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The Priors Episode Forty Two..... Time Passes

Time passes.....

Neal, Sarah and Dawn are now settled into a routine at home all is going well. Neal did try to talk Sarah into getting some help with Dawn but Sarah was having none of it.

But she did agree to some help around the home so now they have Brenda who comes in daily to do a bit of cooking and cleaning.

Harry, Giselle and Abhay stayed with  Neal and Sarah for three weeks until Giselle was feeling strong enough to go home. They enjoyed their time with Neal and Sarah so much that they have now decided to sell their home in France and move back to The Priors and buy a home near to Neal and Sarah.


They are not the only ones on the move Agnes has grown tired of living on a tropical island and want to also move back to be near to her family. She has decided that her grandchildren need her, especially Abhay.

Jonathan agrees and they have gone home to arrange the move, this will take some time as Jonathan needs to transfer his business as well as sell the home.



Easter was spent in France, Neal rented a large Château near to Giselle and Harry's home and invited Rumi,

 Iver (yes, he is very much part of the family now) and Marc plus Kandy and Chris. Unfortunately Kandy and Chris could not make it as Kandy could not get the time off from work and anyway Chris was away taking a boat to Spain. (He's a boat builder)


They spent a week lazing by the pool by day and out at the best restaurants and night clubs by night. Molly Lynn had just finished her nanny training and they brought her along too so she could look after Marc and Dawn in the evenings. Giselle had her own nanny for little Abhay. Even Agnes and Jonathan turned up for a couple of days with the errant Akane.

Who disappeared each evening to who knows where and spent the rest of her time in her room?


Mothers Day was a very special time for them all. Giselle, Harry and Abhay stayed with Neal and his family

with a surprise visit in the evening from Agnes and Jonathan  before they visited Akane at her new school (expelled from the last one) Kandy spent the day at home with Chris... they have both lost their mothers and decided it was best to just spend time flobbing around. Rumi went over to see Sarah and the others in the afternoon with Marc she was a bit disgruntled as Iver was away ...AGAIN!



Fathers day .... Neal had been on location in Italy filming his latest epic.... But he gave himself two days off and flew home for the weekend. It was so nice to just spend time together just the three of them.

Harry was filming in the south of France and he rented a villa  so that Giselle and Abhay could be with him.

 Agnes and Jonathan? They were on a Mediterranean cruise, Akane spent the day planing her escape from her horrid school.

Rumi and Marc took Iver out to lunch then when they got home Marc was so sleepy they put him to bed... then Rumi gave Iver his present!!!!


Stephen (Kandy, Rumi and Sarah father) waited for the phone to ring but Kandy, Rumi and Sarah had no intention of phoned him.


Neal and Sarah celebrated there first wedding anniversary in June. Neal wanted to do something special so arranged for all the family to get together for a special photo shoot....

Way to many pictures to view here so this is the....LINK



Rumi and Iver are now settled in their new home. Rumi has never felt so happy and if it was not for Iver's disappearing acts life would be perfect! He promises that one day soon he will be able to tell her everything ...... but soon is a long time coming!


Luke has been in contact with his cousin Neal and they are meeting up tomorrow. Luke needs some advice as to what to do about Dania? Luke wants to be with Eden but does not want to mess things up for her by telling Dania to bog off!



Eden is on cloud nine. She is young beautiful has the most FANTASTIC job modelling wonderful clothes in the most amazing places....AND..... to top it all she has found the man of her dreams *sigh* life is good for her!


Dania Zarr feels uneasy she's not sure why? The power has gone to her head mixed with cocaine and a few other little beauties, things are not always as clear as they used to be. Her sources have told her that Luke has been in contact with his cousin Neal this might be why she feels uneasy? Last time she butted heads with Neal Hage she did not come of so well. Then she smiled got him back on that! But maybe she had gone a little to far with Luke? After all what will she do if he calls her bluff? Losing Eden would cost a LOT of money and upset certain other people.... the sort of people it was not good to upset!


Episode Forty Three

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