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The Priors... Episode Forty Nine.... Girls Night In...Guys Night Out!

WARNING..... Adult content

If you need to catch up.... Synopsis

This night had been arranged before Neal had imparted his news, and Sarah is wondering is she should go ahead with it? Neal thinks they should as he feels she should have a break  with her friends.... Sarah has her suspicions it's more that Neal needs time out from what's been happening at home the last couple of days.  In the end she agrees it might be good for them both to have some fun. So the evening goes ahead as planed.

 Dawn is to spend the night with Molly Lynn their nanny at Rumi's home, so Molly can look after Marc as well. Neal is to meet the guys at Darius's night club and the girls are all coming to Sarah's.

Sarah has in a TON of booze and plans on getting completely off her trolley!

They both get ready in their bedroom and Sarah dresses up even though she is staying  home. Sarah is ready first and with everything set downstairs she sits on their bed watching Neal put on a splash of cologne and his watch, a final comb of the hair and he looks in the mirror.... looking good!

He can see Sarah watching him and turning he smiles at her hoping for a smile in return but receives only a half smile. Then she gets up to leave and Neal puts out his hand loosely gripping her by the wrist. "Sarah? are you OK... about tonight?"

"Tonight yes! The rest of our lives.... not so sure!" Sarah sighs

"Look it's a night out with the guys, no women I promise!!!" Neal tries to reassure her.

Sarah gives him a rye smile " I know! Not even you are THAT stupid!"

"Thanks!...I think!" and he smiles back at her." Still very uncertain of Sarah's reaction "Can I kiss you?" He asks.

Sarah looks at him a million thoughts going through her head. Since that night.... when she found out about the baby and then they had sex...made love... she is still not sure which phrase to pick? Her thoughts have been centered on her and her thoughts her feelings and of course how it will all affect Dawn? But then, has she given any thought to Neal? How this is all affecting him? Deep down she knows this is not all  his fault.... yes, he dipped his wick where he should not have done BUT she had left him and should she be making his life so bad? So bad that he feels he needs to ask if he can kiss her? 

There and then she makes a decision that will affect them (and Dawn) for the rest of their lives. She could let this destroy them, maybe even run away with Dawn OR she could stay and fight...maybe even open up a little and tell Neal about her past and her father? Could she try to be a proper wife? 

She smiles a smile that reaches her eyes "Yes, you can kiss me...."

Neal grins and goes to kiss her but Sarah holds up her hand and stops him. Uncertainty immediately washes over Neal "Oh, god...what?" Neal sighs heavily.

Sarah is shocked by his reaction, has their life come to this? Sitting back on the bed she looks up at him "I love you, I will always love you and..... I want to be with you ...In every way"


 Taking his hand she pulls him down next to her and holding his face in her hands she kisses him. At first gently then with more passion. Neal pushes her back onto the bed and starts to unzip her dress and her hand wanders towards his fly...

 DING DONG The door bell rings then they hear a key in the door as Kandy and Rumi come giggling in through the front door.

 "Sarah? Where are you.... were coming up.... has Neal gone?"Kandy and Rumi call out as they thunder up the stairs

Neal and Sarah look at each other like a couple of naughty kids caught out by their parents. Sarah pushes Neal to one side and sits up just as her sisters charge into the bedroom

Kandy and Rumi stop just inside the door taking in the scene before them catching their straight laced sister in flagrante with her very sexy husband.

 "Oops!" says Kandy

"Bloody hell!" says Rumi

Both girls reverse out of the room almost fulling down the stairs and roaring with laughter. As the door bell rings again and there is a toot toot of a car horn.

Kandy reaches the door first and pulling it open still giggling greats Faith and Lorri who had arrived at the same time. Looking out Kandy can see a taxi driver waving at them and guesses that it's Neal's cab.

 She steps to one side allowing Faith and Lorri to enter and calls out to the cab driver "He'll be down in a minute!"

Meanwhile back upstairs Neal and Sarah scrabble around getting their clothes and hair straightened out leaving the room together they head downstairs.

Braving it Neal pops his head  around the living room door "night ladies.. have a good time!"

 Rumi can't resist and calls back "But not as good a time as you was just having with my sister you dirty boy!"

 Sarah standing just behind Neal goes cherry red but Neal just laughs "Yeah, something like that!"

Sarah is all of a fluster and calls from the hall "I'm just seeing Neal off will be with you in a minute!" 

As she heads towards the front door with Neal they can hear the giggles and cat calls coming from the living room. 

 Neal kisses Sarah with passion and is buzzing that she returns the passion.... " I could send the taxi away.... we could sneak back upstairs... sort this out" and he points downwards.

"No! now go .... the cold will soon sort you out!" Sarah smiles and pushes him out of the door closing it behind him.

Your an evil woman!" Neal calls out to Sarah through the closed door.

Taking a deep breath  she turns and starts towards the living room just as the door bell rings again. Sarah sighs thinking it's Neal and turns back to the door

"I told you... I'm not...Oh, sorry I thought it was Neal back again!" Sarah has opened the door and is looking at a bemused Eden

Eden smiles "that's OK! Thank you for inviting me!"


 "Come in make yourself at home they are all in the living room..."

Using Eden as a sort of shield Sarah steers Eden towards the living room."Hi, all!"

"Eden! " Kandy jumps up and hugs her friend

"Anyone for a drink?" Sarah asks and then starts handing out more drinks.

