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The Priors...Episode Sixty Three...Secrets!


After some time sitting by Sarah's bed opposite Neal, Neal finally notices Jed  "Ammm, look I don't want to appear rude but....who the hell are you?" Neal asks.

Jed's not sure how to begin but Rumi  (who had been sitting nearby in a bit of a daze) suddenly comes to life "This is Jed, our brother...and my twin"

"OK? You don't have a brother?... I have now entered a parallel universe... is that what your saying?" Neal looks from Rumi to Jed and then over to Kandy who had just entered the room.

Just then the door opens and a doctor enters "We need to do some tests on Mrs Hage, it will take a while why don't you all go and get something to eat and some rest?" he tells them.

Kandy looks around the room both Neal and Jed look ready to drop (Jed has still not slept since all this happened) and Rumi does not look a lot better. "Come on, lets let the doctor do his job, we can go next door.... I'm sure we could all do with something to eat!"

"Yes, good idea.... you all go and I'll stay with Sarah" Neal tells them.

"I think you need some sustenance too Mr Hage, when Mrs Hage comes round that's when she will need you!" the doctor tells Neal kindly.

Kandy walks over to Neal  and taking the handles of Neal's wheelchair  guides him out followed by Rumi and Jed.

In the room next door  the rest of the family are waiting. Iver has organized some food and there is a drinks machine in the corner. Jed has about two bites of a sandwich a falls asleep, Rumi spotting him nodding off and taking a blanket she gently lays it over him.

Iver has now talked at depth with Diesel (his superior) and is now free to tell the whole story .... when the family are up to it! Jed had spoken with Diesel sometime in the night too and the incident as they recollect it was now on record.

Neal is the next one to fall asleep and Agnes is there to cover him up and hold his hand as he sleeps fitfully in the hospital bed that had been set up in the corner for him.

The others all chat quietly until first Neal (who's first words are 'hows Sarah?'..... he is told the doctor has been in and she is improving) and then Jed wake up. Eden hands them coffee and a croissant which both men accept with gratitude.


"OK, now I want to know what's going on? Jed, you work with Iver don't you? So how can you be Sarah's brother.... Rumi's TWIN????" Neal rounds on Jed.

"OK, I think it's time we told you what happened!" Jed looks over to Rumi "Is it OK? I'm guessing you've not said anything to Neal...." he looks around the room "Nor, Kandy?"

"I think I need to talk to Iver first!" Rumi tells him.

"I know, Rumi.... I know everything!" Iver sighs

Rumi rounds on him in shock "NO! you can't know everything..... you can't!"

Iver and Jed exchange looks 'please don't let this get messy' Iver thinks to himself (Like it's not a mess already?)

"OK, so for now lets stick to the basics....I'll go first! But before that how is Sarah? Has the doctor been back in?" Jed asks.

Rumi nods "She doing OK, the doctor thinks she has improved a little, Agnes and Jonathan have been sitting with her"

"OK, so ....well....ammm....right...." Jed looks around the room.

"Do you want me to start?" Iver asks his freind and partner

"No, I'll just keep to what I know!..... in brief.... when I was fourteen and dad sent me away, I was sent to a military boarding school in Bristol, that's when I met Iver. As you know I was never allowed home in the holidays so I would stay with Iver's family. They were really good to me..."

Rumi jumps in here "That's so nice of them.... I've never even spoken to them!" She looks from Jed to Iver.

Iver shifts uncomfortably.

"Yes, well.... after we left school we decided it was either the army or the police force. So after 2 years in the army and then six months at Hendon (Police Training) we were lucky enough to end up at the same London station..... one thing led to another and we were spotted by Diesel who was setting up a new task force. He made us an offer and we joined him. World travel, luxury hotels and beautiful women....sorry Rumi..." Jed looks at his sister a little apologeticly.

"Rumi was by far the most beautiful I've ever met!" Iver takes her hand.

Jed continues the story "Then about two years ago we started this assignment. We suspected that Dania had something to do with drugs, guns and people smuggling, but she was very clever and we had trouble linking it all together. Then I spotted Rumi in one of Dania's clubs, I asked Iver to help me get her out..."

"Oh!" Rumi goes a little red and looking into Iver's eyes, he looks away making Rumi feel uncomfortable and she pulls her hand away."I see?"

Jed moves quickly on " At first we had no idea that Neal was involved nor that Giselle or Luke were mixed up with her"

Harry looks enquiringly at Giselle and Eden feels Luke stiffen senses this is somewhere he does not want to go.  "Amm, I think I might just go for a walk... get some air?" Luke tells Eden getting up to leave.

"I think maybe we need a little 'chat'?" Eden goes with him.

Giselle shrugs her shoulders  "you know I'm not perfect!" she tells Harry.

Rumi stands and moves over to the seat vacated by Luke and Eden.

"Humph!" Harry decides it's best not to respond.....for now.

"Anyway, by the time we had enough evidence to arrest Dania she had fled the country... we all know what happened then!"  Jed looks down at the ground.

"I'm so sorry I could not tell you what was going on.... I never thought anything like this would happen!" Iver turns to Rumi.

"I think we need to talk too, but not now.... now I just want to concentrate on Sarah!" at this Rumi gets up and heads for the door "I'm going to sit with Sarah for a while, I would appreciate some time alone!" then looking over at Neal "Do you mind?"

"No, I want to phone Molly and see how the children are!" Neal gives her a week smile.

"I'm going now anyway! I want to see Marc for a while!" Iver follows Rumi into the corridor "Rumi?"

