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The Priors...Episode Sixty Nine...Iver and Rumi

 This was the first time Iver had seen Rumi since he returned from visiting his parents. She looked so tired and he was sure she had lost weight? Jed had filled him in on what had been going on and how difficult things had become with Sarah. Iver knew how much Rumi loved her sisters he wished Rumi had let him help her... let him be there for her.... But she had shut him out... just as she always did he thought with a sigh.

They sat at opposite ends of the sofa the couple of feet between them might just as well have been The Grand Canyon! Iver knew their relationship was dead in the water, torpedoed by the secrets they had both kept from each other. Rumi was gone from him and he had no idea how he would ever get her back, if he could ever get her back even?

Heck what was a girl to do? Iver looked hot but then she could see he was thinking the same of her! She had dressed carefully... looking good, but not soooo good he would think he could jump her bones! Not sure she could handle that? OK, deep breath "You lied to me! Not little white lies but about Jed? He's your best freind and you never said a word? You work together, you've known him for YEARS!..... So what did he tell you?" Rumi screeches at him.

Still hoping to somehow get away with all this Iver looks Rumi straight in the eye "About what?"He tried his best to make his voice sound neutral...innocent.


"Oh, pleeeease! About the night my father sent us away!" Still Rumi can't bring herself to say what happened that night!

She's trying to put all the blame on him? The red mist descends..."Oh, about that night! You mean what your father saw... or thought he saw? What YOU did? Why he sent you both away..... Or the BABY!!!! Yes, I know about the baby!" Iver is loosing the plot he is seething with anger never meaning for it all to come out like this! But what was said was said and there was no taking it back. He had waited nearly three years for Rumi to open up to him and she never had. How was this all HIS fault????

Rumi gasps all colour draining from her face for a second Iver thinks Rumi will pass out in shock but he sees her physicaly shake herself!

She feels numb... for him to just say it like that, to make it sound so sordid! OK, maybe it was a little sordid? But still he had no right to just come out with it like that!

Iver tries to re gain his composure "Rumi, please.... OK, I'm sorry it's all my fault! Now can we just kiss and make up?" Iver pleads wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Rumi is insensed she has never felt so angry in her life... well apart from with her father (mental shake)  not going to think about him. So instead SWAKE! Iver reels back holding his jaw he moves it from side to side "That's some left hook you have there! So what did I say?"


Rumi just stares at him, she can't believe she just did that? She can't believe he has no idea what he just said? The man is an idiot...a total looser! What the hell had she seen in him? With a big sigh she begins "OK, you want it all? I was fourteen Jed, his freind and I got ahold of some booze and a little weed. Jed threw up then passed out, Takeo helped me take Jed's soiled clothing off we left him on his side on the floor in case he was sick again. Then we smoked some more, we felt so grown up and well... one thing lead to another and we made love!...."

"Rumi please,I know all this you don't need to tell me.... I do know how painful it all was!" Iver holds up his hand. All this time he had wanted her to tell him but now that she was he felt so uncomfortable hearing this sorry tale. Especially the bit about Takeo Oh, he knew it was Takeo that had taken her virginity but now she was saying the words.... he did not want to know!

"Well, tuff titty! I'm going to tell you anyway! We shagged .... Takeo had used a condom but I think it had been in his wallet a couple of years split! I passed out on the bed! At some time Jed must have come round and he got into the bed .... then he passed out again! I'm not sure what happened to Takeo? The next thing I remember my father is in the room yelling god knows what! Jed and I tried to explain but he just lost it! He thought we had ... well, you know what he thought!" By now the tears are running down Rumi's face.

Iver tries to take her hand but Rumi pulls back from him. "Just don't touch me Iver! I need to finish... you know I have never told anyone about that night... not even my sisters! So now I will finish! As you know Jed was sent to boarding school and I was sent to a convent school well, until they found out I was pregnant! Then father arranged with the nuns for me to go to another place... a sort of home! The baby went full term but she died! A few weeks later I ran away! I lived on the streets Iver...." Rumi looks him in the eye knowing what she was saying was hurting him, she could see he loved her but STILL she could not forgive him? Why could she not forgive him? "I did what I had to do... I sold drugs... I sold my body, I did what I had to do! Then I met Dania Zarr she gave me a job... at least I was no longer on the streets and I had food to eat a bed... not always alone, but then that's how you met me! So you know that!" Rumi gets up and fiddles with the lamp, adjusts an ornament anything so she does not have to look at Iver.


The silence is deafening eventually she turns and jumps as Iver had silently got up and was standing just behind her!


