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The Priors... Episode Eighty Two... Home Coming

Sarah is ready to be realised from hospital, Neal is there to collect her.

"Neal, where on earth did you find these clothes from.... don't get me wrong they are very nice and I can see they are designer , but well I would have been much happier in my old clothes! There really was no reason to go out and buy me new clothes just to go home in!" Sarah is a little puzzled.

"I... ahmm well I thought something new would be nice! Are they not your.... style then?" Neal thinks than god she thinks I just brought them, they were about the least racy items Rumi could find in Sarah's wardrobe! 

After two hours waiting around the doctor finally arrives to sign her out. The doctor issues some medications then at last it's time to go home.

Once home Sarah goes through to the living room where Kandy is playing with Dawn and Ben.

Neal by the way has negotiated a deal with the maternal grandparents and Ben is now all theirs... once the paper work is signed!!!


After a while Sarah feels tiered and Neal helps her to their room.

"So what's with the bed change?" Sarah inquires.

This question Neal was ready for "Well, the old one was getting a bit past it and I found it uncomfortable so thought it would be a good time for a change!"

"and the change of bedding?" Sarah sits on the bed arching her eyebrow questioningly.

"Well, it was the bedding that was on it... so I thought it would be OK? .... I can change it if you want, but I threw out all the old stuff!"Neal hesitate not wanting to tell her the police still had the bedding and he could not sleep in a bed she had been with other men in!

But Sarah excepts his explanation and after changing into her nightwear is soon asleep. Her dream filled sleep has her waking with a start! Her dreams were very vivid! She blushes at her fading memories.

Just then Neal enters and seeing her blushed face asks her if she is OK?

Sarah fidgets uncomfortably in the bed "I just had the strangest dreams.... sort of like memories?"

"Oh!" is all Neal can say feeling a little uneasy.

"Oh? What does 'oh' mean? Neal look at me.... what happened to me?... In that in-between time? Why does everyone look funny when I ask?"

"Nothing! It's all over now... we can look forward and get on with our lives... the past is the past!" Neal sits on the bed kissing her and holding her like he will never let her go. Sarah soon falls back to sleep in  his arms. Neal lays with her watching her breath, he finds the gentle rise and fall of her chest hypnotic.

He does intend on telling Sarah what happened to her but how? How do you tell a woman like Sarah.... a women with morals, principles... that she has spent the last few months whoring her way around every guy... and a few girls she came across? That her favourite place to hang out was called 'The Orgy'? That the night she fell down the stairs he had found her in bed with a stranger? And come to that how was he going to tell her he was going to divorce her and that he had been sleeping with Kyori? Boy, that was going to be a fun conversation!!!!


A few days later Sarah decides she is well enough to get dressed and go for a walk. Pampering is lovely but enough is enough! Going to her wardrobe and opening the door it's like looking at some sort of Tarts 'R' Us she can find none of her own clothes just these..... tiny scraps?Slightly panicked and wondering where her clothes are and to hum this... 'attire' belongs?

"Neal? Neal where are you?" she calls from the doorway.

Neal comes out of the kitchen and looks up at her as he drinks a cup of coffee "What's up?"

"Where are my clothes? Who's clothes are in my wardrobe?" Sarah asks him a puzzled look on her face

"shit!" he mumbles to himself. He had never even thought about her clothes! Rumi had sorted out her coming home clothes and Sarah had been in her nightwear ever since. Putting down his coffee cup he comes upstairs all the time trying to think what he is going to say?

"OK, see....a....well...." Neal just can't find the right words.

"Neal? What's going on? Where are my clothes?" Sarah quizzes him.

OK, so when you can home after the shooting you was a little more.... racy! Yes, racy and you sort of changed the way you dressed a little!" Neal sits on the bed looking at the floor.

"But..." Sarah pulls an outfit from her wardrobe "this is so tiny it would almost fit Dawn?" she holds it up to herself and looks in the mirror "Did I go out in this?"

"Ahmm...I guess so?" Neal continues looking anywhere but at Sarah.

"and this?" she pulls another item from her wardrobe.

Neal nods "Look if your not happy with your clothes why don't we go shopping.... buy you a whole new wardrobe.... but can you keep the boots?"

"But what happened to my clothes?" Sarah asks again

"Sarah these are your clothes.... your old clothes .... you threw them all away!" Neal tells her. "Now come on we can find something and then we can go into town.... Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Dior, Vivianne Westwood whoever! Just you and me... a nice lunch, whatever you want?"

"I...I don't know? I guess.... but no Vivianne Westward!" then she smiles "Yes, that would be nice!"

An hour later Sarah is almost ready"I don't know what's been going on but I can't even find a coat?"

"Your old walking coat is still in the hall cupboard... will that do?" Neal asks.

"Well, I guess it will have to!" Sarah shrugs her shoulders.

Then she is ready and the set off for London and a days shopping.

