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The Priors...Episode Sixty Eight...Hard Times

 This Episode may contain a story line and scenes that some viewers might find unsettling!

Life settles into a strange pattern. With Sarah's constant demands and temper tantrum's plus her jaunts into town to pick up men.... and unsuitable clothing.




Sometimes the men know who she is and Neal receives the odd photo of Sarah in some compromising position  or other and pays the guys off! He can't work as he is unable to leave Sarah and only a VERY large donation to a red top newspapers favourite charity has kept all this out of the press!







OK, that's a bit much in the marital bed!

(Oops looks like Sarah's fallen over... hope the nice man helps her up!)

Sarah's family help out when they can and it's been suggested that maybe Neal should have Sarah locked up for her own safety...... Neal turned the air blue at that idea!

Molly and the children spend a lot of time at the cottage with Agnes and even Akaine is starting to take an interest in her nephew and niece! Talking of Akaine she is slowly starting to unwind and feel happy! It's a long time since she has been with her family and not waiting to be shipped off to some school or other!

She's talked at length with both Agnes and Kandy about a career but as yet she still has no idea what she wants to do? Kandy has asked her boss if there are any openings within the Fashion company she works for and with Akaine's rather famous family .....she will start next week as Kandy's assistant. If she likes the work it's been agreed she will start at a London Fashion College in September! Akaine is also enjoying helping her mother look for a home not far from Neal, Jonathan should be returning soon and both Agnes and Akaine has been missing him greatly.

Neal has  been chatting a lot with his father... and Luke by phone but it's difficult making them understand how hard things have become with Sarah! Both men find it a little amusing.... OK, Luke finds it VERY amusing and as he's only seen Sarah once since she came out of hospital he decides to visit on return from his latest photo shoot in Sweden. Eden is due home next week and then they are jetting of to see Richard (Luke's father) and Izzy.

So as always Luke rocks up at Neal's place uninvited just as Sarah whizzes of in her little convertible. Luke knocks on the front door and is jumped on by a very pleased to see him Akaine. Stepping into the hallway he can hear raised voices coming from the living room. 

"I don't care what you say... Sarah is my wife..."

"But she treats you like dirt, you need to stand up to her more... you can't go on like this?"

"I know but I just don't know what more I can do? Just leave it mother...please....just leave it!"

Luke enters and clears his throat "Hi folks, what cooking?"

"Sarah's head if I had my way!" Agnes retorts getting up to  kiss Luke on the cheek "Hows things? Come to help me sort out my idiot son?" she asks Luke. 

"Mother...for gods sake..." Neal sighs but smiles at his cousin "It's so good to see you.... but I'm not sure it's a good idea for you to stay over?"

Luke looks a little put out "OK?...."

"It's not you darling it's Sarah... she'll try and get you into bed as soon as she sees you!"  Agnes tells him strait faced. 

Luke looks from Agnes to Neal nether are smiling "Your joking...right?"

Neal frowns "No, she's not joking! I did tell you things are bad, but it's not Sarah's fault!" Neal shoots his mother a look.

"Oh! So where was Sarah of to just now, I saw her leave as I arrived!"Luke flomps down in a chair.

Neal and Agnes exchange looks "Well, I'm going to find Molly we are going shopping with the children so you will have plenty of time to 'chat' I'm guessing Sarah won't be back any time soon...come on Akaine!" 

Neal and Luke are both silent as Agnes leaves the room, finally Neal turns to Luke "Drink?"

"Tea will be fine....and do you have any cake, I'm starving!" Luke grins.


"Tea? you sure, I have beer or a very nice Whiskey if you want... and mum backed muffins keeps her busy when Sarah's around!" Neal heads for the kitchen followed by Luke.

"I thought Agnes and Sarah got along? Why .... what..... is it THAT bad?" Luke looks confused.

"Yep! that bad.... and getting worse by the day!" the frown returns to Neal's face as he puts the kettle on and picks out a muffin from the tin for Luke. Then he goes to the cupboard and gets himself a glass and bottle of Whiskey  waving it towards Luke.

"Nope, fine with the tea!" Luke takes his cup of tea and cake and follows Neal back to the living room. Kicking of their shoes they settle down to watch some footy for a while nether speak. Eventually Luke breaks the silence "so is it really as bad as you said... Sarah what's to make loooove all the time?"

"We don't make love we have sex and yes.... she wants it all the time! Well, apart from when she is throwing a wobbly over something or other!" Neal takes a swig of his Whiskey.

"Making's all sex! Boy you can be pedantic!" Luke shrugs and grins a Neal.


"No, Sex is something you do, making love is something you FEEL! I feel nothing most times!" Neal gets up and heads for the kitchen to get more ice for his Whiskey returning with a second glass.


"So if you don't love Sarah any more... why  stay with her?" Luke looks puzzled.

"I DO love her...I just don't like her much and her demands are driving me insane! I have the kids to consider too....AND I've not worked since the shooting! If we go on much longer like this I'll be broke!"  Neal sits down and takes a gulp from his glass.


"Steady on there, how much are you drinking?....As to cash? I've been doing pretty well lately I can give you some cash... how much do you need? I must say though I thought you had money invested and stuff?" Luke is getting worried now.

Neal smiles but the smile does not reach his eyes, studying Neal for the first time since his arrival Luke notices how gaunt he looks and the bags under his eyes! "Mate you really should get some rest and drinking yourself stupid is NOT going to help!"

