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The Priors Episode Fifty Four.... Finding The Mother

 This Episode may contain a story line and scenes that some viewers might find unsettling!

 Neal takes Sarah and Dawn to stay with Rumi. Iver tells Neal he needs to sort out a couple of things and he will meet them at his apartment. 

In the car on the way to Rumi's Neal discusses with Sarah how much to tell Rumi? In the end they decide to wait until Iver gets there and let him decide? It feels good that someone is on their side, and both for some reason feel confident that Iver will be able to help sort out this mess despite the fact they still don't know how?

Rumi is more than a little surprised to see them......might  have something to do with her obvious nakedness under her wrap and what looks like a 'loin cloth' that Sarah spots on their bed as she passes Iver and Rumi's bedroom?

Marc is fast asleep in his cot so they set up a trvel cot for Dawn who had fallen asleep in the car.

"OK, so what's going on? I can see your not leaving Neal so why are you here? Don't get me wrong I love you and I'm happy to have you stay but ...." Rumi asks Sarah  a look of confusion on her face.

"I...ammmm....we....ammmm?" Sarah is stumped as to what to say and while Neal settles Dawn, Sarah takes her bag through to Rumi and Iver's room and Rumi quickly puts on some clothes.

Just as Rumi starts to cross examine them Iver appears.

They all go into the living room and Iver asks Neal and Sarah how much they have told Rumi?

"Nothing as yet!" Neal tells him.

"Well, I think Rumi needs to know what's going on too! Unless this mess is sorted quickly she will need to watch her back as well!"Iver tells them.

Turning to Neal, Sarah says "See!  I said this would open Rumi and Marc up to all this!"


Rumi looks from one to another "OOOOOOOKKKKKKKK!!!! So spill what's going on? What have you got to do with this?" her questions are directed at Iver.

So they fill her in on all the gory details the story unfolds Rumi is silent apart from odd "WHAT?" and "Huh?"

They talk long into the night. Then Iver picks up his overnight bag (always packed) and follows in his car as Neal drives back to Neal's home. Iver will be staying with Neal until things are sorted out.



The next morning Iver is up and about by 7:30, Neal hearing him moving around goes down to the kitchen finding Iver cooking bacon and eggs and munching on a slice of toast! "Make yourself at home!" Neal tells Iver as Iver hands him a cup of coffee.

"Thanks!"Iver grins as Neil accepts the coffee.

Iver carries his  plate over to the kitchen table and sits down. Neal follows drinking his coffee.

 "You want any?" Iver gestures to his plate. 

"No thanks!" Neal shakes his head.

They sit in silence then just as Iver finishes his breakfast his mobile phone rings. He gets up and leaves the room talking quietly.

A few minutes later he returns. sitting down and looking at Neal "OK, now it's my turn to spill the beans....." and he tells Neal all that he can. "and finally..... We've found the baby!" Iver finishes.


Neal just looks at him blankly..... he wonders when the other shoe will drop and then realizes it just did!

"OK? so can we go see him? Who's his mother?... Is he OK?" Neal has so many questions and his head is starting to hurt.

"First question, as soon as your ready.... second and third question I can't answer!" Iver tells him.


"There will be a car here soon to take us to the mother!" Iver adds.

"OK! I'll be ready if a jiffy!" and Neal is up and gone.


He returns down stairs to see Iver talking to another guy. Iver turns as Neal approaches and Neal sees Iver put a gun in his waist band.

"My god!!!! what's that for?" Neal is really shocked.

"Look you know who I am and what I do! Sometimes the movie's are based on life! Now lets go if your ready?" Iver shrugs off Neal's shock.

At the car Iver introduces his partner "This is Jed, my partner... and freind!" The men shake hands and Neal gets into the back of the blacked out SUV.

When they arrive at a doss house in a very run down area Iver tells Neal to wait while they go in and see if they can find the girl or the baby. They are gone a couple of minutes but Neal can stand it no longer and getting out of the car he enters the house.


The stench is unbelievable and he fishes a hankie from his pocket.The soles of his shoes are sticking to the dirty floor as he walls. He can hear voices towards the back of the house, following the voices he makes his way to the back of the house where Iver and Jed are standing in the doorway. He can't see into the room as Jed's broad frame is blocking the entrance.


"What's going on!" He asks.

Jed turns a little and Neal can see into to room of horrors! "Is she.... is she.... dead?" Neal stutters.

Iver turns to him "No! I say she's not far off though!"


Jed is already on the phone calling an ambulance. Neal stands in the doorway as Iver kneels down next to the girl and checks her vitals again!  He fishes in his pocket pulling out a little packet. Tearing it open with his teeth he puts on some latex gloves and places a month shield over the unconscious girls mouth. Jed joins him on the floor and they start resuscitation. Jed turns to Neal "Can you go to the front door and look out for the ambulance?"

Neal pleased to be able to leave them to it bolts for the front door. Once outside he takes a couple of deep breaths, he realizes while in the house he had been trying not to breath! He had never smelt such a stench! Was it death or something close? Then he remembers why they were there what about the baby? 