Neal is careful and watches Sarah for fatigue but she is fine and they have a wonderful day out together.

Lunch in Harrods

and afternoon tea at The Ritz!  

 In the evening they arrive home happy and giggling like a couple of newly weds loaded down with bags.

Molly tells them the children are fed, bathed and she has just put them to bed Akaine had helped her! Akaine asks if Molly can have some time off so they can go out for a few hours and Neal is happy to oblige giving Molly a £50 note and telling the girls to go have a good time.

Molly tries to refuse the money but Neal is having none of it. Akaine's kisses her brother and tells Molly not to be so boring... the girls giggle and go to Molly's room to collect her bag and they head out for the evening.

Once Neal has taken all of Sarah's new clothes upstairs to their bedroom he leaves her to put them all away

while he goes back downstairs to go through his e.mails and make a few phone calls.

When Neal finally goes upstairs he half expects Sarah to be asleep after her busy day but on entering their room he finds it empty?

Going back into the hallway he spots her standing at the door to the nursery. 

Joining her they look in at the two sleeping children. Neal puts his arms around Sarah's waist and she leans back into him then turning she kisses him.

At first Neal returns her kisses but then suddenly he remembers the last time she had kissed him like this..... when Sarah was sleeping around and his passion dies. Sarah pressed up against him feels him softening against her and steps back a puzzled look on her face "Neal? What's the matter?"

"I'm sorry Sarah.... I don't know? I guess I don't want to tire you out... it's been a busy day.... maybe we should take things slowly?" Neal turns away from her not understanding himself so how can he explain it to Sarah?

"Oh? OK?" she turns from him blushing and embarrassed shocked that Neal would not want her?


Over the next few weeks as Sarah gets stronger and they start to get their lives back together things begin to resemble a sort of normality.

Sarah does start to remember a little though. They would be driving down the road and she would get a picture in her head the pictures always involved sex....and different men?


A couple of times Sarah tries to talk to Neal about it but he would go all funny on her and change the subject. In the end she gives up and phones Rumi and Kandy summoning them to her home when she knows Neal will be out. Kandy and Rumi arrive together looking uneasy and guessing what Sarah what's to talk about.

At first they refuse to answer questions telling her to ask Neal but in the  end they cave in and tell her all!

How when she first came out of hospital she wanted Neal morning noon and night.... then she started to wander.... picking guys up in clubs and pubs! How she did not want anything to do with Dawn or Ben she just wanted...needed... sex! As her sisters tell her all Sarah gets redder and redder how much more could she take?

"Well, that's about it!" Kandy finishes looking at Rumi. 

"No! No, it's it?" Sarah wipes away a tear "How could Neal put up with all this?" she looks from Kandy to Rumi "There is more isn't there? I.... god! OK, tell me all of it... I need to know!"

Rumi sighs "OK, if your sure?"

"I'm sure...I think?" Sarah laughs... a hollow laugh. She can see why Neal had trouble telling her, he must be so ashamed of her?

"Neal was desperate....we...we said he should have you locked up... " Rumi starts

"For your own safety" Kandy adds

"But he would not do that... he said you was his wife and he loved you! I think even then he was still in denial? Anyway he found a club.... very private and he took you there..." Rumi continues

Sarah interrupts puzzled "Neal TOOK me to a club?"

"Yes, but not any old club it was called 'The Orgy'!" Kandy tells her.

(WARNING Adult content in THE ORGY LINK)

Sarah gasps her hand flies to her mouth "Oh, my god! I remember it!!! Oh, my god!"


Her sisters start to laugh... it was so nice to have the old shock-able Sarah back!

"What? What are you laughing at, your telling me I cheated on my husband... that I tried my best to destroy my marriage.... and this is funny???" Sarah looks from Kandy to Rumi but laughter is infectious and soon all three sisters are giggling away as they used to do!

"OK! So is this it... you've told me everything... right?" Sarah asks when she has regained her composure.

"Well, apart from the night you fell down the stairs....  you know you had a big row and you fell down the stairs...Neal found you in bed with some guy and threw the guy out... that's why the police arrested Neal for trying to kill you!" Rumi tells her all of a rush!

"yes....and? Tell me the rest ....I can see there's more!" Sarah looks from one sister to the other any remaining mirth now gone from her face.

"Well, I guess it was not helped when the police looked into the evening and....and Kyori turned up with a black eye from an argument with Neal!" Kandy tells her.

"Kyori? What does Kyori have to do with it?" Sarah looks at her sisters and they can see the fear in her eyes.

Kandy and Rumi exchange looks, Kandy nods and Rumi continues "Neal was going to leave you, he couldn't take any more... he had been seeing Kyori!"

The colour drains from Sarah's face but she says nothing.

"Sarah? Sarah are you OK?" Kandy asks jumping up and catching Sarah as she passes out!

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