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The Priors...Episode Seventy Two...Luke and Eden

Eden is staying with Luke in his hotel room before they set off to the US to see Luke's father and his new wife Izzy.

They have not seen each other for a couples of weeks with their work taking them to the opposite ends of the world. Although they have been keeping in touch vie web-cam.

After renewing their 'acquaintance' they shower and dress for dinner.

"I just want to phone Neal before we go out...then I'm all yours" Luke tells Eden as he watches her dress.

"OK, give him my love.... hope Sarah is doing all right?" Eden heads for the bathroom to finish her hair (better lighting)

"Humph! Depends on who she's been screwing I guess? Poor Neal, I feel so sorry for him! Dania Zarr really did a number on him... !" Luke picks up his phone and starts to scroll through for Neal's number.

"It's not much fun for anyone I guess?... Well, apart from the guys Sarah goes with!" Eden calls from the bathroom giggling.

"Girls too" Luke calls back as he presses the 'call' button.

In the bathroom Eden drops her brush into the sink with a clatter and turns back to the bedroom.

Standing in the doorway she looks at him in bewilderment  "What did you say?"

But Luke just holds up his hand a grin on his face knowing Eden would be shocked! "Hi, Neal how's things?"

Neal talks for a bit and Luke nods (even though Neal can't see him) "Shit man... she did? .......You did WHAT?...... ..Did you enjoy it?....... And the kids?....... good!......Yes...... Oh, Eden sends her love..... will do.....see you when we get back then!...Bye!" and he shuts his phone off.

Getting up and putting his arms around Eden "Now I'm all yours" he kisses her "sure you want to go out? We could order room service!"

Eden smiles and playfully pushes him away "I fancy a Chinese and room service don't do Chinese so we will go out! And what did you mean about Sarah?..... Luke stop that... what did you mean?" 

Luke stops nibbling her ear "Neal took Sarah to a Orgy club and she got it on with some women!"

Eden sits down hard on the bed "He....WHAT???"

"Yep! Got it into his head it was a good idea? Dozy git! Mind you he did go with her and they had a threesome!" Luke grins at the threesome idea.

"Well, don't get any ideas... sound like he's had a bump on the head too... what possessed him... YUCK!" By now they have reached the lift and Eden presses the button calling the lift.


It comes quickly and they get in, two elderly ladies are all ready in the lift .

"So! Your not up for a threesome tonight then? Apparently this  club is very exclusive and they have orgy's every night!" Luke grins.

"Bastard!" Eden mumbles pinching him hard.

"Save the S&M for later baby?" Luke turns and winks at the two ladies as the lift doors open onto the foyer.

They all get out and Eden turns a little towards the older ladies, she wonders if she should apologise for what Luke said but the ladies smile at her "Enjoy your evening my dear, I wouldn't want to share him if he was mine either!" one tells her while the other adds "If you do get bored with him send him our way..." the women link arms and laughing walk of towards to reception desk

leaving Luke and Eden standing in the middle of the foyer open mouthed.

Once they recover they both burst out laughing and head out into the night heading for their favourite Chinese restaurant.

Having eaten way to much they make their way back to the hotel stopping to look in a jewellers window along the way

"see anything that floats your boat?" Luke asks holding Eden around the waist and giving her a little squeeze.

"Humm...... I love the ruby solitaire... and that square cut diamond!" Eden points to the rings she's looking at.

"Come on then... try them on!" Luke pulls her towards the door.

"Are they still open? it's almost 9 o'clock!" Eden hesitates.

"Yeah, look I can see a guy in the back, this is London babe they stay open pretty late!" Luke taps on the door and the man buzzes them in.

Eden tries on about twenty rings finally settling on the first one! Luke and the store owner exchange a knowing look while Eden wiggles her fingers the light bouncing of the stones and making rainbows! Removing it she hands it over to be placed in a little box then wrapped. While Luke takes out his Platinum Amex card and pays!

"It's a lot of money, are you sure it's not to much?" Eden whispers to him.

"To late now my sweet!" Luke kisses the tip of her nose and picks up the little package and his card. "Anyway if you divide it over say.... the next 50 years that your going to be wearing it it works out at only... £200 a year! *Apparently a guy should spend about a months wage on the ring.... so it's not far off!"

"Oh! We never really talk about money do we? I ... well, we both earn good money now but it won't always be that way will it?" Eden stops, making Luke who was slightly behind her almost knock her over.

Luke tightens his grip around her waist and turns Eden so she is looking at him, "I guess there won't be so much work when your running around doing the barefoot and pregnant bit... but I'm hoping I have a good few years yet.... with your beauty and my....well rugged good looks and brains I'm sure we will be fine! Now come on I need to get you back to that hotel room and ravage you!" Luke ends with a grin.

