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The Priors... Episode Fifty Eight...Happy Families?

When Neal phones the cottage that evening he gets no reply... He tries again and then phones Sarah

"Hi, Sarah hows things going?..... Is that Dawn I can hear in the background? Can you put her on daddy wants to chat?"

Above the sound of Dawn's babbling he can hear a baby cry, it sounds like Ben but he knows it can't be.... can it?


Sarah is holding the phone to Dawn's ear and Dawn is babbling away in excitement at her daddy's voice. As she is babbling Molly comes in carrying Ben.

"I have his bottle...." then seeing Sarah is on the phone she mouths "sorry!"


Sarah takes the phone from Dawn wiping the dribble off before holding it to her own ear "Neal, ahmmm I have something to tell you....."

Neal can't help but interrupt "You've not had another baby have you?"

Sarah laughs "No!... well not as such..." then all of a rush the words spilling out " I-have-Ben-the-witch-looking-after-him-was-not!!!! He's-OK-but-I-have-him-with-me, I'm sorry.... he's just a baby ...I mean...I ... well he's with US now!"Sarah comes to a stuttering end.

"Oh!" Neal can think of nothing to say (gotta be a first)

"Is that it? Oh????" Sarah smiles.

"Well... I'm a little stunned! What about his feeding and stuff? Do you have a nurse there?" Neal's asks the questions suddenly tumbling out.


"He's fine... no nurse... Iver sorted out his medicines and gave Molly and I a list of what to do and when!" Sarah tells him.

"Iver? What's Iver got to do with this?" Neal sounds even more confused.


"Well..." just then Ben pumps up the volume and Dawn not wanting to be out done joins in "Look I think I need to help Molly with feeding these two..."

"OK, well my flight leaves soon so I'll see you tomorrow! Sarah... I love you!" Neal tells her a big soppy grin on his face.


"I love you too!" Sarah ends the call and turns her attention to Ben and Dawn.

"I'll feed Ben if you want to feed Dawn?" Sarah tells Molly.

"OK, do you want me to take Dawn to the dining room or feed her in here?" Molly questions Sarah.


"I think in here tonight then we can help each other!" Sarah laughs.

After both children are fed and bathed Molly rocks Ben to sleep while Sarah cuddles up with Dawn, soon both babies are asleep and snuggled up in their cots.


Sarah and Molly are exhausted and settle for pizza and glass of wine for Sarah a orange juice for Molly with their feet up in front of the soaps on TV.


" Hay! Meeting Mr Right is on tonight, So many handsome men... shame there all gay! Molly giggles.


"Yes and later there's a re run of Disparately Real Housewives of Dollyland on,  that show is just hysterical!" Sarah smiles. "Oh and the new one....


what's it called??? Oh, I remember Sugar Daddy Bachelor You know Neal met Johanna the director once, he said she is a s mad as a hatter!"

So they settle down for the evening to watch TV.

They agree that Sarah will have Ben in her room tonight and in Molly's tomorrow night... as Neal will be home tomorrow

Ben is amazingly good and only wakes twice in the night, Sarah would like to think it's because he feels safe but knows it is more likely to be his medication.


They are all up early in the morning the children are washed and dressed Sarah hopes they can stay at least mostly clean until Neal gets home.

Molly plays with Dawn while Ben sleeps nearby in his crib. This gives Sarah the chance to have a nice long bath and wash her hair.


 Neal's plane lands on time and he phones Sarah to let her know he will soon be home.

Sarah is still getting ready when the door bell rings, for a second she panic's thinking it's Neal then realises Neal would not ring the bell he would use his key.

Molly calls up stairs that she will answer the door and scooping Dawn into her arms goes to the front door. It's Iver with a nurse "Hi, I've just brought Amanda along to check on Ben... I hope it's OK?"

"I'm sure it will be, Sarah upstairs... come in I'll just go check with her?" Molly shows them into the living room. Then she goes upstairs to Sarah's room. She informs Sarah that is was Iver at the door with a nurse to check on Ben.

"Oh? That's nice of him... I guess? But were doing OK... aren't we?" Sarah asks Molly a little confused.

Sarah quickly puts on a robe and goes down to the living room. "Hi, Iver! This is so nice of you, but I think we are doing fine!"

"Well, I just thought Amanda could give you and Molly a few tips.... maybe stay until Neal gets home? She could help Molly and give you some time with Neal!" and Iver winks at Sarah.

Sarah thinks about it, she can see the merit in this idea. "OK, it sounds like a plan!"

They chat for a little while and then Iver leaves.

Sarah dashes back upstairs to finish getting ready and Amanda helps Molly with Ben and Dawn.

Not long after the front door bursts open and Neal is home. Sarah can't help but feel excited to have him home and rushes to the door wrapping her arms around Neal's neck and kissing him with passion. 

"WOW! I should go away more often!" Neal laughs kissing her back.

"You will NOT!" Sarah replies indignantly.

"It's OK! I miss my family to much when I'm away" Neal grins.

"Your family are in the living room by the way!" Sarah tells him.

Stepping over his bags Neal makes for the living room scooping up Dawn he swings her high in the air which makes her giggle with joy "Dada, Dada!" she chortles. Neal showers her with kisses and hugs her close.


Dawn puts up with this for a short time but then wriggles to get down and get back to her exploring. His attention then turns to Ben just starting to stir in his crib. Neal gently lifts him from his crib and holds him close kissing him gently on the top of his head and the the tip of his nose. Sarah looks on seeing how much Neal adores his son and love for her husband AND his son washes over her.


Neal sits down on the sofa and Sarah introduces Amanda filling him in with what happened to the other nurses and the nanny. Plus, the help Iver had been with sorting the mess out and arranging for Amanda to help them.

While this is going on Molly goes and makes a cup of tea putting the cups on the tray with some freshly baked muffins. When they have finished their tea and muffins Neal starts to yawn,putting his hand up to cover his mouth "Oh, please excuse me... must be jet-lag setting in! I might just go and take a nap!" and Neal gets up to leave the room. 

"Amm, I might just come with you... sort out you dirty washing!" Sarah gets up and follows him to their bedroom.

As soon as their bedroom door is closed Neal grabs Sarah and pulls her down onto the bed. Quickly they undress each other and are soon making love.

Afterwards Neal falls into an exhausted sleep. 

Sarah gets up and after a quick shower dresses and returns downstairs noticing that Neal's cases are still in the hall where he had left them! Oops!

Later that day Neal is up and about making some calls in his office while Molly and Amanda look after the children and Sarah prepares dinner. 

Then Neal gets a call from Iver that leaves him feeling very perplexed.  Apparently Iver's been informed that Dania has slipped the guys tailing her and they have lost track of her? She could be heading back to England??? Oh, and Iver thinks it might be a good idea if Amanda stayed for a couple of days? Neal trusts Iver  (even though he is STILL not sure exactly what it is the Iver does???) so agrees.

It's Neal's first night back and he does not want to frighten Sarah by telling her about Dania... after all it's not certain that Dania is even heading back to England.

Neal wakes in the night and pulling himself up onto his elbow he looks over at a sleeping Sarah gently brushing away a stray strand of hair.... Neal sighs, every time things start to go right something gets in the way! But maybe this time things will settle down?


"Miss Zarr, welcome back to England" Takeo greets his boss.

"Thank you, Takeo! Now about Neal Hage....."


Episode Fifty Nine


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