"So, where do we go now? Can we start again? Is there any chance for us?....Rumi please...I love you and I know you love me. We both made mistakes .... we should have been more open.... Rumi?" Iver looks into her eyes ... he can see she is in turmoil. Is there a chance he could talk her round.

"Yes, I love you and I know you love me!...But... it's not enough. I need something you can't give me..." Rumi feels so sad but she is resigned to it all being over.

"I don't get it? Why can't we get past this?  You know I had to keep things from's my job!" Iver shakes his head he just can't understand.

"That's just it! You could not tell me because your work came first.... and Marc and me... we come second!..." Rumi shrugs "It has to be that way... I get it, but I can't live with it!"

"So your saying it's my job or you and Marc?" Iver's stomach does a flip he has lived for his job for so long... but he loves Rumi and his son... now she wants him to choose... how can he? It takes all of three seconds

"OK, I'll leave the job! I'll move to another department anything! I just want YOU!" Iver implores.

"No! No, you wont! We both need time to think about things... get our heads straight! Look you can see Marc whenever you like I wont stop you!..... But I don't want to see you!" Rumi straightens up  bringing herself to her full hight.

"Well, how do we do that? Marc's a little young too send out to the car on his own? He can't even reach the lift buttons let alone know what floor?" Iver attempts a little humour although he is about as far as he can be from feeling humorous!

"No, that's true!" the muscles at the side of Rumi's mouth give an involuntary upwards tweak. "But I have thought this through.... I asked Jed and he said he would be happy...well not happy, he thinks I'm nuts! But anyway he will be our intermediary! You tell him when you want to see Marc and he will hand him over then you send him home vie Jed!"

Iver just stands looking at Rumi 'has she gone stark raving mad??? Does she hate the sight of him? No that's not it more if she sees him she thinks she might cave in?'

"Why? Don't think you could resist me?" Iver can't help but smile.

Rumi looks away 'dame that man! He always knows her thinking!' "No! That's not it at all.... I just don't think we have any more  to say to each other! Now I think you should leave! Oh, and I've had a word with Neal he said when his mother finds a place Marc and I can have the cottage.... so you can have your flat back!"

"There is no need for that, this is your home.... Marc's home... I want you to stay!" Iver is taken by surprise.

"OK, I'll think about it but I want all the camera's taken out! I don't want you spying on me!" Rumi says thoughtfully.

Iver had not even thought about the cameras but that would have been a good way of keeping an eye on Rumi "OK, I'll get someone round in the morning!" he gives in.

By now they are standing at the front door "Goodbye Iver!" Rumi chokes back the tears.

"No, chance of some break up sex then?" Iver enquires

Rumi smiles "No! No chance!" and she shuts the door on him. Turning she makes her way to their bedroom picking up a T.shirt (Iver's) she lays on her bed and cries herself to sleep!


Iver sites in his car wondering what the hell just happened? At the beginning of the night he had fully expected he would be back with Rumi? Oh, a bit of a argument... then some make up sex and life would go back to normal? So now what? He starts his engine..... Jed's place vie the off-licence and get absolutely rat assed! Oh, and a little questioning as to why Jed did not worn him what Rumi was plaining?

At Jed's place Jed is waiting for him. Jed knew Iver would come to his place... after all where else could he go? His parents? They live miles away.

On opening the door Jed holds up his had "OK, I should have told you but Rumi asked me not to... after all we have been through I want to stay out of this!"

"But you agreed to run Marc backwards and forwards? Does that not make you involved?" Iver retorts.

"Well...yes, but it was that or you would not see Marc! Rumi is one stubborn woman!" Jed shrugs and flomps down on the sofa.

Iver goes over to the fridge opening the door to put in his beers and sees the fridge is already well stocked! 

"Help yourself... I knew you was coming!" Jed laughs!

Iver flips the ring pull on the tin and throws himself down on the sofa with Jed. Jed puts on a blue movie "The guys in the office confiscated these last week... there very good!"

Iver groans "I've just split with the hottest woman on the planet and you want me to watch PORN? Your one sick puppy!"

Jed grins "Yep! Oh, and I have another sister that's hot to trot... if you need one?" (Sarah)

Iver looks a Jed in amazement "that is sooooo sick!"

Jed clinks beer cans with Iver "Yep!" and they both roar with laughter "Oh, and just a note of warning...if you did try it on with Sarah and I'll blow ya balls off... capisci?"

After the DVD the guys play cards.... still knocking the tins back!

A few hours later they are totally rat assed. "ya,snow the one fing I an't toll yash... abut Rumi... me sishta .........Takeo...." Jed starts

Iver holds up his hand "No! No... don't... shesh gone!"

"Gotta, tell ya....mate.... baby...shesh...not dead!" then Jed falls asleep!

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