Eden smiles, he wants a family....then she frowns, HE will be the one working....and HIS brain? She has a brain too! Is that all he sees in her? A pretty face and a women to have his children?

"Luke? that..." she starts to ask as they enter the hotel and head for the lift.

Luke was teasing her but looking into her eyes he can see she was hurt by his silly comments. So dropping to one knee he fishes in his pocket for the ring. "Eden, the love of my life... the woman who has stood by me, loved me, helped me, gone along with some of my dafter ideas, put up with my family....hell, you even put up with my mother.... your not only beautiful and funny but the smartest woman I have ever known! Will you accept this ring as a small token of how much I love, worship and adore you.... will you marry me?"

Eden just stands there looking down at him totally gob smacked .... not at the proposal or the ring, after all she had already said yes! But she thought she would ... well, just put the ring on and that would be it? Not this.... this very public display.... Luke, well this was not the sort of thing she expected from him? Looking down at him she could see the sincerity in his eyes... he meant every word he had just said...

"Eden I need an answer, all these people are looking" Luke whispers.

"YES! YES! YES! ... will that do?" Eden giggles holding out her had as Luke slips the ring on her finger.

"Thank god for that!" and he stands back up as the whole foyer erupts into spontaneous applauses. People come over to congratulate them and cameras flash, it takes them almost twenty minutes to reach the lift and make their way back to Luke's room!

As soon as the enter they see the champagne and flowers, Luke picks up the note with the champagne he reads it out to Eden "Congratulations to you both, Martin Booth...hotel manager!"

Eden has opened the card attached to the flowers " Hope you will both have a wonderful life together, Edith and Grace ...then in brackets it says (Ladies in the lift)!"

They look at each other and burst out laughing....

Later much, much later Luke looks at Eden "I'm guessing our engagement is no longer a secret, do you think I should call my mother?...she's gonna go ape shit, I just know it!"

Eden snuggles into Luke's broad chest "In the morning.... but I can think of better things to do for now!"

Luke grins "You have a point!"


 Early the following morning they are awoken by the shrill ring of the hotel phone, Luke grones having had maybe just a tad to much Champagne "Hello?"

"What the HEELLLL are you playing at boy? You tell the PAPERS before your own mother!!!!!" Angela shrieks down the phone line.

" mother!" he looks over a Eden pulling a face.

She mumbles and tries to bury her head under a pillow.

"LUKE! are you there?" Angela is still awaiting a response.

"What are you talking about mother?" Luke asks all innocence.

"YOU, you and Eden getting engaged without telling me!" Angela is insensate.

"Oh, that! Well we only brought the ring last night... w was going to phone you today!"

"Well, it's in all the papers!" Angela is still fuming

"I'm sorry mum...we wanted to tell you ourselves but I guess the papers musta gotten hold of the story somehow?" Luke looks at Eden for help.

Eden takes the phone from Luke  and with a deep breath smiles "Good morning Mrs Thompson, we are sooooo sorry about this! Luke wanted to phone you last night... we so wanted you to be the very first person we told... but it was late and we did not wish to wake you!"


"I see.... but the papers...?" Angela starts to say.

"Yes, I know we are both soooo upset I have no idea how they found out!" Eden tells Angela in her best posh voice.

"Well, my son proposing in the middle of a hotel foyer did it I guess!" Angela hisses, this is a woman not easily appeased!

Eden can hold it together no longer and starts to giggle "If..if...if it helps I've not told my family either yet!" she hiccups!

Luke takes the phone from Eden mouthing "Thanks!"

"Look, mother I'm...we are sorry if this has upset you but it's done now... just be happy for us! Can you do that?" Luke asks.

"NO! No I can't! This is awful! AND you said you would stay single for a long time and then the next day your getting married?"

"I never said that mother, YOU said that...not me!" Luke is starting to become annoyed.

"Well, I guess you had both better come over later today so we can talk this through.... maybe we can salvage something from this mess!" Angela instructs.

"What mess? Mother are you barking? Anyway, we are flying out to the States later today!" Luke looks at the phone a puzzled expression on his face.

"Oh, IIIIIII seeeeeeee!"

"What do you see, mother?" Luke looks over at Eden and shakes his head.

"Your going to visit your father ...aren't you? AND that...that TROLLOPE! Was hoping to escape... wanted to tell them FIRST!" Angela is crying now.

"No! Mother please don't cry, you have it all wrong!" Luke lets out a big sigh "Look we will see you when we get back... we would love it if you could help with the wedding plans, and stuff!" Luke tries to console his mother then sees the look of horror on Eden's face he realises what he has just said.

"Ammm mum gotta go! Bye, love you!" and he puts the phone down before Angela can say any more.

"Are you NUTS! your mother in charge of our wedding?????" Eden sits down hard on the edge of the bed her head in her hands!


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