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The Priors...Episode Seventy Three... Richard and Izzy

Richard is waiting at the airport and is over joyed to see Luke and Eden.

"Luke, over here son!" He calls out to them as they exit customs.

The two men embrace and then Richard turns to Eden kissing her on the check. He holds out his hand to take her bag and as she smiles and hands it over he notices her ring.


Eyebrow raised he turns to Luke "Ring?"


"Yeap!" Luke grins back at him as Eden giggles.

"You two are such chatter boxes!" she looks from one to the other.

"Yeap!" they both say in unison grin at each other and head towards the car.

Once settled in the car Eden enquires as to the whereabouts of Izzy.

"Oh, she's fussing around at home... she's so excited at you both visiting us" Richard shakes his head and both men say together "women?"

Eden look from Luke to Richard and then back to Luke a bemused expression on her face, Angela had said Luke was his fathers son... normally adding 'unfortunately' and now Eden could see what she meant! Eden hoped Angela was wrong in her other comment....the one about Izzy loosing out on Luke and going for Richard as a consolation prize? Eden really, really hopes Angela was, well just being Angela.....otherwise this was going to be one uncomfortable visit she thinks as she looks down at the sparkling ring on her finger. She twists it round and round thinking back to last night.... well sort of last night when they last slept anyway as they had flown through the night.

Eden suppresses a yawn then notices Richard has caught her in his rear view mirror.

"I guess you didn't get much sleep on the plane?" he observes.

Luke grins "not a lot the night before either!"

Richard chuckles "Please!!! I'm to old for all that!"

Then he turns off the express way and heads towards the beach turning onto Collins Avenue. Eden has never been to this part of Miami .... North Miami Beach. It was all so beautiful! Her sister Lilith had spent her Honeymoon here and said she had the best time! Mind you it was her Honeymoon and at the best of times Lilith and Marco were at it like Rabbits and she could just imagine the two on Honeymoon! On the other hand... YUCK! Maybe she did not want to go there? Her mind needed a change of subject Eden looked at Luke, so handsome she loved every inch of him (and she meant EVERY inch of him)

As if he can feel her eyes on him he turns to look at her "OK?"

Eden smiles and nods "I'm fine, just thinking how beautiful it all is!"

Just then Richard turns into a drive-way pulling up outside a beautiful one story house.

"Were home!" Richard tells them.

They all alight from the car as the front door opens and Izzy stands there waiting to great them.

"Bloody hell Izzy... your up the duff!" Luke splutters.


"LUKE!!!!" Eden is a little shocked herself but Luke was just rude!

Richard rushes to Izzy's side and putting his arm around her gives her a hug and kisses her gently but with passion. "Yes, ten points for observation we are having a baby!"

Luke tries to smile mentally calculating... well trying to calculate.... OK, dads had a vasectomy and I slept with Izzy.... shit when was it? Almost a year ago...few! It's not his!!!! OK, so who's the daddy????

By now they are in the lounge and sitting down "Luke, are you OK?" Eden whispers to him.

", I'm fine!" he stutters.

Richard takes in Luke's discomfort "The baby is mine.... your going to have a little brother or sister!"

"OK, so you had the vasectomy reversed ....when?" Luke enquirers

"Luke!" Eden hits him hard on the leg. 

"Ouch!"  Luke rubs his leg.

Just then Izzy enters carrying a tray of drinks. "Have I missed anything? So how are you both?"

"Luke was just asking if I'm the father of your baby!" Richard smiles taking the tray from Izzy.

"Oh, I see.... well let me think? So it could be the butcher the baker or maybe it's the candle stick makers?.... Nope! Sorry it definitely Richard's!"  Izzy picks up a drink from the tray and hands it to Eden.

Noticing Eden's ring Izzy's eyes widen "Oh, were not the only ones with a surprise I see? Congratulations!"

Luke takes Eden's hand "Thank you Izzy, sorry I didn't mean to put a damper on things!"

Richard smiles and pulls Izzy onto his lap "It's OK, we understand! It was a shock.... I guess I should have told you but Izzy wanted to tell you!"

It's easy to see how much both couples are in love and they slip into an easy silences while absorbing each others news!

Soon the gentle whirl of the air-conditioning starts to hum Eden to sleep. Izzy notices her nodding off, she nudges Richard and nods towards Eden and the yawning Luke. 


