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The Priors...Episode Sixty One...Will Sarah Survive?

Kandy is the first to arrive at The Wellington hospital she is taken directly to a waiting room and notices the police officer on guard at the door. The policeman who had driven her to the hospital stays outside and chats with the officer on guard. Kandy enters the empty room and sits down to wait.

A few minutes later a nurse enters and asks if she can get Kandy anything to drink and informs her a doctor will see her as soon as they know anything. Kandy declines the offer  of a drink and stands looking out of the window a jumble of thoughts whizzing around in her head.

Not long after Rumi comes rushing in supported by Iver.

The two sister hug and sit together taking comfort from each other. 

"Can I leave Marc with you ... I'll see what's happening?" Iver hands Marc to Rumi who nods and Iver leaves.

As he leaves Jed enters, he looks at Iver and Iver registers the slight nervous twitch in the corner of Jed's red eyes.....all these years Iver and Jed have been through so many assignments together but Iver has never seen Jed so rattled? "Do you want me to stay?" Iver whispers

"No, I need to do this!" Jed shakes his head and with a deep breath Jed enters the room.

Rumi and Kandy both look up seeing a guy with long auburn hair Kandy is sure she has seen him before and at first Rumi just thinks it's Iver's partner.

Jed stands in front of them he has waited so long for this moment and gone over it in his head so often...but never like this....never  in a hospital room ....with Sarah......?????

"Jed?... JED!!!.... " suddenly  Rumi shoots out of her seat and almost knocks him to the ground. She hugs him so tight he wonders if she's going to crack a rib... or two?

Kandy looks up in stunned amazement and then she realizes who Rumi is hugging. Kandy jumps up and joins in the hugathon!

Just then Iver returns, he stands in the doorway for a moment a faint smile plays on his lips.

"I see your getting re-acquainted OK then?"  Iver walks into the room

Rumi looks up at Iver "You KNEW???? You KNEW and you never SAID?.... Why?"

Iver takes Rumi's hand "I'm sorry... I wanted to tell you but... it might have compromised what we have been doing.... I'm truly sorry Rumi that I had to keep so many secrets from you..... especially this one!"

Just then the door open again and a doctor enters putting out his hand "Hi, I'm Dr Rangers and I'll be looking after your sister"

As the doctor starts to talk Iver scoops Marc up into his arms

Jed manages to untangle himself and shakes the doctors hand as do Rumi and Kandy. "How's Sarah?" Jed asks.

"Well, she's been shot twice.... once in the stomach and the second more worrying bullet is lodged in the base of her scull...." Dr Rangers starts to tell them.

"Oh, my god!" Rumi can feel her knees giving way but Jed is there and holds her firmly around the waist. Kandy just can't take any of this in and just stares blankly at the doctor. 

"We are going to operate now and it will be some time before we have any more news for you! I need for one of you to sign giving permission for surgery. But I must warn you that because of the position both bullets are in this is going to be a very difficult operation, Mrs Hage may not pull though and if she does there is a chance of spinal or brain damage? Until we start we just don't know how things will pan out? I'm sorry...  I can't tell you any more!" Dr Rangers looks from one to the other holding the consent form and pen in his outstretched hands.

Jed looks at Rumi and Kandy then takes the form "I'll sign it.... I'm her brother!"


Over at The Lister Hospital despite much arguing (quite a thing considering the amount of medication the doctor has given Neal) Neal finally agrees to surgery as he knows there is no way the doctors will let him see Sarah until he has! He signs all the forms and before going for surgery phones his solicitor and manager to issue instructions.

Not long after Neal has gone to theatre a very distraught Molly arrives at the hospital, after fighting her way through the ever increasing press pack Molly shows her ID to the the police officer on duty and she is allowed through. Another officer meets her and takes her to the children's ward where Dawn and Ben are in a private room. The officer fills Molly in as as best she can on what's going on and Molly insists that she will be staying at the hospital with the children until Neal or Sarah tell her otherwise. The officer smiles in sympathy and pats Molly's hand nodding.

