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The Priors... Episode Fifty Seven... Sarah's Left Alone

This Episode may contain a story line and scenes that some viewers might find unsettling!


For the next couple of weeks things are as  settled as they can be. A routine of sorts is established. Neal divides his time between Ben at the cottage, taking him to regular check ups with Luc at the hospital and his 'family'.... Sarah and Dawn. Neal is counting down the days until he will need to go away for the film he is producing.

 Originally he was going to be the lead as well but with all that's going on he managed to get his good friend Simon West  to take over the lead. Much to the chagrin of Simon's wife Kumi.

(Picture By Amber)

Anyway the time had come for him to put in an appearance on set and he was looking forward to a couple of days away from it all and the odd drink or two with Simon as they did some catching up!

So with his bags packed he is just awaiting the car to take him to the airport.

"Do you have everything? Passports, money, phone, laptop,condoms?" Sarah asks.

"Oh, funny lady! I'm working darling and I will be with Simon most of the time! I can't see him so much as looking at another woman, Kumi would have his bits sliced and diced before he could flinch! Anyway I have no interest in other women, why would when I have you waiting for me?" Neal gives Sarah one of his disarming smiles.

"Creep!" but Sarah does kiss him as she says this.

Just then the door bell rings "Oh, well...see you soon!" He kisses Sarah on the lips then the forehead and then the lips again.

"Bye, have a nice flight... and be good!" Sarah follows him to the front door.

Just as Neal opens the door bag in hand he turns to Sarah "I know it's a big ask.... but can to keep an eye on Ben for me?" 

Sarah gives him a look and before she can say anything Neal holds up his hand "I know it's a big ask... I know he has nurses and the nanny... but please could you just look in on him... or just phone and check all is OK?"

Sarah sighs "OK, I'll phone!"

Just then the driver appears and taking Neal's bag puts it in the boot "See you soon... love you!" and with that he gets into the car and is gone.


Two days later as Dawn takes her morning nap Sarah decides to take a walk into the village to get some milk, this will entail her passing the cottage were Ben lives with the nurses and nanny. So leaving Molly (Dawn's nanny)to listen out for Dawn Sarah sets out for the village. She is trying to pluck up the carriage to knock on the door and ask if they need anything but as she approaches she can hear Ben screaming the place down and decides to leave it for the moment.

Having brought the milk, a couple of magazines and some chocolate she stops for a chat with one of the villagers.


The woman asks if she has heard about the strange goings on in Clove Cottage (where Ben lives) Sarah asks what she means and the woman goes on to tell her about all the visitors and too-ing and throwing. Plus, the fact that the baby is often left to cry for hours...


Sarah knows from what Neal has told her that Ben cries more than normal but with his medication he should be OK? So steeling herself she decides to stop at the cottage.


She knocks on the door three times before it is eventually answered by one of the nurses.

It's immediately evident the nurse is three parts to the wind AND HAS BEEN SMOKING in the cottage!!!!!  Sarah is outraged and pushing past the nurse she enters the cottage. The place is a pigsty and Ben is still crying in a cot in the corner. The nurse makes no move to go to him just flopping back down in the chair.

"what the HELL is going on?" Sarah demands

"Why? What it to YOU? It's not like you want anything to do with the screaming brat?" the nurse gives Sarah a defiant look.

Sarah can't help herself and she walks over to Ben in his cot. She could smell him across the room and up close she can see he needs his nappy changed as it's  leaked through onto his bedding.

Picking Ben up she takes him over to the changing table and starts to undress him, the nurse just sit in the chair taking a swig from her glass. Sarah can't believe the attitude of this nurse?

When Ben is stripped off and cleaned she can see he has a bad case of nappy rash and is not being looked after properly at all! She puts on a generous amount of Sudo cream and a clean nappy then looking around finds a pile of clean washing, searching through Sarah locates a vest and babygrow. Once Ben is clean and Sarah is gently rocking him in her arms he starts to quieten down. 

Sarah turns her attention back to the nurse "YOU! Your a disgrace! Now pack your bags and GET OUT!"


"Oh, Yeah! an who's going to look after him?" the nurse points at Ben.

"Well, where's the other nurse and the nanny?" Sarah asks.

"Well Rose the nanny, she's staying with her boyfriend and  Margaret the other nurse it's her day off!" so you see there's only me! So unless your plaining on looking after the boy on your own I'm guessing your stuck with me!" the nurse smirks.

"Well I will look after him! Now unless you want me to call the police and get you removed... GET YOUR STUFF....AND GET OUT!!!!" Sarah spits the words out and the nurse finally working out Sarah means business sighs and starts to collect her clothes etc. together. While the nurse is upstairs packing Sarah sits down with a still whimpering Ben and phones Rumi.


"Hello!" Iver answers the phone

"Hi, Iver it's Sarah... is Rumi there?" Sarah has no idea what to do with Ben and was hoping for some help from Rumi but unfortunately Rumi is out with Marc.

"Sarah is everything OK? Is that Dawn crying, she sounds a bit strange?" Iver asks with concern in his voice.

