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The Priors...Episode Sixty...After The Shooting

I intended to put the more..... gory pictures into an UNCUT version but in the end I felt the story just did not work that way..... So WARNING.... Lots of 'blood'


When the shooting stops all is silent for what seems like minutes but is only seconds. Jed runs to Sarah who is laying prostrate on the ground.

She is not moving, he checks her vitals and she is not breathing so he begins CPR.

"Come on Sarah, your not going to  die on me, YOUR NOT!!!!" Jed takes a breath and steadies himself. He's killed before and seen plenty of dead bodies but not Sarah, he will not let her die!

"Where's the bloody ambulance?" But as he speaks he can hear the sirens wailing and getting louder as they get closer. Then he can see the first ambulance turn into the drive followed by another ambulance and an assortment of police cars. 

Meanwhile Iver can see Neal is moving and the two children are screaming their heads off so he goes to Amanda but it is evident she is dead so he gives a cursory look at Takeo and Dania..... they too are dead.

He looks over at Jed and his distress is evident, Iver wonders if he should help Jed but can see Neal leg is bleeding badly as is a cut to his head so Iver goes to him.

By now Neal has come round from the bullet that grazed his temple and he starts to drag himself towards Sarah and the children. Iver helps him reach them and after checking Dawn and Ben over, hands both children to Neal.

By now the amberlance has come to a halt near to Sarah and the paramedics jump out running towards Sarah, others arrive and check Amanda, Takeo and Dania. Another pair of paramedic's approach Neal,

"NO! See to Sarah.... see to my wife!" he implores them.

"It's OK, Mr Hage she has paramedics looking after her, now let us help you!"  a paramedic tells him kindly.

The other paramedics who had checked Amanda, Takeo and Dania now come over to check on the children.

"They both look fine but we'll take then to the hospital anyway!" A paramedic tells Iver and Neal. Jed has now pulled back a little so the medic's can get on with the job of trying to save Sarah.

Neal's leg is strapped up and he is given a morphine injection to help with his pain.... not that he notices as he is so focused on what's happening with Sarah.

The medic's with Neal want him to go in the ambulance to hospital but Neal refuses to go until Sarah is stable and on her way. After about ten minutes she is ready for the dash to hospital.

It's then that Neal notices an air ambulance is in a field next to their house.

Once the helicopter has taken off Neal and the children are taken by road to the hospital.

Jed follows behind in a police car while Iver stays at the scene co-ordinating things and awaiting the arrival of his superior. If Neal had been in any fit state to wonder he might have thought it a little odd that Jed and not Iver had chosen to go to the hospital?

On arrival at the  local hospital Neal is devastated to find Sarah has been taken to The Wellington Hospital in London. Jed and his police driver are on their way to the Wellington to be with Sarah.

Neal is met at the hospital by Professor Grange Orthopaedic surgeon and Dr Luc K Peters paediatrician for both children and Neal's friend.

Luc takes the children to a side room and checks them over thoroughly while Prof Grange examines Neal. A nurse cleans Neal's head wound and covers it with a butterfly plaster.

By now the press have found out that Neal and his family have been involved in a shooting and that people have died but as yet they don't know who?


A nurse cuts of Neal's clothes and bags everything up handing the bag to the Police Officer for Forensics.

Neal is desperate for news on Sarah  and bugs the nurses and police constantly. Luc comes in and tells Neal both the children have a clean bill of health apart from a couple of cuts possibly from the fall when Sarah was shot.

Luc asks if Neal's family have been informed and is told the police are doing that now. By now Neal is on a morphine drip and awaiting surgery, he's pretty out of it!


Back at the house after the shooting Iver gives a list of phone numbers to the police Liaison officer......

Harry and Giselle are in France when they get the call. Harry answers the phone and when he is told what's happened sits down hard on the nearest chair. Giselle is out shopping with their son Abhay.

