so long as the doc says your body can cope .... it will be fine!" Neal is lying his head off, there is no way he wants to watch his wife carry another man's child but what can he do?

They both look over at the doctor who is a little surprised by Neal's reaction. "Well, you will need to see your gynecologist but I don't see why you should not carry to full term.... if that's what you want?"

"What does that mean?" Neal asks.

"Well, I know the circumstances ahmm... well Mrs Hage..." the doctor trails off.

"Yes? You mean my wife's sex issues!" Neal looks him in the eye.

"Yes, yes that's what I mean!" the doctor is relived that Neal said it so he did not have too!

"That's over now, the baby will be ours!" Neal tells him with just a hint of doubt in his voice.

Then he gets up holding his hand out towards Sarah who accepts it and rises too. "So if there is nothing more? .... I'll take my wife home!" Neal tells the doctor.

"No, you just need to contact your GP's surgery and they will sort out appointments etc. You might find it helps to talk to someone as well!" the doctor tells them as he makes notes in Sarah's file.

"Talk? To who? About what?" Neal asked puzzled.

"Well, you have both been  through so much it might help to talk to a psychotherapist or someone?" the doctor looks up at them.

"Thanks, we will think about it!" Sarah tells him and turns to Neal "Come on I need to go!"


Back in the car they sit in silence for a while, Sarah finally speaks up "Neal, do you want me to have an abortion?"

"An abortion? Hell NO!" he looks at her shocked.

"But this baby... you do understand that it might not be yours don't you?" Sarah takes his hand.

" You love Ben, right?" he asks.

"Yes, of course I do!" Sarah is surprised he should ask.

"And I will love this baby... our baby... just like Dawn and Ben are ours!" Neal puts his hand on her stomach.

Sarah sighs "OK, but can you do me a favour.... can we keep this to ourselves... just for now?"

"Sure, if you want? But Sarah there is a chance the baby IS mine you do know that don't you!" Neal asks her.

"I guess?" but Sarah does not sound to sure.


Episode Eighty Four


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