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The Priors... Episode Eighty One... Freedom

The following day Jed has returned from we know not where?

Having spent some time chatting with Sarah he is even more convinced of Neal's innocence and wants to see if he can find anything the police might have missed in the house.

Jed phones Psyched and later that morning they meet at Neal and Sarah's home.

The police had concentrated on the landing and hallway plus stripping down the bed for evidence. But Jed and Psyched decide to search the bedroom again and after about forty minutes  find a hidden camera. 

It does not take them long to trace the feed and find the receiver. Jed is furious that the police had not found the camera.... but it WAS very well hidden and the receiver was in another part of the house entirely!

They remove the disk from the receiver and after collecting Jed's laptop from his car Jed and Psyched sit down in the living room and start to go through the recordings. 

After only a few minutes Jed can take no more and goes to make some tea. Bringing up a cup of tea for Psyched Jed asks if he has found anything that could help Neal?

"Well, he could make a good porn star but then so could your sister!" Seeing the look on Jed's face "Sorry mate, there's quite a lot of footage of your sister with other men but I think this is what you need.... It proves Neal did not push Sarah." Psyched tells Jed showing the last bit of footage he had viewed. 

It shows the view from the bed but you can just see what is happening in the hallway as Neal puts out a hand to try and grab Sarah as they argue and she steps backwards near the top of the stairs. They see Sarah pull back away from his helping hand and full backwards down the stairs as Neal lunges forward and tries to save her!

"Under the circumstances I think it best I phone the local plod don't you?" Psyched tells Jed who nods his agreement!

Soon after two police men arrive and remove the camera and recording devise.

Early that evening Marco receives a call from the police and rushes to the prison to collect Neal.

Neal phones Agnes as a car speeds him to the hospital to see Sarah. He asks his mother to bring the children to the hospital and she explains that both children are with Sarah and her father at the hospital already.

At the hospital Marco drops Neal off, Neal rushes to Sarah's room and is confronted by her family.

Neal thanks Jed for getting him off and then takes Sarah in his arms holding her like he will never let her go! Then he hears a little voice "Dada, Dada!"

Dawn is kicking against her grandfather trying to get at Neal and laughing Neal takes her in his arm nuzzling her hair and breathing in her delicious baby smell. All in the room are now crying... even Jed can feel the emotion.

After a while Steven, Jed and Rumi take their leave. They take Dawn and Ben with them and while Ben is asleep you can hear Dawn's screams at being removed from her daddy until the lift doors close. 

Then Neal and Sarah are left alone. "Do you want to go home and get some rest? I can see you in the morning" Sarah asks Neal hoping he will say no.

"No, I want to stay with you.... your OK? Not to tired?" Neal asks a little concerned.

Sarah gives him a huge beaming smile " I'm OK now I have you back"

She shifts over on her bed and pats beside her Neal comes and lies next to her holding each other and cuddling up close they both eventually full asleep!

 A nurse comes in to check on Sarah but leaves when she sees them asleep together!


Meanwhile around the world the e.mails are flying back and forth not about Neal as his release is only known by a few but.....


From Angela copy to Luke and to Eden.....


Things are going swimmingly here in London. Wedding preparations are under way. Eden darling I need your fathers bank details ...we need to start reserving things! If you want the best you need to pay for it! Cathedrals do not come cheap and the best people are booked up years in advance. We are pushing it with the caterers even for 2016!

Love Mother



From Eden to Luke.....

Luke you know how much I love you but this HAS GOT TO STOP! Your mother is the devil in couture!!!!! My father is NOT bankrolling this! £100,000 for a WEDDING???? You can buy a house for this! Your mother wants us to marry in a CATHEDRAL???? Over my (your) dead body! What's this about getting married in 2016? I like the idea of a winter wedding but to wait THREE years?  Is she barking? You don't need to answer that!

You need to talk to her....NOW!

Love you cuddle bunny



From Luke to Eden.....


Chill, I'll sort it! Miss you so much! Just reading your emails I'm getting dirty thoughts! OK, going for a cold shower now,

Love you



From Luke to Angela....

Mother, you need to tone this down a bit Eden is getting a little jittery. Don't you think £100,000 for a wedding is just a little OTT?

Thank you so much for all you are doing for us I know you will make our wedding perfect but maybe we could go for say a church and not a cathedral? 




From Angela to Luke.....


you have no idea about women! Of course Eden wants a Cathedral. She is just saying this because it's what she thinks would make you happy? Anyway I'm off to see  the dean of St Pauls this afternoon




From Angela to Eden....


don't be such a silly goose! Getting cold feet already? Good job your having a long engagement. I know how marrying up must be hard for you but I will help you with your table etiquette etc! Please don't worry....