About an hour later just as Neal starts to come round from surgery the whirlwind sometimes known as Giselle (accompanied by Harry and Abhay) arrives at the hospital.

The car pulls up at the main entrance and even before it has come to a complete stop Giselle is out and rushing up the steps. One of the officers on door duty recognises her instantly and speaking into his radio opens the door for her to go in. The press are shouting at her and snapping away with their camera's but Giselle has noticed none of them so intent is she on reaching he brothers bedside. As with Molly an officer is waiting this time though to take her to Neal's private room.

The room is still empty but a nurse tells Giselle, Neal has come round from his operation and will be back soon.

Harry having removed Abhay from his car seat and making his way through the press pack also makes his way to Neal's room. Handing Abhay to Giselle he tells her to stay put so she is there on Neal's return while he goes in search of more information on Sarah and Dawn.

Half way down the corridor he can see a lot of commotion going on and recognises Luke's deep voice insisting that he is family and needs to be let through!


Harry quickly comes to his rescue before things get ugly and Luke accompanied by Eden rush to Neal's room.

Greeting Giselle with a hug and a comparison of information so far.

Harry meanwhile has tracked down a police officer who tells him the children are fine but Sarah is in a bad way and at another hospital. Harry asks if her family are with her and the officer tells him he will radio through and get an update for him.

Harry goes back to impart the information he has so far to Giselle and Luke. Then they hear more commotion in the hall as Neal's publicist, solicitor and manager arrive just to add to the scrum!

They are all shouting down their respective mobile phones to the police, press and their hairdresser!(OK, it might not be a hairdresser but whenever you see these people on TV they are shouting at someone down the phone....different world to mine so I don't know who they shout at do I???)

They all stand in the corner vying for shouting space and this upsets Abhay, he starts to cry but before Harry has time to polity ask them to keep it down Giselle flies at them " SHUT THE HELL UP! YOU BLOODY MORONS! MY BROTHER COULD BE DYING HERE!!!!"

Just then the door swings open and Neal is wheeled in "The rumour of my demise is greatly exaggerated..... Giselle please stop shouting my head is killing me!" Neal mumbles.

"Neal!!!!!  Giselle sequels she is so relived to see him she smothers him with kisses.

"Geroff...that's disgusting!" Neal tells her.

"Me thinks the man he doth protest to much!" Giselle gives him one last kiss. 

Neal is still woozy from the anaesthetic  and at first has trouble remembering what's happened.

Looking around the room Neal asks "Where's Sarah?"

The three stooges standing in the corner all stop talking and look over at Neal. Harry holding Abhay asks them to wait outside with him, Eden also leaves the room leaving Giselle and Luke alone with Neal. 

Giselle sits on the bed and taking Neal's hand asks him how much he remembers of what has happened? 

"It's all a bit fuzzy? I'm not sure.... I was shot???" he asks more than tells.

Luke steps forward and sits on the bed "Sarah was shot too...."

"She's dead????" Neal looks desolate

"No! No!...." Giselle tells him

"She's at another hospital, they are operating now.... we are just waiting for news!" Luke tells him with tears in his eyes.

"Get the three stooges in... they can find out what's going on!" Neal mumbles

"I'm not sure anyone can just yet! Even the police don't seem to know a lot!" Giselle tells Neal

"So what's new!" Luke can't help but chip in.

"Best not say that in front of Iver!" Neal tells him.

"Why is Iver funny about cops?" Luke looks puzzled

"No! Iver is a cop.... I think?" Neal looks confused.

Giselle pats his hand "It's OK... your just confused.... The police have promised to keep us updated!"

Then a nurse enters "Mr Hage needs to rest, we have a room set by for you next door" she tells Luke and Giselle.

"OK!" Luke gets up as does Giselle but as she turns to leave Neal grabs her hand

"Find out about Sarah for me? I need to know!" Neal implores as his eyes close and the pain meds kick in.


Back at the Whittington Rumi, Iver, Kandy and Jed continue to wait for news as time slowly ticks on.....



Episode Sixty Two