They all chatter on for some time then Sarah says she's going to get the nibbles... Rumi offers to help. Naturally she has an ulterior motive and teases her sister relentlessly about catching her out.

Bringing the food in and topping up their glasses they vote on what DVD  to watch... Picking one with plenty of hot totty in it!

The women chat and drink watching two more DVD's before calling it a night.



 Lorri, Eden and Faith share a taxi home while Kandy and Rumi stay up talking with Sarah for a while before crashing out in Sarah's spare rooms!

Sarah had intended to tell her sisters about what was going on between herself and Neal but for some reason could not find the right words? Maybe it was that she was on a high a did not want to break the spell?



Back with Neal he keeps his mind on other things as the taxi winds it's way into town and Darius's night club the cold  air working it's magic!

Fortunately by the time Neal arrives his trousers have a more comfortable fit. Neal pays the driver and heads into the club past all the squealing girls he goes to the front of the line and is let straight into the VIP area. 


 He is the last to arrive and a drink is waiting for him at the bar. He high five some friends and chats with others. As the evening wears on many a young girl tries their luck with Neal and the others but all are rebuffed! None of the guys are single .....and none wish to be!


 As the drink flows inhibitions loosen up as do tongues. They guys dance and drink and then they all flop out in the chill zone... soon the talk turns to sex and women. They think up a new version of spin the bottle .... you have to either tell the others about your best sexual moment or your worst the forfeit is to down an oyster and a glass of champagne!!! MEN!

So the bottle spins and points at..... Dr Luc the guys want to know his best sexual encounter?


 Luc goes cherry read and looks down at the floor "look...ammm... I'm new to all this can we come back to me???" He thinks to himself 'he's going to kill Lorri when he gets home...his twin brother would love boasting like this' but Luc??? But his version of HELL!

The guys bang on the table "FORFEIT, FORFEIT, FORFEIT!!!" and hand Luc the Oysters and champagne... he downs them both to much cheering.

The bottle spins again this time it's Peter's turn.... "Best sex" the  guys shout.



 "OK? .... ammm.... best sex.... well with my wife naturally!"

"we need details man" Neal shouts above the hub-bub

"Not with Sarah then?" Iver asks drunkenly to which Neal gives him a glaring look.

"Ooooow! It's a legitimate question! He dated Sarah before Faith didn't he?" The others all roar with drunken laughter.

Peter feels it's necessary to continue and change the subject! "OK, our honeymoon on a private beach with a waterfall.... and that's all your getting!"

The bottle spins again.... Neal was next


 "Now this should be good.... can you even remember the women let alone the sex? Luke asks

"Bastard!" Neal mutters " If you must know mine is with my wife too!" 

"Oh! Not Faith or Kyori or Aria or Gavin or any of the other 100's of women you've shagged over the years?" Luke asks

"NO! Sarah.... because it was more than just sex... with Sarah we make ...looove..."

"Make babies you mean?" Iver laughs


 Neal back goes ramrod straight and he shoots the other a look "It's easy to make a baby.... loving a good women is sooo much more important!"

The guys go silent for a moment then Chris sprays booze and starts to laugh the others soon follow. 

Neal gets a little cross "You bunch of heathens, it's not like you don't all love your women!"

They mumble and have to agree it's true! Luke notes the look on Neal's face and being cousins who have grown up together senses even in his drunken stupor that there is more to Neal's statement than meets the eye but decides now is not the time to ask about it.

The bottle spins again and this time it's Iver's turn


 "OK, the woman is easy...Rumi! Boy that girl is HOT!!! But a particular occasion??? now that's a hard one..."

Luc who has now downed another pint quips " I understand yours always is!"

The others hoot with laughter at this one and all click glasses in joint agreement. 

The Bottle spins again and this time it's Luke


 "Oh, this should be good!" Neal interjects as Luke starts to tell his story

"It was New Year and Eden  seduced me... I was having problems... you know.... down there (and he points at his groin area)  she went to the bathroom and returned naked well ....she's got a beautiful body... how could I not?" Luke smiles a smile of a satisfied man

So this leaves Chris "CHRIS! CHRIS! CHRIS!" They all chant banging their fists on the table.


 "OK!" Chris slurs "Well, Kandy natch... but a time?" He thinks for a minute their sex life is all much of a muchness? They were both virgins when they met and neither have been with anyone else?  "It's always good? Kandy's very attentive!" Chris smiles thinking he has got around this nicely.

"But what about Kandy?" Luke asks "Is it good for her?" 

Chris looks confused "Yes? Well... I guess so? I never asked.... she seems to enjoy it?"


 "But does she?" Luke persists 

The others full silent listening with interest. Then like a light bulb pinging on Luke asks Chris "Was you a virgin when you met Kandy?"

"I...what...?!?! .... Yes, we were both virgins and we have never been with anyone else! I'm proud of that!"

"Yes! Yes!  that's very admirable but.... well how do you improve your... shagging technique? If you don't put it about a bit?" Luc asks intrigued


 This has peeked the others interest  too and they all start to fire questions at him..... the drunken banter continues but a seed has been sown in Chris's head...maybe he should ask Kandy if she enjoys sex?.... But will he remember by the morning?

The banter continues until after five in the morning when Darius calls taxi's for them all and sends them home.


 Episode Fifty