Harry awaits her return having decided that it's best not to phone her on her mobile as he knows she will take it badly and he is worried she will have an accident while driving. So while he waits he phones the local airport and charters a plane to fly then to London City airport. As soon as he knows the landing time he will arrange for a car to collect them from the airport.

So what else can he do while he waits? Look out their passports and throw a few things into a bag. He's in the kitchen packing Abhay's  bottles into a bag when Giselle arrives home.

"Harry why is a car and driver sitting on our drive? Are you going away" seeing Harry packing bottles she is more than a little confused. He turns and she can see he is ashen faced with tears in his eyes.

"You need to sit down baby.... there's been an accident!" Harry tells her but this is Giselle and she's having none of it.

"Just tell me... NOW!" Giselle glares at him.

"OK, but give me Abhay first!" and Harry holds out his arms taking his son from her. "The police phoned and there's been some sort of incident ... Neal and Sarah have both been hurt. I don't know any more but there is a plane waiting for us and I have our passports in my pocket so if your ready we can go now!"

Giselle just stands looking at Harry unable to take in what he's saying. She just nods takes Abhay from him, turns and heads for the door Harry follows picking up the bag as he goes and locking the front door. Soon they are on the plane and heading for England. 


A police officer goes to see Kandy at work informing her manager of the situation.


The manager calls Kandy into her office and the officer explains that Sarah has been injured in an accident and he will take her to Wellington Hospital in London. Kandy asks about Neal and is told he has also been hurt and is at local hospital.

"Why is Sarah at another hospital? And what about Dawn?" Kandy asks getting up and leaving the office.

They walk quickly towards the waiting police car. "I'm sorry miss, I don't know much more but I understand the children are fine!" the officer informs her as they get into the car and head for The Wellington.


Jonathan and Agnes are in their Island home busy packing up ready for their move to England.There's a knock on the door and when Agnes opens it she sees a policeman standing there.

"Wesley? Hi, what can we do for you?" Agnes smiles at him but her smiles fads as she sees the look on his face.

Agnes stands back "You had better come in!"

"Thank you, Mrs Mr Hage here too?" Wesley asks wishing he could be somewhere else. He liked  living on the Island where very little happened. Normally the worst news he had to impart to parents was that their offspring had been caught speeding or had had one to many on a Friday night.

Just then Jonathan appears at the living room door "Hi Wesley, nice to...see... you? Is everything OK?"

"I think you might need to sit down?" Wesley points into the living room.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this but I've had a message from the police in England....." Wesley begins

"Oh, god! Has something happened to Neal or Sarah? Oh, please tell me Dawn is OK? Has Akaine absconded from school...again?"  Agnes's voice catches in her throat.

"Look I'm not good at this so I'm just going to tell you what I know! Your son and his wife have been hurt in some sort of shooting. They are both alive but I understand your daughter-in-law is in a bad way."Wesley tells them.

Agnes gasps and grabs a hold of Jonathan's hand squeezing it tightly. He turns to Agnes "We need to get to England, I'll phone the airport you go and get our passports!"

Wesley interjects at this point " I will drive you to the airport and I have taken the liberty of requesting a plane to fly you to the mainland, Martha (Wesley's wife come secretary and all round dogs body) is arranging a flight from there to England for you!"

"Oh, Wesley thank you so much... and thank Martha for us please!" Agnes tells him.

So Jonathan goes in search of their passports while Agnes throws some clothes in a bag then they head for the airport.



Eden is driving to Luke's hotel for dinner when the news comes on the radio there had been a shooting at Neal Hage's home and deaths have been reported!


Eden has trouble controlling the car and has to pull over taking in great gulps of air.

As soon as she has got it together she heads for Luke's hotel, rushing up to his room she uses the key card Luke had given her and rushes in.

"Hi, darling.... you look flushed? You OK???" Luke smiles at her from the bed where he's watching sport on TV. 

Eden is rooted to the spot and just does not know what to say. Then steeling herself she sits on the edge of Luke's bed.

"Darling whatever's the matter?" Luke asks

Eden can't help herself and starts to cry, between sobs she manages to tell Luke what they said on the news.

