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The Priors... Episode Sixty Two...After Surgery

After many looooooooooooooooong hours Sarah finally comes out of surgery.The doctors comes to see her family.

Dr Rangers looks from one expectant/ anxious face to the other as Rumi, Jed and Kandy look back at him. (Iver has left to take Marc to a baby sitter and to collect Kandy's boyfriend Chris from the boatyard where he works)

"Well, we have removed the bullet from Mrs Hage's abdomen. She has a complicated reproductive system...."

"Yes, we know, two wombs!" Rumi interrupts.

"Yes, well this has caused us a few issues and a.... well she has had to have a partial hysterectomy. The other bullet is lodged at the base of her skull and we could not remove it! I'm sorry it's now a waiting game! We will keep her sedated and in a coma for the time being"

"When can we see her?" Kandy asks trying to sort of understand what the doctor is telling them.

"Soon, we are just settling her into ICU and then a nurse will come at get you! Do you have any questions?" Dr Rangers looks from one sad face to another 'boy he hated this part of his job'.

"Will she wake up?.... I mean if you stop the medication will she come round.... be OK?" Jed stutters.

"I'm sorry we just don't know? Do you have any more questions, only I need to phone Mr Hage?" Dr Rangers moves towards the door.

"No! Thank you... I can't think of anything at the moment?" Rumi and Kandy glance at each other.

"OK, well a nurse should be in to see you soon and if you think of any questions she can bleep me!" and with that Dr Rangers is gone.

Not long after a nurse enters and tells them they can see Sarah now. "Please understand Mrs Hage is very poorly and has a lot of tubes and machine around her!"

On entering ICU they can see Sarah lying on the bed  it looks like every orifice has a tube running from it. A whole bank of machines flashing and bleeping away.

Jed stands stock still in the doorways and feels a hand holding his 'boy has he missed that feeling of reassurance' glancing down he gives the hand a squeeze then looking into his sister Rumi's eyes he sees she is reading his thoughts as she always used to, he had not had that feeling of security since that night... when their world was turned upside down and he was sent away never to see his sisters up close again... until today or was it yesterday? Time is beginning to merge!

There are only two chairs in the room as normally the hospital only allows two family members in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) But there are exceptions to all rules and hospital management have waved these rules (money talks). So a nurse goes in search of another chair for Jed.

Once the three of them are sitting down they are not sure what to do or say. A nurse is checking the machines "You could chat to her might help? We don't know what a person in a coma can hear?"

Kandy turns to Jed "Go on Jed, you can tell Sarah what you've been doing for the last 14 years and why you never came back?" her words catch in her throat.

"Kandy! I don't think now is the time for this.... I will explain it all but not yet.... I need to get it all straight in my head first!" Jed looks perplexed.

"But..." Kandy starts to say, before Rumi interrupts holding up her hand 

"No, Kandy not now.... Jed's right this is not the right time!"

A knock on the door makes them all jump as Chris puts his head around the door "Kandy?"

Kandy jumps up and runs to him sobbing like her heart is breaking. Between sobs she manages to tell Chris how much she needs him.

Chris holds her close and guides her out of the room, they stay in the corridor for some time until Kandy gets it together. Kandy sees the nurse who was talking to them earlier "Would it be OK if we get a coffee?"

"Yes, of course! Look your sister is going to be out of it for some days... why don't you all go home and get some rest? We can phone you if there's any change!"

Iver is standing nearby and agrees it would be a good idea to get some rest. They have now been at the hospital for many looooong hours. Entering Sarah's room he talks quietly to Jed and Rumi then he comes out to talk with Kandy. "Rumi agrees to get some rest but she wants to stay nearby I said I would sort out a couple of rooms in a nearby that OK with you?" Kandy nods to exhausted to even talk.... this has been one hell of a strange day!

"OK. I just need to make a call, Jed's going to stay for now! He'll get some rest when we come back!"

Ten minutes later it's all sorted and Iver enters ICU to collect Rumi. Kandy had gone back in and after both sisters kiss Sarah goodnight and a hug for Jed.

The guys steer their girlfriends out of the hospital and across the road to a nearby hotel. They are given adjoining rooms and after some room service both sister are soon asleep. Iver meets up with Chris and they go down to the bar for a nightcap.  

"So what the hell happened man?" Chris asks when they are seated with their drinks!

"I don't know? It all happened so fast? I've not had a chance to make a  proper report yet so I can't say to much!" Iver takes a swig from his glass.

"That's what I don't get... why... how are you involved in all this?" Chris gives Iver a puzzled look.

Well, I've not been de-briefed yet and I think I need to tell Rumi the whole story first! But I'll fill you in on some of it!"

About an hour later they go back to their rooms. Kandy is awake and sitting by the window looking out over the city, Chris goes to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Come on... back to bed you need to get some rest!"

Next door Rumi is still sleeping. As Iver slips into bed next to her Rumi stirs a little and turns to snuggle into Iver. He can see the still wet tears on her face in the light coming through a chink in the curtains.... she has been crying in her sleep! He kisses her tasting the saltiness of her tears.



Back at The Lister Hospital Neal sleeps fitfully Giselle and Luke at his side. Harry books them into a hotel and takes Abhay there to get some rest. Eden goes with them to help out with Abhay she feels a little useless at the hospital as Luke and Giselle are supporting each other and Eventually Luke and Giselle both full asleep in chairs next to Neal's bed.