PS. I still need your father's bank details.... maybe he should open a wedding funds account a start up of say £30,000 should be fine


From Eden to Angela...... (still in drafts)


You are Luke's mother and as such this allows you certain leverage but DO NOT INSULT ME AGAIN! 

Neither Luke nor I want a huge wedding, just friends and family... a happy day for us all and one within my father's budget (with some help from Luke and I).

Oh, and another thing..... you never even included my sister in your line up for bridesmaids?



From Eden to Angela.... (still in drafts)


Please feel free to poke it where to sun don't shine!



From Eden to Luke.....


Sort your mother out!!!!! If she does not pull her neck in there will be no wedding! Do you understand me?

Oh, and just as an incentive I will tell you this  NO NOOKY UNTIL THE WEDDING!!!!



This galvanizes Luke into action... he phones Eden,

"Eden... Babe, I'll phone mum in a minute! What do you mean no nooky?" Luke's voice goes up a notch.

"Luke I mean what I say.... no sex until our wedding night! And there will be no wedding night with your mother around!!!!" Eden tries not to laugh at Luke's pained voice, she puts her mobile phone on speaker.

"I...wa...." Luke stutters

"Exactly! Lots of cold showers and girly mags in the bathroom until our wedding night!" Eden can't help but grin and is glad that this is not SKYPE.

Luke is quite for a couple of second his brain processing this information " But if I'm on a no sex ban then so are you... you won't last!" Luke finally retorts.

"Darling you are missing the point.... I WANT TO MARRY THIS CHRISTMAS NOT 2016 I can last until then! Can YOU???" As she informs him of this she absent mindedly taps 'sex toys' into the search engine on her laptop.

"I'll phone mum now... Christmas wedding... church.... family and friends .....your sister as bridesmaid .... children, do you want children?...." Luke burbles.

This time is Eden stunned into silence "ch...children?" she finally stutters.

"At our wedding.... children....yes or no?" Luke asks in all innocence.

Big sigh "Yes, I want our family and friends to bring their kids... lots of kids! All munching on e.numbers It will drive your mother mad!"

Luke roars with laughter  "It will at that!"

Eden can't help but join in with his infectious laughter, maybe this no sex idea was not such a good one after all but it's said now and she can't go back on it.... Anyway it's only three months? She clicks 'buy' on her laptop!

Once Luke has hung up from Eden he phones his mother

"Hello, Angela here who is this?" his mother answers the phone in her best phone voice.

"Mum, we need to talk!" Luke starts

"Darling, how are you? It's so nice to hear your voice! You really should phone your mother more! Now the dean was so charming he's penciled us in for  January 9th 2016.... It's a Saturday!" Angela rambles on.

"Mother STOP! Stop it NOW! Small wedding, just friends and family maximum 150, Hanbury Manor if they can do it?

THIS winter not 2016. Eden knows who she wants to make her wedding dress! Bridesmaids Lilith, Kandy and Giselle! There will be children at our wedding.... if that suits you fine! If you can work with this fine! If not that's still fine we can find another wedding planner!"

"Oh! OK, well at least you have made your minds up at last... Good! I can work with this! Now run along mummy has work to do!" and Angela puts the phone down a huge grin on her face!

Eden will do her son nicely... no folding under pressure, men are week her son needs a strong women behind him.... she fires off another e.mail

From Angela to Eden....

My Darling Eden,

Welcome to the family.... you passed with flying colours! You WILL have the wedding of your dreams... I promise you,




 Eden opens her email from Angela a look of incredulity on her face.... then she smiles "The witch!"


Meanwhile back at the hospital the next day Agnes arrives with Jonathan to visit with Sarah! Neal is there naturally and he soon senses that something is not right with Agnes she is jumpy and  out of sorts. Taking her to one side he asks what's the matter?

At first his mother ties to pretend all is fine but in the end she caves in and tells him about her visit from social services and about Turleen and Harris Roberts.... Ben's grandparents. Neal is shocked and upset he calls Marco immediately who reassures him all is in hand.

On returning to Sarah's room she instantly picks up on Neal's body language

"What's going on?" Sarah asks Neal who looks  away. "Neal, your frightening me.... what's the matter?"

Neal sighs "Ben's maternal grandparents have appeared they are trying to get Ben...." Sarah gasps and Neal goes to her holding her hand "Marco is handling it.... they don't stand a chance... Ben is going nowhere!"