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The Priors...Episode Sixty Six...Sarah Comes Round

It's six thirty the following morning, Neal is asleep in his hospital bed when a nurse enters gently shaking him awake "Mr Hage.... Mr Hage....."

Neal mumbles and opens his eyes, the nurse smiles at him in the early morning glow "Mr Hage, your wife is asking for you!" Then he's smile turns into a grin.

Neal struggle to sit up "She's awake....talking????"

"Yes! She's is still very woozy but Dr Mint said I should fetch you".

 She holds out her arm for Neal to hold onto while he shifts over into his wheelchair. Then the nurse wheels him out into the corridor and along to ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Sarah is still lying flat out on the bed machines surrounding her and there's a gentle bleep, bleep bleep. Dr Mint looks up and smiles "She started coming round a while ago but was drifting in and out, now she is starting to be more lucid! Her brother was here earlier but he's just left to phone his sisters!"

The nurse wheels Neal up next to Sarah's bed and he takes hold of her hand, "Sarah? Sarah.... can you hear me?"

Sarah's eyes flicker and her hand twitches, Neal can just make out the faint whisper "Neal!"

"Oh! GOD!!!!! Sarah I have been so frightened! I love you so much! It's OK, Dania is dead she can't hurt us again.... and the children are fine!"  Neal kisses her hand and feels his heart racing in his chest, the relief is immense.

Sarah eyes flicker open "" she shakes her head and Neal can see she is struggling.

"It's OK sweet's all going to be.... OK !" Neal hopes he's right?

Then the door opens and Jed walks in he stands just inside the door out of sight of Sarah as he does not what her to get a shock! (Remember Jed has only just come back into their lives after 14 years) Neal looks up and Jed mouths " is she OK?"


Neal nods and Jed smiles giving Neal a thumbs up then he backs out of the room leaving Neal with Sarah. Neal just sits holding Sarah's hand and watching her as she sleeps.

About half and hour later Rumi and Kandy rush in stopping short when they see Sarah (now awake again) moving and holding Neal's hand.


Then they rush to Sarah's bedside and with tears streaming down their faces. First Rumi and then Kandy lean over and kiss the top of Sarah's head

"Boy! did you give us a fright!" Rumi tells Sarah holding her other hand.

Sarah manages a week smile then her eyes close and she once more drifts of to sleep.

This is pretty much how things go for the next couple of days. Every time Sarah wakes she is a little more lucid and the doctors run test after test on her. While she has full movement in her body and is not paralysed she does have some memory lose. Namely the last year.... no memory of Dawn or Ben.... no memory of Dania or the shooting... no memory of Iver living with Rumi.... only a vague recollection of Rumi being back in their lives.... AND no memory of her and Neal splitting up or Neal's Dates!

The doctors think that while some memory's will return with time others never will! Giselle, Luke and Agnes have been very supportive as well.

Sarah starts to make a good recovery. The doctors have advised that for now not to mention the children or the accident.... leave it until Sarah asks about it! 

Neal is now ready to go home.....  on crutches. He decides to stay at a hotel near the hospital and arranges for Molly (children's nanny) and the children to stay in an a joining suite.

Gizelle feels it's now time for her and Abhay to return to France as she's already cancelled two of Abhay's check ups. (Abhay has Downs Syndrome)

Agnes and Akaine take another suite at the same hotel as Neal while Rumi decides it's time to face the music with Iver and return home, apart from which she has been missing Marc like bill-yo!

Kandy's boss has been very good about giving her time off but it's coming up to Fashion Week and she needs to return to work so Kandy returns home as well.

Jed? Well, he phones Neal for updates at least twice a day but the doctors still feel Sarah is to fragile to be told he is back in their lives.

So, although Sarah is still in hospital she is making good progress. She has now been moved to private room. The press are still hovering but are being kept well away!

Sarah sees a whole host of therapists some to help build up her body and others her mind. 

Today Neal's has an appointment with Dr Link, Sarah's  psycho therapist to discuss Sarah's progress. 

Neal arrives at Dr Link's  office bang on time and is ushered in.

Dr Link stand and extends her hand shaking Neal's hand and greeting him warmly. Neal takes a seat "So, Dr Link how is Sarah doing and where do we go from here?"

"Well, patent confidentiality stops me from discussing Mrs Hage in detail but I can tell you I do have a few concerns!"  Dr Link replies a small frown on her face.

"What do you mean? Is Sarah not getting better?" Neal's heart skips a beat.

"Has Dr Rangers explained to you about Sarah's condition?" Dr Link looks down at her notes. 

"Well, some... but to be honest a lot went over my head as I was still so stressed out about Sarah... and on pain meds!" Neal smiles a little.

"Well, I'll make an appointment for you to see Dr Rangers again if you wish... I think it's important that you understand your wife's condition! But for now I want to talk to you about how we are going to set about informing Mrs Hage that she has children and what happened that day!"  Dr Link looks at Neal...

"Jed is chomping at the bit to see Sarah too and I'm sure Dawn is missing her mummy?" Neal nods his head.

They talk for over an hour agreeing that Sarah meeting Dawn....and Ben should be their priority. So later that day Neal brings Dawn and Ben to the hospital along with his mother Agnes and Molly. 