Just then he sees the ambulance coming down the roads with it's lights flashing,  behind it a police car. As soon as the ambulance is close enough to see him  Neal flags them down and taking a deep breath ducks back into the house closely followed by the ambulance crew and two police officers.

Iver and Jed talk quickly to the ambulance crew and the the two officers Neal just stands to one side unsure what to do.

Neal looks around for signs of a baby then spots a soiled nappy on top of a full bin bag! Well, that might help some way to making the stench perpetrating the house. 

Iver comes over to him "The girl has O.eD, if she lives I'm not sure what help she will be? I'm sorry!"

Neal points to the rubbish in the corner "There's been a baby here at some time!"

Iver and Jed both look over at where Neal is pointing. Jed goes up to the nappy and looks closely at it giving it a poke with pencil. " The baby must have been here not to long ago the poop is pretty fresh!"

Neal tries not to gag.... way to much information!!!!!

"Is there any chance of talking to the girl?" Iver asks one of the ambulance guys.

"I doubt it!" the guy says as they get the girl onto a stretcher and start to remove her from the building. 

One of the policeman come over and chats quietly with Iver.

Turning to Neal and Jed he tells them it might be best if Neal goes home and Iver will have a look around the house then go to the hospital. Jed says he will go to the hospital with the girl... just in case she should start to come round.

"I'm not going home! I need to find the baby! .... He's my son!" Neal is adamant. 

"OK, then you can help me look around this place!" Iver instructs him.

Jed leaves with the ambulance and the two officers start looking around the ground floor. Iver and Neal make their way upstairs where they find three 'bedrooms'  full of rubbish and the paraphernalia used for sex and drug taking. There is also a bathroom and toilet.... just use your imagination!!!!!


But no signs of a baby or anything to do with a baby! Neal is in despair thinking that they might never find this baby when one of the officers call up the stairs "Sir, I think we might have found something!"

"Sir?" Neal turns to Iver 

Iver shrugs his shoulders "Just a very polite guy I guess?"

Neal is more interested in what the police officer has found so chooses to ignore what the officer had called Iver! They both go down stairs to see what the officers have found.

On the table there's a black bag, the contents had been tipped out onto the table next to it.

A couple of nappies, a white blanket and a babies bottle. Next to this is a note saying that the baby was safe with a friend who will look after him until Neal can collect him?

 "Until I collect him????? What does THAT mean? and who has him, what friend???" Neal looks at Iver confused.

Iver shakes his head "I have no idea but this girl must have thought someone would know?"

"Do you think she O.D on purpose?" Neal asks.

"It is looking that way? I think we need to get to the hospital and hope she comes round?" Iver scoops up the items on the table putting them back into the bag.

"Amm, Sir I don't think you can take those items?" the officer tells Iver.

"I think you'll find I can!" and Iver leaves the house with a very confused Neal following close behind!

Once they are both in the car and heading for the hospital Neal can hold his tongue no longer " I take it you are some sort of copper, so what's the big secret?"

Iver is concentrating on manoeuvring through the busy London traffic but nods his head "Yeah, I'm a cop of sorts.... and one day I will tell you the rest but for now... you are just going to have to trust me and go with the flow!"

"Go with the flow? This is my LIFE not a dam river!!!" Neal is exasperated!


They pull into the hospital and Iver slews the car into a parking space making other drivers who had been waiting for a space to toot their horns. They enter A&E and see Jed standing chatting to a nurse. (Not sure if it's chatting too or chatting up???)

"They think she will be OK?" Jed tells Iver.

"Is she awake yet?" Neal asks.

Just then a crash comes from the cubicle behind them. Pulling the curtain apart they see the girl has started to come round. Seeing Iver and Jed the girl stares at them " Wat! Wat do ya wont? need a fota?" she screams.


"No, thank you! But I would like to know who you are and what connection you have to Mr Hage and the baby?" Iver asks her.

"Mine ya own! I an't talkin' to nowon an I can smell pig!" the girl hisses at him.

"Not even me?" Neal steps forward.

The girl scrutinizes Neal then eventually she pulls herself together "Neal 'Ag? Well, ain't ya a sight fa sore eyes! I ad ya kid ya know!" the girl grins it Neal.

"YOU??? but I don't understand? He turns from the girl to Iver and Jed "I've never seen this girl before in my life, and and and she can't be more than 16? I would NEVER sleep with a CHILD!!! I'm not a sodding paedophile!"

"Nope! ya not, I never fort i'd met ya! Jus ya lidal soldiers!" and the girl giggles.

Neal is confused and more than a little perplexed. " What the HELL is going on?"

The girl tries to explain a little of what she knows but tiredness is overcoming her and she starts to drift off to sleep, before sleep wins she manages to tell them her name is Mel and her friend Sky has Ben.

"Where can we find Sky?" Iver asks her as she drifts off again.

But they can get no answer and the nurse re-appears ushering them out. 


"Look lets take you home!" Iver tells Neal.... "We will find Sky...and Ben... it's just a matter of time now!" Neal nods and after Iver has a quick word to Jed who is going to stay at the hospital (Until her police guard arrives) they leave.


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