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The Priors... Episode Fifty Nine...Dania's Revenge

This Episode may contain a story line and scenes that some viewers might find unsettling!

After crashing out late in the afternoon Neal has a fitful night wondering if Dania will re-appear and what will happen if she does?By morning he's not feeling or looking so good.

Sarah knows he slept badly but just puts it down to jet-lag. After a coffee and passing on breakfast Neal closes himself away in his study talking first with Iver and then with the police.

The news is not good and Iver phones Neal later that morning to tell him they have had a positive sighting of Dania at Heathrow Airport.


It's Molly (the nanny's) day off and nurse Amanda will be staying on for another day. While Sarah is disappointed that Neal can't spend more time with them she understands he needs to catch up on work.

Neal had even spoken about maybe directing a movie if the right one came along! It sometimes amazed her that he had time for a family so should she complain when he spends time in his office? At least Dania Zarr had gone now.... at least that was one thing they no longer had to worry about!


Sarah had phoned Dr Luc Peters and was reassured that Ben was doing fine,

Luc had made an appointment with Sarah to bring Ben in the following day for a check up and so he could answer any more questions she might have.

Sarah spends the rest of the morning playing with Dawn while Amanda attends to Ben's needs, checks through his medicines and chats with Sarah. At lunch time Sarah knocks on Neal's office door

"Neal, it's lunch time are you staying in there all day?"

Neal comes out ashen faced "Neal? What's the matter... you look ill?" Sarah puts her hand on his arm "She's back! Iver phoned.... you and the kids... you need to leave, NOW!"

As they enter the living room they catch the end of Amanda's conversation "..... yes sir! Were moving out now!" and she flips her phone shut. Turning to Neal and Sarah "OK, I'm not just a nurse... I work with Iver, we need to be leaving... NOW!"

Neal hugs Sarah "Yes, I know!"

"Do we have time to pack? Are we going to Rumi's again?" Sarah looks from Neal to Amanda real fear in her eyes her heart racing she feels physically sick.

"NO!" Neal and Amanda say together. 

"Were going to a safe house, Iver will meet us there!" Amanda tells them.

Neal scoops Dawn out of the baby swing where she had been playing and Sarah removes a sleeping Ben from his crib.

Neal grabs his keys and they make for the front door....

"Wait! I'll go first!" Amanda tells them. She opens the door and looking around heads for the car signalling them to follow.

Just as they reach the car a shot rings out and Amanda drops to the ground.


Sarah screams and Neal uses his body to try and shield his family.


Before they have a chance to retreat to the safety of their home Dania appears with henchman Takeo both holding a guns.

"To late darlink!" Dania smirks "just shoot them Takeo, start with ze kids and leave Neal to last! I want him to watch his family die!!!"

Fear washes over Neal but he knows if he has any chance of saving his family he needs to keep his head. Both Dawn and Ben can feel the fear rippling from Neal and Sarah and both start to cry.

Takeo has done a lot of bad things in his life ...but shooting kids? That's a bit much even for him!

"Look I think shooting the women... maybe just hurt her a bit, then I could kill him?" Takeo ventures an opinion.

Sarah looks up at the sound of his voice looking him in the eye "Takeo?" her voice little more than a whisper.

"I DON'T PAY YOU TO ZINK!!!! Dania screams at him infuriated.

"Look, Dania... OK, your going to kill me... kill my family....WHY?" Neal asks fighting for time... hoping for a miracle?

Dania smiles "You are zo stupid! You think you can mezz wiz me? I am Dania Zarr! I am respected!"


Sarah finds her voice "OK, Dania but what have we ever done to you?" 

"You? no-think! it iz your stoopid huzband!" Dania glares at Neal.

"OK, so what has my stupid husband done to you?" Sarah replies

"HAY!" Neal interjects.

"He mez wiz my modelz. My Gizelle! She would have made a good proztitute I could have got a lot of money for her when her modeling woz over" Dania smiles thinking of all the money she could have made.

"Giselle is my SISTER! I was not going to stand by while you got her hooked on drugs then pimped her out!" Neal flashes at Dania.

"And my boy toyz my Luke! You take him from me! Then you mezz wizz my magazine!!! You takez zit all from ME! Now I takes zit from YOU!" Dania smiles a smile of pure evil!

"Luke is my cousin he asked for my help and I gave it... the magazine was for I brought it!" Neal  fires back at Dania. 

"You did?" Sarah looks at Neal.

Dania ignores Sarah's comment "I makes you ze baby ...ze boy...hiz mine to do wiz az I like!" She pokes at Ben who howls with pain.

Sarah turns slightly to one side trying to shield him... a natural mothering instinct. 

 Neal steps in front of Sarah, Dania is livid she looks over at Takeo and he hits Neal in the face with the butt of his gun. Neal stumbles backwards loosing his footing and falls hard to the ground still holding Dawn.

It's then he realises that Dania also has a gun and she aims it at Neal's leg shooting him in the calf. (She was aiming for his knee but is a rotten shot)

Neal yells in pain, Sarah runs forward screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she drops to her knees next to Neal still holding Ben.

Neal tries to breath through his pain "Take Dawn! Sarah! Take Dawn!" He looks into her eyes hoping that Sarah understands what he is telling her, Sarah nods and taking Dawn staggers a little as she stands back up.

Neal tries to distract Dania he can see Takeo is uncomfortable with the situation and gambles on the hope that he will not shoot Sarah or the children.

"DANIA! What do you mean... about Ben?" Neal asks

"It waz eazy!  Jett, you have sex, she keep ze condom, I even give her ze little box... keep zit warm! I have ze doctor he ... how you say... he impregnate some of my gilz! Then you have ze boy!" Dania smiles again, pleased with herself!

"But why?" Neal is still confused.

"To mezz with ze perfect marriage... to sell ze child! To destroy you! and now you get to see ze boy die!" Dania point her gun towards Sarah and the children.

With a roar Neal launches himself at Dania "Run Sarah... RUN!"

Takeo turns and aims his gun at Neal.........

Then all hells lets loose a there are rounds of rapid gun fire .........

 OK, so when have I NOT left you hanging?


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