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The Priors... Episode Fifty Two...The Hunt is on for Ayumi

A week passes... outwardly Neal and Sarah look like the average married couple but when they are alone things are still very strained. Neal desperately wants to put things right but has still not told Sarah all that Jett said, deciding it would be best to talk with Ayumi first! But as yet there has been no news on Ayumi. 

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Neil's been in touch with Simon West  (Sin In The City) and they have started filming without Neal. Neal confided a little of his mess and Simon was surprisingly intuitive... he said it was living with his slightly crazy wife and her slightly eccentric family! 


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Next on his to do list was to contact an old friend Zane McKenzie of Nyles/McKenzie Security, one of the best when your in need of security. He now lives in Utopia and was able to recommend a guy called Ringo who apparently is almost as good as Zane!


Neal speaks to Kyori daily but she still can't locate Ayumi. Sarah puts up with their 'little chats' but Neal knows that Sarah becomes rattled every time Kyori calls. All the reassurance in the world is not going to make Sarah feel more comfortable about the situation they are in... and why should it?

Then just after lunch the call comes, Kyori's investigator has located Ayumi but she does not want to talk to either Kyori or Neal. Neal goes in search of Sarah to impart the news.

"But why? I don't understand, what has she got to lose talking to Kyori... or you for that matter? Unless she does have a baby? Do you think it is her?" Sarah's face changes from confused to sad and back to confused.

"I don't know? This is all so..... strange? I just can't get my head around it and I don't understand why there's been no contact since the first letter?" Neal shrugs his shoulders splaying his hands out in front of him.

"Does Kyori have a phone number for Ayumi?" Sarah asks.

"Why? What would you want that for? As soon as you say who you are I'm betting she'll put the phone down on you!" Neal looks a little puzzled.

"Well, I could try? What do we have to lose?" Sarah hands Neal the phone "Phone Kyori... ask her!"


Neal sighs "OK!" He dials the number "Hi, Kyori do you have Ayumi's number? Sarah's want to try and talk to her!"

Kyori does and she gives it to Neal. After he ends the call Neal hands the phone and the number to Sarah. 

Sarah's hand shakes a little as she takes the phone and dials the number........... it's rings out! 


Sarah looks at Neal feeling deflated she had girded her loins to talk to Ayumi and she gets no answer!!!!  She puts the phone back on the table with the number "I'll try again later!"



Just then the phone rings and they both jump! Sarah picks it up and answers it "Oh, hi Kandy... yeap... " Neal shakes his head and leaves the room spending the rest of the afternoon in his office answering business calls and finalizing the new state of the art alarm system with Ringo.


Later Sarah calls Neal for dinner and he is amazed the afternoon has passed already.


Entering the dinning room he is greeted by Dawn spraying her dinner around the room while Sarah tries to feed them both!


"Here, let me feed Dawn, you finish your dinner... I'll have mine in a minute!" Neal takes the spoon from Sarah and in-between feeding Dawn he wipes the mess up all around her. Soon Sarah has finished and she takes over feeding Dawn while Neal eats!

After dinner Neal takes Dawn up for her bath and while he is gone Sarah  uses the opportunity to try phoning Ayumi again......

This time Ayumi answers...


"Hi, Ayumi.... my names Sarah... Sarah Hage...please don't hang up! I just want to ask you a couple of questions...."

"Look! I told that nosy cow Kyori to mind her own gooz gog! Now stop bugging me!" Ayumi tells Sarah sounding very pissed off and a little afraid!


"Please, Ayumi... did you have a baby... is it my husbands? I need to know... this is so unfair to mess with people like this!" Sarah is uncomfortable at the realization that this girls answer could mean so much!

"NO!!!!! I don't have a baby! Talk to Jett about all that! Or, Dania Zarr! She's the one you need to talk to...... now please.... leave me alone, I've said to much already! Oh, and if you see Dania I never spoke to you, please.... don't tell her you found me! Oh, and be careful... she's evil!"  and with that she ends the conversation (if you can call it that!)


Sarah just sits there still holding the phone the hairs on the back of her neck are standing up but she does not understand why she feels so frightened... just that she does!

Just then Neal appears in the door way "What ever is the matter, you look as white as a sheet?" he goes to Sarah and she almost collapses into his arms."Darling your shaking?"


"I just spoke to Ayumi, she ahmmm ....... worried me a bit? She said she's not had a baby and that we should talk to Jett?.... Or, Dania Zarr?" Looking up at Neal.

Sarah asks "What has Dania Zarr got to do with any of this? You said Jett had mentioned her too?"


Neal knows the time has come to tell Sarah all that Jett had told him.... but it's such a wild story.... could it be true? He for one feels it's way to far out there to be true.... it sounds more like a film script?


Episode Fifty Three


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