Luke goes white and sitting on the edge of the bed grabs the remote and changes channels to the news. A publicity picture of  Neal is flashed up on the screen and then an aerial view from a TV news helicopter showing Neal's home and it's easy to see the covered bodies scattered on the ground. Eden sobs and Luke jumps up making a run for the bathroom where he is physically sick. Eden realises that Luke needs her to help him and after going to the bathroom and checking he is OK(ish)

She phones the police explaining who she is and that Luke is Neal's cousin. The police are hesitant to revile to many details and say they will phone Eden back. Luke comes out of the bathroom looking a little better but still very shocked. 

"What hospital are they in? We need to go to them?" he asks Eden as he steadies himself on the door frame.

"I don't know? I phoned the police but they said they would get back to me? I'm sorry I don't know what else to do!" Eden goes to Luke putting her arms around his waist.

Luke thinks for a minute "What about Kandy? Phone Kandy!"

"I?...What if she's doesn't know?" Eden starts to say then seeing the anguish on Luke's face she picks up her phone and  scrolls through finding Kandy's number she phones her.

The police car taking Kandy to the Wellington is just turning into the gates of the hospital when Kandy's mobile phone rings. She fishes it out of her bag and seeing it's Eden ringing flips it open.

"Eden is Neal OK? are you with Luke and Neal?" Kandy talks into her phone.

"NO! We just found out on the news, Luke's going ape we can't find anything more out, not even what hospital Neal is at and if everyone is OK?" Eden tells Kandy in desperation.

"Well Sarah is at the Wellington in London and Neal is at The Lister in Stevenage .. look I must go I've just arrived at the hospital!" and Kandy ends the call.

Eden turns to Luke picking up her car keys and empties a plastic bag (just in case Luke is sick again)

"Come on Luke get dressed, Neal is at The Lister hospital in Stevenage!"

And within minutes they head for the car and The Lister Hospital.



A police officer drives through the gates of Rectory Hall School For Girls (what it does not say on the sign and maybe should is 'Rectory Hall School For Girls with Issues'!)


Pulling up at the front of the imposing main building he looks up at the turreted school (Harry Potter would be at home here?)

 Alighting from the car he walks up to the large Oak front door he looks around, he was brought up near here and has always wondered what the place would be like? A couple of times girls had gotten out and appeared in the nearby village. They would go to the shop often trying to by drink or cigarettes but the shop owner would always phone Ms Bart and the girls would soon be collected and returned to the Hall. He felt sorry for Akaine, what chance did she have with such a famous family? Mother still a top model, sister another top model married to a Bollywood star the officer thought he remembered his wife telling him. He never read those gossip mags but Gwen loved them! Then there was Akaine's brother the mega famous Neal Hage...then again he was not doing so well at the moment was he? Just proves what they say about money and? What was it? Can't remember but it sure don't bring you luck! All of this goes through Officer Riggs mind as he locks the police car doors (well you never know) and rings the large pull bell next to the front door..

A minute later the door is opened by a young woman.... to young to be the head and to old to be a student "Hello, officer we were expecting you!" she tells him.

A look of astonishment crosses the officers face and the woman smiles "My sister phoned to tell the head you was on the way....Kate, my sister....she's an officer at your station."

Officer Riggs smiles with relief, for a second there he thought he was walking into one of those weird horror movie's (you know the sort, big old house, spooky goings on, etc)


But on entering the Hall he can see this house is not like that, a couple of girls are giggling as they come downstairs and he can just hear singing coming from behind a door to the right.... a very good rendition of Lady GaGa's latest hit. In fact the place reminded him a bit of those old St Trinians movie's (Yes, Officer Riggs loves his Films) Anyway the young woman introduces herself as Miss Epson she's Akaine's Dorm head and after he has seen Ms Bart she will take him to Akaine.

So after briefly informing Ms Bart as to what's happened Miss Epson takes him to see Akaine.