Sarah is sitting in the grounds chatting to Dr Link (as Neal and Dr Link had arranged) Agnes, Molly and the children sit at a nearby table out of sight of Sarah.


Neal comes up behind Sarah and kisses her. Sarah turns and putting her arms around his neck pulls him to her kissing him with passion.

This sightly over the top sign of affection makes him feel a little uncomfortable. He looks over at Dr Link as he untangles himself and notices Dr Link writing in her note book.

Dr Link nods to Neal and he turns looking at Sarah he takes hold of her hands "Sarah, we need to talk about our life BEFORE the shooting!"

Sarah smiles stroking his hands with her fingers "OK, spill... did we have sex every day?"

Neal's head jolts up and he thinks 'thank god  my mother is out of ear shot!'

"Ammm? ... Well, no! But that's not what I need to talk about!" Neal's face goes bright red as Dr Link looks on.

"Oh, why? I mean your hot!... I know we used to have sex all the time? What changed?" Sarah looks a little perplexed.

Neal glances over to Dr Link, who nods her head.

"Because we have children now... and we don't always have the chance!" Neal hopes he's not rushing this?

"Oh! Children? Don't we have a nanny?" Sarah appears to have little interest in finding out she is a mother?

Neal looks over at Dr Link confusion written all over his face. "Yes, we have a nanny... Molly! But do you not want to know about our children?... Meet them?...I don't understand?... you was always such a good mother? You was shot trying to protect them!" 

"Well, all fall me then! So if I meet these kids can we go back to my room and do a little canoodaling?" Sarah smiles.

"Yes, you can meet them, they are here now... but the afterwards?...I...I...I don't know what to say?" Neal looks over again at Dr Link hoping for help.

"Sarah, would you like to meet Dawn and Ben?" Dr Link asks Sarah quietly.

Sarah shrugs her shoulders "I guess so? If I must!"

Dr Link turns to Neal "OK, I think it will be fine!"

So Neal signals to Molly. Who comes over with the children.

"Sarah meet Dawn and Ben....our children!" Neal struggles a little as he wheels over the double buggy. 

Dawn instantly recognises her mother and waves her arms around blowing bubbles "Muma...muma!" she chortles.

"It's all wet! OK, I've met them now....can we go back to my room?" Sarah asks Neal.

Neal looks at Dr Link who shakes her head "I'm sorry maybe it's to soon?"

Tears well up in Neal's eyes and he turns away asking Molly to return the children to his mother.

Later Agnes asks him if everything is OK but Neal just shrugs a frown on his handsome face. "It's to soon!" he tells his mother repeating the doctors words his voice catching in his throat.

She hugs him "Yes, dear....not to worry Sarah will be fine... she just needs time! Now we will take the children back to the hotel you look after Sarah!" Agnes turns her attention to Dawn who Neal is now holding as she screams her head off! She had just seen her mummy and then she was taken away from her again!

Neal hands Dawn to his mother and struggling a little with his crutches turns back to be with Sarah.

Dr Link in now standing behind Sarah's wheelchair  and starts to push her back towards the hospital Neal joins them and they return to Sarah's room.

Dr Link leaves them and with some difficulty Neal manages to fend of Sarah advances! "Not now, Sarah... what if a nurse came in or something?" Neal kisses her "You will be home soon then we will be free to do what we like?...Maybe a holiday?" Neal thinks this would be a good way for Sarah to get re-acquainted with the children.

"Oh, that would be wonderful.... somewhere quite and away from it all... no children... just US! It would be like a second honeymoon?" Sarah smiles and hugs Neal!

"OK? Whatever you want my sweet!" Neal hugs Sarah kissing her with returned passion and then he leaves. A nurse is waiting for him and tells him Dr Link and Dr Rangers are waiting to see him.

Neal enters the office and sits down "OK, what the hell has happened to my wife? Why is she rejecting the children? and she's acting like some sort of sex maniac? Since she came round she has been very... attentive, but I thought  it was because she thought we was still newly-weds!"Neal can't help but feel angry... he thought this was all going to be OK? But STILL things are going wrong!

"Mr Hage your wife has a bullet lodged in the base of her scull! in the area where her Amygdala is.The Amygdala is the basal part of the brain, injury to which may cause changes in aggressiveness and other emotional behaviour... in your wife's case it's her sex drive!" (Brain Damage)

"Oh, so all this sex talk and amm... groping? It's to do with her injury? How long will she be like this?" Neal looks confused, part of him is naturally horrified but a little tiny voice in his head say Yippy! sex on tap!!!

"Well, there is a good chance she might stay this way, I'm sorry! The thing is she might well want sex above all else... You might well find life will become very hard (oops Freudian slip) to cope with! There is medication we can try but this has side effects and might not be the right thing for your wife?" The doctor tells him.

"OK, so I might have to spend the rest of my life with a sex mad woman? I guess I will have to give it some thought?" Neal can't help but smile a little.

"At the moment that might sound OK but it could put a big strain on your marriage. Please if there is anything more you want to know just ask!" and the doctor stands shaking Neal's hand and he leaves.

As he makes his way to the car park and the waiting car to take him to the hotel he wonders how life is going to be when Sarah comes home from hospital?

Episode Sixty Seven


Episode Sixty Seven UNCUT


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