"Look I need to proses a few things, please give me some space!" with this she opens the door to Sarah's room and entering closes the door leaving Iver standing in the corridor wondering if they will be able to go on from here? Jed had told him a lot about Rumi over the years and he was a bit in love with her even before he met her. But he knew a lot about her she would hate for him to know. Would she be able to handle it when she found out he knew all about the night Jed was sent away? The reaction to seeing her father at the hospital when Dawn was born and when her father turned up at that awful flat she used to live in makes Iver think she was still not ready to face up to that night! God he hopes he's wrong!!!

After Rumi and Iver leave, Agnes and Jonathan decide it would be a good time to stretch their legs. Harry tells Giselle they need a walk too! Feeling uncomfortable Giselle agrees without argument... she can see the look in Harry's eyes and knows when he looks like that it's best to not argue! Agnes had told her long ago when Giselle had asked her mother how her marriage had lasted so long 'to always pick your time for arguing and sometimes your just better of waiting until your man has had his say..... that way you always get the last (and most important) word!'

Meanwhile back with Jed, he's getting the inquisition from Kandy (Chris by the way had to leave for work but will be back as soon as he can)

"So why did you not come back? I was only six.... I don't even know why you or Rumi left?" 

"I tried to contact you and Sarah a couple of times but dad would have none of it! Then I joined the Army and this job.... it was never the right time! I'm sorry 'Sweet Drop' and Jed smiles as he call her Sweet Drop!

Kandy looks at him a memory coming to the surface "You used to call me Sweet Drop  when I was little? You said I was as 'Sweet' as Kandy and then you would pick me up and pretend to 'Drop' me!"she giggles at the memory getting up she hugs Jed "I love you big brother!"

Jed puts his arms around her pulling her onto his lap "And I have always loved you Sweet Drop!" As he says drop he opens his legs and Kandy starts to drop to the floor, she can't help but laugh out loud.

Neal finishes on the phone and looks over at them. At first Kandy feels bad and that she should not be laughing with her sister so ill in the next room but Neal smiles "It must be wonderful for you and Rumi to have your brother back?"

"It is! How's Dawn... and Ben?" Kandy is still having a little trouble working this Ben thing out?

"Their both fine and so is Abhay!....Ben...." Neal starts to say when the door opens and Agnes walks in with Jonathan.

"Both...AND Abhay?....Who's Ben? I keep hearing about a Ben?" Agnes looks at Neal.

Kandy struggles to her feet looking at Neal "They don't know?"

"No, I never had the chance to...." Neal shrugs his shoulders "Ben is my son by a teenage drug addict prostitute. A girl called Jett stole my ...Ahm... " Blushing and looking at his mother "stole my sperm and gave it to Dania Zarr who used it to impregnate this girl... so now I have Ben!"

Agnes sits down hard on a chair her mouth opening and closing. It's left to Jonathan to eventually speak "A junky mother? Is he OK? How old is he? When did you find him? And Dania did all this?"

"Yes! and a lot more... but I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Just that I have a son and he will be fine. Oh, and he's about four weeks old!" 

"OK, when your ready son!" his dad tells him.

"He's with Dawn and Abhay? Can Molly managed the three of them? Abhay has special needs too?" Agnes asks.

"She's fine a friend, Luc he's a doctor is keeping an eye on them and Molly's sister Milly is helping... she's a nanny too"

"OK, but I think when we leave  later today we will go and see them!" Agnes looks over at her husband who nods in agreement.

"Oh, and mum I've not told Giselle yet either!" But no sooner have the words left his mouth than the door opens and in walks Giselle.

"Not told me what?" Giselle looks at Neal curiously 

"Oh, boy here we go again, look before you start all this again I'm going to check on Rumi and Jed is going to go freshen up...aren't you!" Kandy nudges her brother and wrinkles her nose.

"Amm, yes? Apparently I am?" Jed looks a little confused and sniffs himself deciding maybe it's a good idea before a swarm of flies takes up residence.

"They sell toiletries in the shop downstairs, it might be a good idea if you call Iver... ask him to fetch some clothes for you?" Kandy instructs him as they walk out into the corridor. 

"Boy your a bossy one!" Jed smiles down at Kandy.

"That's what sisters are for!" Kandy winks at him. 

As they walk down the corridor they notice a woman who looks a lot like Agnes. She approaches them and Kandy asks if she is looking for someone?

"Yes, my nephews wife is here? The nurse started to tell me the room but got called away.... stupid girl!"  the woman frowns and shakes her head.

"what's your nephews name?" Jed asks "we could help you find him?" 

The woman looks Jed up and down wrinkling her nose "I don't think so!"

"Are you Agnes's sister.....Luke's mother?" Kandy asks

The woman tilts her head a little giving Kandy a full appraisal. "Yes, yes I am!....and you would be?"

"I'm Kandy and this is my brother Jed.... Sarah is our sister!"

"Oh!" Still a look of disdain on her face "Well I guess you would know the room I'm looking for!"

Kandy turns to Jed "you go on, I'll take her!"

"Her..... would be Angela!" Angela states hoitely. 

So Kandy shows Angela the room where Neal is still trying to explain Ben to the other members of his family.

"Oh, Agnes ....I'm so sorry darling.... what an awful thing to happen! I just had to come!" Angela rushes to Agnes.

As Kandy turns to leave again she bumps into Luke and Eden.

"Good Luck!" Kandy whispers to Eden as she leaves.

Eden looks a little confused until she turns and bumps into Luke who is rooted  to the spot just inside the doorway. "Shit!" he mumbles.

"No need for such language Luke! Now come hug your mother!" Angela chastises him like a naughty school boy!

Neal looks up....."My life just gets better and better!"


 Episode Sixty Four