Just as Sarah is about to answer there is a crash upstairs making both Sarah and Ben jump "What the???....  No, the baby is Ben and I have just sacked his nurse, who I think in now trashing the upstairs?"

"Stay there I'll be with you in a couple of minutes!!!" and Iver puts the phone down.

The nurse is still upstairs packing when Iver pulls up out side. "What the....???? This place is a MESS!" He says when he enters.

"I know! Ben was filthy when I arrived and he needs feeding but I don't know what to give him? Neal says he still has medicine in his bottles but I don't want to get it wrong?" Sarah is crying and holding Ben close to her.

Iver puts a comforting arm around her "No worries we can soon sort that out, now you take Ben back to your house and I'll sort this" Iver waves his hand around the room.

Sarah does as Iver asks and as soon as she has gone Iver phones Jed telling him what's going on. Then he turns his attention to the errant nurse. Going up the stairs two at a time he finds her packing everything she can into her bags... much of which does not belong to her.

"What do YOU want? Little miss 'my shit don't smell' called you did she?" (Iver has visited Ben with Neal on several occasions so the nurse knows him)

"Why, what's it to you? Your a disgrace to the nursing profession! Now time to go ... and put back all the items that don't belong to you first!" Iver stands over her until she is packed up and ready to leave.

When she reaches the front door Iver holds out his hand "keys please!"

The nurse grumbles but hands over the keys "What about my wages? I'm owed three weeks money!"

"Forget it! I think you have had your monies worth from this family! Iver opens the door and pushes her out into the Street. Just then a black SUV pulls up and Jed jumps out.

He looks at the departing nurse staggering down the roads with her bags "What's going on?" 

"Just a bit of house clearance!" Iver grins and they both enter the cottage.

Within half an hour a cleaner arrives and Iver who has phoned Luc at the hospital has all the information he needs about Ben's meds. Jed stays while the cleaner sorts the cottage out and Iver, having gone through the fridge and cupboards has located what Ben needs. "I'm going to take this stuff to Sarah, I'll phone you if she needs anything else!"

"OK, I'll stay here until you phone!" Jed replies.


 Back at Sarah's home Sarah is still bouncing Ben and trying to sooth him. Molly is near by but Sarah has refused her offer of help.

The door bell goes and Molly answers the door.

Iver enters the living room and Sarah breathes a sigh of relief.

"Sarah, I have Ben's meds sorted out I'll go over them with Molly if that's OK? Then we can get him fed?" he tells her.

Sarah smiles "OK, but be quick this little guy is hungry"

A couple of minutes later Molly arrives in the living room with a bottle for Ben "Do you want me to fed him?" she asks. 

Sarah holds out her hand to take the bottle "No, thanks I'll do it... you could get me a bib though"

"There are some in the bag" Iver tells Molly.

"Yes, that's fine!" Sarah smiles and takes the bib from Molly gently fastening it around Ben's neck.

Iver sits down and studies Sarah as she feeds then winds Ben.

"Sarah what are you going to do? About Ben I mean... do you want me to find the other nurse or the nanny? I could get you a new nurse if you want?" Iver asks pretty sure he knows the answer.

Sarah smiles at him "No, thank you!  I must be crazy... how can you be frightened of a BABY? A sick baby at that! However Ben came to be, he's here now and Neal loves him... I think I could too? ...Given time!"

Iver smiles his instinct was spot on as always! "So do you want me to organise moving Ben's things?"

"Yes, please! Oh, and can you see if you can find out the details of the other nurse and nanny?" Sarah asks Iver.

"Sure, what are you going to do with them?" Iver enquires.

"Well, I'm going to sack the nanny who is apparently staying at a boyfriends house. The nurse it's her day off... I'm not sure? Maybe I could do with her around? I guess it depends on whether she knew how badly Ben was being treated?" Sarah shakes her head and looks down at the now sleeping Ben running her finger gently down his cheek and thinking how much he looks like Neal. Any doubts/hopes she might have had that Ben was not Neal's are now gone.

"Sarah ....Sarah?" Iver calls her name bringing her back to earth. Sarah looks up at him a quizzical look on her face.

"Do you want me to clear out the cottage? You want all Ben's stuff?" Iver asks.

"Yes! Everything... Oh, and Iver... thank you!" Sarah smiles at him.

Iver has always thought he had picked the perfect woman in Rumi but looking at her sister he can see what Neal sees. The Sarah that over the last few months has not been around much!

"Your family, it's not a problem!" Iver winks and turns to leave.

When he gets outside he phones Jed and they both then make a few more calls.

Iver arrives back at the cottage as the cleaner is leaving. Within the hour everything appertaining to Ben has been packed into a van and is on it's way to Neal and Sarah's home.


It's not difficult to locate the nanny and the nurse. Iver deals with them both thinking Sarah has enough going on with Ben to look after. The nanny he finds as Sarah had said at her boyfriends home and sacks her. The nurse he finds working a shift at a local hospital and after a little 'chat' tells her not to come back either.


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