"It's OK, I'm not turning into an alky or anything... this...this is the first bottle I've had for ages! Can you see my mother letting me turn into a drunk?" and Neal takes another swig of Whiskey "It's just nice to have someone I can talk to!"

"So talk then! Tell me what's going on!" Luke sits up in his chair and picking up the remote turns off the TV.


"OK,but were to start? Well, you know Sarah was a little 'frisky' in the hospital and they said it was the bullet in her neck, it's pushing on this Amygdala thing ..."

"Right! That's the bit in the head that works your emotions and stuff?.....Eden looked it up on the net!" Luke tells Neal when Neal's looks surprised.

"Yeah, so now Sarah's different and it's she has no off button! The kids are to much for her and well, I'm not enough!" Neal's shoulders droop.

"Not enough? You mean she wants more.... you know? She's not looking elsewhere is she?" Luke feels very upset at this thought... if this was his Eden he could never cope?

"Yes,  she goes out and picks up guys... sometimes they know who she is and I get the odd blackmail photo!"

"SHIT! What do you do?" Luke slams down his glass splashing Whiskey on the table.

"About the guys...or the blackmail?" Neal looks so dejected.

"Both! I would want to kill her!" Luke is becoming more angry by the minute.  

Neal just shrugs his shoulders and sighs finishing of another glass of Whiskey "I tried to stop her... but other than locking her up what can I do? A chastity belt is not exactly a fashion statement at the moment! As to the blackmail ...I pay them off! The newspapers too! That's why I'm starting to worry about money!"

Luke jumps up and starts to pace up and down the room after a few minutes he stops and looks at Neal "what if she catches something and passes it on to you?"

"I wear a condom and I've asked Sarah to make sure the guys... *gulp* that they do too!" Then the tears start to flow. Whether it's the Whiskey or the mental picture of his beloved Sarah tramping it with other guys? But once he starts he just can't stop. Thank goodness It's Luke he's with, his cousin and best freind... the only person Neal can really open up too! 

After some time Neal eventually calms down "I'm sorry man! This is all a bit much!" Neal gulps for air and takes the tissue box offered, "Well, at least this happened while we are alone and not down the pub! Not sure how the guys down the boozer would handle this?" Luke tries to lighten the mood.

"Most of the guys down the boozer know what's going on... they've been there....if you know what I mean!" Neal offers up a faint smile.

"I! Oh, I seeeeeeeeee! Cripes!"  Luke pulls a face as the penny drops! Neal means they have been with Sarah!!!!

"You poor bastard! OK, so what does your dad say....and your mum? No wonder she was going on when I arrived! What about Sarah's family, do they know?" Luke sits back down as the situation sinks in he can't help but feel flabbergasted this is all to much!

"Well, that's the thing... mum says I should either dump Sarah or put up and shut up.... dad? Well I've not told him everything, mum said not to ... he would want to come back and he needs to sort things out first with his business and selling the house! Sarah's sisters and brother are trying their best but they find it hard to be around her... she's just so different to how she was! We did agree that Sarah needed protecting so Jed has arranged for someone to follow her.... at least then we know she will stay safe!" Neal tells Luke.

Just then they hear the front door open and Agnes and co return. On entering the living room and seeing the now empty bottle of Whiskey at first Agnes frowns

'Oh, shit now were in trouble!' Luke thinks to himself.

"Good! I was hoping you would drink yourself silly.... just the once mind! I don't want you to get into the habit!" Agnes smiles and ushers Akaine away to the kitchen "I'm ordering Chinese does that suit you both?" she calls out.

"Fine!" they both call back and looking at each other burst out laughing.


 The following morning having had a restless night in the spare room Luke unlocks the door and makes his way first to the bathroom and then having got dressed goes downstairs. The locks on the guest bedroom doors are a new addition and Agnes had made it quite clear he needed to stay fully clothed if he was not in the bedroom and KEEP THE DOOR LOCKED! The kitchen was empty but the coffee was hot.

Hearing Dawn giggling Luke goes into the dining room where Molly is feeding Dawn her breakfast and trying to give Ben his bottle at the same time.

"Can I help?" Luke asks

"Sure, do you want the bottle or the spoon?" Molly grins at him

"Ammm..." Luke quickly notes the mess Dawn is in and decides on what looks the easier option "bottle please!"

Molly hand Luke the bottle "Have you every fed a baby before?"

"Weeeell.... No! But it can't be that hard ...can it?"

Twenty minutes later both children are finished,

Luke has up chuck on his shoulder and a wet patch on his jeans then Ben gurgles.... frowns .... brings knees up and...... "Oh, bloody HELL! That's disgusting.... is that normal?...That can't be normal???"

Molly just smiles and takes Ben from Luke's outstretched arms "It's quite normal, just wait to you have one of your own!"

As Molly leaves the room Neal enters kissing Ben on the top of his head "Morning stinker, making presents for uncle Luke? Morning Luke, and hows my little Dawny?" Neal starts to remove Dawn from her high-chair.

"Oh, my god she's at it too!!!! Sorry but this is more than a man can take... I'll have my coffee on the patio!"

Ten minutes later Neal comes out and joins Luke. "Is Sarah home?" Luke asks

"No, not yet... but she should be soon!" Neal sips his coffee.

Right on cue They see the electronic gates swing open and Sarah's car screech to a halt in front of the house. Sarah staggers a little as she makes her way up the steps and opens the front door. She giggles and pulls her skirt down a little..... but not before both men see that she is going commando!

Luke turns to Neal.."Sorry!"

"S'OK!" and Neal looks down then takes another sip of his coffee.


Episode Sixty Nine