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The Priors... Episode Fifty Three... Neal asks Iver for help!

 Neal kneels down on the floor in front of Sarah and taking her hands tells her all that Jett had told him.

By the end Sarah is shaking  a look of genuine fear on her face!

"I think we should call the police?" Sarah tells him.

Neal shakes his head "No! Do you think the police would believe all this? It's a bit.... out there?"

"Well, we need to protect Dawn.... what can we do?" Sarah looks at him hoping he will have the answers to this extraordinary tale but knowing it's not likely... who could?

Then Neal has a light bulb moment "What about Iver?"

 "IVER????? How can Iver help us? AND would getting Iver involved not put Rumi and Marc in danger too? I mean if half of what you say is true????...." Sarah trails off.


"Well, from what I can see of Iver and the way he's moved Rumi and Marc into that high security building I would think he knows all about that! Now, that's a thought! Why don't you take Dawn and stay with Rumi for a couple of days?"


Sarah looks at him shocked but fear for her babies safety makes her think about it "If we did that what about you? Would you come too?" Sarah tightens her grip on Neal's hand, so tight in fact Neal wonders if his fingers are about to become crushed?

 "I don't know? That might not be such a good idea? I think we should talk to Iver first?" Neal stands up... not because he wants to as such but more to give himself a reason to extract his hand from Sarah's crushing mechanism (hand)

Going over to the phone he picks it up and presses the speed dial button for Rumi and Iver.


Iver picks up on the third ring "Hi, Sarah .... Rumi it's Sarah" and Neal can hear Rumi mumble.

"It's not Sarah it's Neal" Neal tell Iver.


"Neal? Hi, what can I do you for?" Iver enquires.

"Hi, Neal!" Rumi calls out.

"Iver I need to talk to you about .....something, can you come round?" Neal asks.

"Yes, sure.... later this evening be OK?" Iver sounds puzzled

"Ammm, look is there any chance you could come now?" Neal persists.

"O....K....? Sounds serious?" Iver replies.


"Yes! It is.. oh, and don't say anything to Rumi, please?" Iver can hear the pleading in his voice.

"OK, no problem... I'll be with you in about ten minutes!" Iver puts down the phone and turns to Rumi "I need to go out for a bit... I won't be long!"

With that Iver heads for the bedroom to get dressed. 


"Is Sarah OK? Why does Neal want to see you?.... Should I come too?" Rumi stands in the bedroom door way not sure what to do? Rumi never ceases to be amazed at the speed Iver can dress? No matter what he's been doing if the phone rings and he needs to go out ....he's gone! AND he never looses his keys or mobile phone???

"NO! Neal said he just wanted to see me! Knowing Neal he's had a row with Sarah and just wants a drinking partner!" Iver tries to fob her off as he puts on his jacket.

"All the more reason I should come too! Just a minute and I'll get ready and sort Marc out...."


"NO! I want you to stay here!" Iver tells Rumi firmly.

"Hark at you, going all dominant on me!" Rumi laughs.

Inside Iver is worried but outwardly he laughs and smacks Rumi on the butt "Me Tarzan you Jane!"

"Oh, cool a new roll play game!" Rumi giggles.

Iver groans as the picture pops into his head "Don't do that to me woman!...." Then winking at her "maybe later?"

"OK, but while your gone I'll be looking up loin cloth on the net!" Rumi giggles as she follows him to the front door.

"Bitch!" Iver fires back at her as he closes the door and makes his way to his car.


Meanwhile back with Neal and Sarah.....


"I think you should pack a few things! Then when Iver goes home he can take you and Dawn with him!"

"Now wait a god dame minute... I never agreed to leave!" Sarah sounds cross.

But Neal insists "After all if Iver says it's all OK, then no harm?"

Just then the door bell rings "I'll get it!" Sarah tells Neal not giving him the chance to go to the door.


Iver is a little surprised that Sarah and not Neal opens the door but recovers quickly and kissing her "Hi, babe! Just popped in to see Neal!" he's not sure if she knows Neal called him.

"Yes! I know... Neal's in the living room." she tells him.

"Thanks for coming over straight away like this" Neal tells him gesturing for Iver to sit down.


Iver takes the seat offered and again is a little surprised to see Sarah sit down next to Neal, for some reason he thought this 'chat' would be just him and Neal?

"There's no easy way to say this... we are hoping you can help us! So I'm just going to give you the details and go from there!" and Neal proceeds to tell Iver everything.

Neal expects Iver to be shocked or at least surprised. As an actor and  a  director he is good at looking for reactions and facial expressions... but from Iver there are none?


At the end of his sorry tale it's Sarah that speaks first "So, can you help us?" Sarah enquires.

Iver feels uncomfortable and worries what Rumi has told them about his 'other' life? It's the one thing he had made her promise... never talk to ANYONE (not even her sisters) about his work!

"I....I  don't know how you think I can help you... what Rumi might have told you?" Iver tells them.


Neal squares up to Iver sure now that he was right to think Iver could help them...if he wanted too? 

"Look! we need your help, I'm worried about Sarah and Dawn's safety! I know you can help! I'm not sure what you do but I am sure none of this is that much of a surprise to you?" Neal is suddenly convinced of this!

Iver sighs "Look I need to make a couple of calls" and getting up he leaves the room and goes out into the hallways closing the living room door. He's thinking how much his boss is going love this!!!


Neal and Sarah look at each other and Neal hugs Sarah as she rests her head on his shoulder. At least Sarah is comfortable she made the right decision when she chose to stay with Neal. 

A few minutes later Iver returns "OK, I'll help you as much as I can! Your right it does sound like Dania is up to no good and she might well be a threat to Sarah and Dawn. I think they should go and stay with Rumi ... they will be safe there!"

Neal nods and getting up Sarah leaves the room to pack. Now that Sarah has gone Neal turns to Iver "So are you going to tell me what you do? I hope you can help us... and for that matter who did you just phone?"


"Well, I can tell you a little.... but lets get Sarah and Dawn out of here first" Iver hopes his reassuring smile looks genuine?


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