Akaine is in her room listening to music. Miss Epson knocks twice but the music is very loud and Akaine is on another planet day dreaming as always! "Can you wait here a moment please?" Miss Epson asks the officer who nods.

"Akaine can you turn that down please!" Miss Epson bellows.

Akaine looks up a frown on her face but she does as she is told. "What?" Akaine glares at Miss Epson

"There's a police officer to see you... he's outside" and Miss Epson points at the door.

Akaine sits bolt upright "It's not me... I never did it!...Whatever it is!"

Miss Epson smiles a little and pats Akaine's hand "No, dear it's OK... your not in trouble!" she gestures with her hand for Officer Riggs to come in.

He looks around the room looks like a typical teenage room. But bigger and with four beds sectioned of with a brightly coloured curtain. He notices that Akaine's area is bereft of any posters and has little in the way of personal items? "Miss Hage, I'm sorry to have to tell you but....." he begins

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Akaine screams at him and shies away starting to sob uncontrollably!

Officer Riggs and Miss Epson look at each other Officer Rigs has not even had the chance to finish? "Akaine, it's your brother...Neal....and his wife.... they....they..." and Miss Epson trails off as Akaine looks at her her big blue eyes boring into her.

"They have been shot, your brother is OK, but we are still awaiting news on your sister-in-law" Officer Riggs tells her in a quite kindly voice kneeing down so he is eye to eye with Akaine.

"Oh!" then looking at Miss Epson "I want to see Neal...PLEASE!!!!"

Miss Epson smiles and pats Akaine,s hand and handing her a tissue "Off course you do and Officer Riggs is going to take you right now!"

Akaine is off the bed and heading for the door....


 Meanwhile back at the murder scene the CSI's have arrived along with Diesel, Iver's boss.


Once Iver has given Diesel an update of the situation Diesel tells him to find Rumi and get her to the hospital. Iver had already said he wanted to tell her and not leave it for another cop to do!

Iver thinks the easiest way is to phone Rumi's mobile and find out where she is and then tell her in person what has happened. So he phones her....

"Hello, sexy what's going on?" Rumi's answers her mobile. 

"A...Ammmm! Hi, Babe... where are you?" suddenly Iver has lost the power of speech.

"Iver? What's the matter?" Rumi can hear there is something wrong.

"Rumi, where are you? Are you at home?" Iver asks her as he starts the car engine and manoeuvre his car around all the police vehicles and even a TV van (boy that was fast?)

"I'm at home? Please... tell me what's happened? ... It's Sarah isn't it? Is she dead?" Rumi pleads with him to tell her.

Dam that woman and her intuition..." Look I'm almost with you, just make sure you and Marc are ready to leave as soon as I arrive... and no Sarah is not dead!" He adds the last bit with his fingers crossed hoping it's still true.(As you might remember from previous episodes all three sisters now live quite close so it only takes Iver minutes to arrive outside his apartment building.)

As he enters the building a slightly dishevelled Rumi and Marc come out of the lift.

Rumi runs to Iver and is enveloped in his muscular arms. He smells of sweat and aftershave and of something else...fear??? Rumi can feel something.....strange...stiff..on his top and pulls back from him a little looking at him. It's then she sees the blood.

"Oh, my god! Are you OK?" She grabs at his top.

"I'm's not my blood...." Iver starts to tell her as he puts his arm around her waist guiding her towards the waiting car and taking Marc from her.

"It's Sarah's blood!" Rumi tells him.

"No...well I don't think so... It's Neal's blood!" Iver replies.

"!!! What the hell has been going on?" Rumi is shocked and frightened.

"Well, I think it might be a good idea if you put some shoes on and we get a jacket for Marc before we go!" Iver changes the subject.

Back in the apartment while Rumi puts on some shoes and gets a jacket for Marc Iver changes his clothes putting them in a bag as he knows they will need to go to forensics. 

Then it's back down in the lift. Soon all three are in the car and Iver heads for the motorway and The Wellington hospital.....