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The Priors... Episode Seventy One...Harry and Giselle


Harry or Hrithik as his parents named him and Giselle have been living in France for the last couple of years now they are hoping to move to England as Giselle wants to be closer to her family. As a Bollywood actor Harry spends a lot of his time in India and LA while Giselle is taking a break from her chosen career as a model and feels lonely without her family around her.

Their son Abhay was born last year with Downs Syndrome and he is another reason Giselle wants to return to England. The French doctors are wonderful and Giselle has a reasonable mastering of the French language but it's still her second language and sometime all the medical jargon gets away from her. 

So now they are packing up and getting ready to 'go home'.

"Harry, will you talk to me! I'm getting royally pissed off with all this!" Giselle stomps around tossing things into different boxes... some to be shipped to England others to OXFAM."Do, you want this?" she asks holding up a silver trophy already tossing it in the OXFAM box.

Harry looks up from sorting papers "Apparently not, and when I have something to say to you I will!"

"Oh, this is ridiculous... it's been TWO MONTHS!" Giselle throws a jug into a box with such force it brakes.

"BRAVO! why not just throw it at my head!" Harry mutters.

"I'll throw my fist at your head if I thought it would make a difference!" and then expectedly Giselle bursts into tears.

Harry stops sorting papers and looks at Giselle with some alarm, Giselle was not into the tears thing? The only times he can remember her crying was..... well, when he asked her to marry him.... when that little line went blue on the pregnancy test thing...... when  the doctors told them they had a Downs baby (she cried A LOT then) .....when he told her her brother had been shot (she cried a lot then too) and .... well that was about it? OK, so he had been a little 'off' with her since discovering her part in the mess that had been her brothers resent life. It was a shock to find she had dabbled in drugs and even more of a shock that she felt it was unimportant? Oh, in his business he saw all this every day and Giselle was a model they mixed in the same circles, he just thought she valued herself more? But now she was crying and he had made her cry...

Going to her he kneels down in front of her "Giselle, please baby... please don't cry. I can't deal with this crying thing!"

"Well, as it's not you doing the crying what's  the problem?" she sobs.

"I mean I can't do you crying! Look I'm pissed with you and I need some time! Drug taking was a big thing... getting mixed up with that Zarr woman was a big thing! You take drugs and then our son is born with Downs..." he trails off.

Giselle's head shoots up anger flares in her eyes "you think my drug taking gave Abhay DOWNS???"

" might have?" Harry is on the defensive.

"Your an IDIOT! How the HELL can taking drugs...THREE years ago I might add give our son Downs? So this is what you have been brooding over for the last couple of months?" Giselle's voice goes up in pitch. 

"OK, so when you put it like that? But..." Harry knows he is in the wrong on this one, if he thinks about it he can see he is being ridiculous but he just wanted to blame someone... something... and they had never really talked about it?

"THERE ARE NO BUTS!!!!!! END OFF!"  Giselle gets up and storms out in a fury slamming the door as she goes.

A few minutes later the nanny returns with Abhay.

Giselle meets them in the hallway and takes him from her she holds him close her eyes red from crying.

"Iz everry thing OK, Mizzes Roshan?" Madeline enquires seeing Giselle's red rimmed eyes.

"It's fine, thank you! I'm just a little... tired!" Giselle kisses Abhay and hands him back to Madeline who taking him heads to the kitchen to prepare his lunch.

Taking a deep breath Giselle calls after her "Stick the kettle on Madeline!" then turning she returns to the study and the grand clear-out wondering if she had a box big enough for her husband and would OXFAM take him? She guesses not... the only person who wanted him was her... and his mother.... and well, the millions of fans...OK, so maybe he was wanted!

"So, you ass-hole have you repented?"  she asks him.

"Ahmm... look you just need to understand in my culture... with my upbringing... it's just that??? ...."he shrugs defeated. Why is it Giselle does drugs... breaks the law even but HE is the one made to feel in the wrong?

"Because your a MAN... get over it!" Giselle replies. 

"How?" Harry is stunned.

"I'm your wife fool! I can read your mind!... well most of the time!" Giselle mutters.

Harry thinks about it.... OK, give up his wife is an enigma! "I'm sorry, I'm a fool... I should have talked to you and not bottled it all up, but with the shooting and Neal is struggling with Sarah and I know you are worried... and returning to England and..."

Giselle smiles to herself and turns to Harry putting her arms around his neck "OK, we both got things wrong! I'm sorry I messed up, I should have told you about it.... but to say I harmed our son?"

"NO! I did not mean that ... I ... OK, maybe I just needed to blame someone, something and this was the easy option!" Harry is just so mixed up.

Look we will be back in England in a couple of days, I have an appointment to see Dr Peters next week... come with me ask him!" Giselle snuggles up to Harry...he has been so distant from her since their return, she knew he had been upset by the revelations at the hospital but did not realise how much this had messed with his head.

She kisses him and they start to get amorous knocking a lamp onto the floor. "Keep this up and we won't need to pack!" Harry remakes.

Just then Madeline knocks on the door "Iz OK? Tee iz made!" she calls out.

"F..f...fine, thanks!" Giselle giggles "We will be with you in a minute Harry just knocked a lamp over..bad boy!"

"Meeee??? Why Mrs Roshan! I think you need you behind smacked for telling such lies!" Harry admonishes her in a whisper.

"Oh, yes, please... can you hold that thought!" Giselle nibbles his ear and getting up leaves the room wiggling her butt as she goes!


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