Jonathan and Agnes's plane lands at 8:30am the following morning. Iver has arranged a police escort to the hospital and they arrive just before 1 0:00am.


Eden and Harry are both now back at the hospital with Giselle and Luke and after some breakfast they are all trying to stop Neal from discharging himself.

Molly's sister Milly is looking after Abhay in a room with Molly and the other two children Dawn and Ben. Dr Peters stops in to check on Ben and Dawn giving them a clean bill of health.

"The children are fine to go home, but I'm not sure if the police will be finished there yet?" he tells Molly "I'll ask the policeman on the door and see what he says?"

"OK, but to be honest I'm not that keen to go back there? Would it be possible to see Neal?" Molly asks pulling a face.

Her sister Milly gives her had a squeeze. This has been hard on Molly too, but she has been left out of the loop and has no idea what is happening with Neal....or Sarah!

"No, worries! I'm going to see Neal in a minute so I'll find out for you!" Dr Peters reassures her "You and the children will be safe here!"

When Dr Peters leave he has a word with the policeman guarding the children and she puts a call through to the station for an update.

"we should be finished with the house later today, the house will be released by this evening they hope?" the PC informs Dr Peters.

"Thank you, I'm on my way to see Neal now and I'll see what he wants to do about the children" Dr Peters replies.

In Neal's room Neal is still making a fuss and the nurses are becoming increasingly frustrated.  Even the arrival of his parents are not calming him down and his mother removing his mobile phone is not helping either!!! 

As Dr Peters enters the room Neal spots him "Luc, will you tells these people I'm fine and let me out of here!"

"Sorry Neal, I can't do that! I'm not your Doctor but if it helps I did see Prof Grange making her way here and I'm sure she will be able to tell you when you can leave!" Luc starts to tell Neal.

Just then the door opens again and in walks Prof Grange "Hello, did I hear my name?" She strides across the room and holding out her hand  "Mr Hage, how are we feeling today?" The professor clicks her fingers and is handed Neal's notes.

While she is looking through them Neal's asks her when he can leave as he needs to be with Sarah.

"OK, Mr Hage! Well your surgery went well and I have been in touch with The Wellington ....." The Prof begins.

"How's Sarah? Did they say?..... GOD! This is driving me NUTS!" Neal asks in exasperation.

Prof Grange holds up her hand and smiles "Calm down Mr Hage if your blood pressure goes up then I wont be able to  sign your release form!"

"I can go?" Neal asks....

At the same time his mother and Giselle look at Prof Grange "He can go?"

"But he's been SHOT.... my god he could have died...and your letting him GO!!!!" Agnes is astounded!

"MOTHER! Stop it! I'm going... now you can help or not! But I'm out of here and going to Sarah... NOW!" Neal tells her as he tries to move round into a sitting position at get out of bed. Only trouble is there are a few things he has not taken into consideration ....

1. He has a large plaster cast on his foot.

2. His clothes were cut of him and he is wearing a hospital gown.

3. He can't walk.

4. He has been on a high dosage of medication and is still pretty out of it!

Other than that he's fine to go!

So Agnes makes a quick trip down to the hospital shop

Jonathan asks Dr Peters if he could arrange a private ambulance for Neal.

After a short conversation with Neal about child care Giselle goes to see Abhay who will sty with Molly (Dawn's nanny) and her sister Milly.

Harry goes out to the police officer and fills him in on what's happening.

Agnes returns with some jogging bottoms and a t.shirt for Neal. Luke helps Neal get dressed. While Jonathan and Luke are helping Neal.... Harry is sorting out meds etc with a nurse.

With everybody busy on other things Neal asks Luke to take him to see Dawn and Ben before he leaves to be with Sarah.

A minivan has been organized to take Milly, Molly and the children to the cottage Neal had rented for Ben when he had first come out of hospital before Sarah brought Ben home to live with his family. The van parked directly outside a side entrance and they were gone before the large contingent of press realized it.  They also had two police officers accompanying them.

When Neal was ready to leave the hospital press office had arranged to give the press an update at the front of the hospital .....

Meanwhile, Neal and family left through a rear exit along with a police escort.


By lunchtime they arrive at The Wellington Hospital and Neal is taken directly to ICU where Sarah is still unconscious.

Luke wheels Neal over to Sarah's bed and after a few false manoeuvres

(and a fare amount of cursing) manages to get him along side her bed.(OK, so this is waaay to many people for ICU lucky they arrived as the nurses are changing shift!)

Neal takes her hand "Oh, god Sarah... please be OK! What have I done to you?" his voice is little more than a whisper and the others don't hear what he said that is all but Luke who is still standing close to Neal.

Luke has a sharp intake of breath as he realises Neal blames himself for this! 'But it's not Neal's fault he was just trying to help me! This was all my fault NOT Neal's!' Luke thinks to himself.

Giselle looks at her brother and Sarah thinking how will she ever make this up to them...'this was all her fault for getting mixed up with Dania and the drugs thing!'

Jonathan takes Agnes's hand and they look at each other both thinking the same thing.... 'they should have been better parents... been around more.... this is all their fault'.

Iver stands in the corner of the room his arm around Rumi thinking 'this is all such a mess he should have been able to stop Dania... this is all his fault'. While Rumi thinks back to her encounter with Dania (a couple of years ago) and wonders if any of this is her fault?

Jed is sitting on the opposite side of the bed and watches Neal in silence, 'how could he have let this happen?' he wonders. He should have seen this coming the only one to blame is himself!'


Episode Sixty Three