"I think we should show you to your room... let you get some rest!" Richard tells them as Izzy gets up so he can too. 

"Thanks, dad...we are a little tired!" Luke also stands taking Eden's hand a pulling her up.

Izzy and Richard show them into a pretty bedroom telling them to rest as long as they like and they will see them later.

Just as Izzy closes the door she remembers "Oh, sorry about the bedside lamps!"

Luke looks but can see no lamps "What lamps?"

"Exactly! Blasted store let me down! They promised they would be here today, but....!" Izzy shrugs and closes the door.

Once the door closes behind her Eden turns to Luke as he sits  down on the bed "You thought the baby was yours?"

"NO!!! Not at all... never entered my head!" Luke avoids Eden's eyes.

Eden smiles "Your a rotten liar!" With that she removes her clothes and lays down on the bed... soon they are both fast asleep!


Back downstairs Izzy starts to prepare lunch "Do you think I should make anything for Luke and Eden for lunch?"


"Nope! Let them rest, they had a long flight" Richard grabs Izzy around the waist "I can think of a few things we could do while their resting though!"

Izzy giggles "So can I!" she takes his hand and turns heading for their bedroom. 

Richard pulls her back "what's wrong with here?" he grins 

"Richard! Your son is in the guest room... what if he or Eden come out?" Izzy grins

"Well, I don't think that's likely but I get your drift....the bedroom is good!" Giggling like a couple of school kids they quickly make their way to the master suite to make love. 


 It's not until that evening that Luke and Eden re-appear joining Richard and Izzy for dinner.

"WOW! Izzy I had forgotten what a good cook you are!" Luke tells Izzy polishing of the last morsel on his plate.


Izzy smiles taking Luke's plate and heading for the sink "I'm sure Eden cooks you lovely meals all the time?"

Luke sprays beer as he gafores at Izzy's comment. "Eden can't cook!"

Eden turns giving Luke daggers "That's all you know Mr Smarty Pants I happen to be a very good cook! It's just that you insist on living  in a dame hotel!"

"You can cook? I love you more and more each day! My sweet Eden!" Luke makes to grab Eden by the waist.

"Get lost, creep!" Eden twists out of his grip and heads for the kitchen area.

Richard and Izzy exchange looks both grinning from ear to ear. As Izzy follows Eden into the kitchen Richard turns to Luke "You have a feisty one there are you sure you know what your getting into?"

"Yes, dad! I'm sure...and Eden is not my mother... she's nothing like my mother!" Luke grins.

"OK, son it's your life I'm sure you know what your doing!" Richard gets up from the table and starts to carry out the rest of the dishes. Just then Eden and Izzy re-appear. Taking the dishes from Richard Izzy tells him to go reconnect with his son. Richard does not need telling twice and goes to join Luke who has gone to sit on the patio.

While the men chat and catch up Izzy stacks the dishwasher and Eden washes the things that can't go in the dishwasher. At first their chat is stinted but soon they find they have quite a few things in common. From a liking of dark chocolate and strawberries to Twilight films... Eden is Team Jacob while Izzy is Team Edward the girls bicker and giggle about who is the better hunk?

Once the kitchen is clean and tidy they make coffee and take it out onto the patio. The four chat happily late into the night. Then Izzy starts to feel a little discomfort and they decide it's time to retire for the night. 


 Over the next couple of weeks Richard and Luke get to know each other again. Eden is surprised at how well she gets on with Izzy, what with her being Luke's ex plus Angela's comments still ringing in Eden's ears. But Angela was wrong about Izzy, it was obvious Richard and Izzy are VERY much in love.

While the girls shop....


Bal Harbour 

the guys play golf.....

On another day they all picnic in the park.  On yet another day they go to South Beach for the day.

 South Beach

Plus, a few evenings out to dinner and a club. But most of the time they just relax by the pool.

Oh, and more shopping....

Adventura Mall

Luke keeps in touch with Neal and will often go off on his own to phone Neal sometimes chatting with him for over an hour at a time. He reports to the others that things are becoming increasingly difficult for Neal and Neal is not sure how much more he can take? They agree it must be awful for him and all secretly are glad they are not in his shoes.

All to soon it's time for Luke and Eden to return home... back to their 'real' life, back to modelling, back to being apart, back to Luke's MOTHER!!!!

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