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The Priors Episode Thirty Six

20th February

The following day it was time for Giselle and Abhay to leave the hospital.

Giselle was packed and ready to leave Abhay was sleeping in his cot dressed and ready too. Harry arrives and kisses Giselle then gently picks up Abhay and kisses him.

" Ammmm there is something you need to know before we leave!" Harry hesitates and fidgets a bit not looking Giselle in the eye.

"Yes?" Giselle looks over at him her interest piqued.

"Weeeell, someone has tipped of the paps! There's a TON of press outside I'm so sorry darling, I've spoken to the Matron and she said we can leave through the staff exit!" Harry looks at his feet, the bed, the wall.... anywhere but at his wife.

"Oh, don't be so silly! I tipped them off... I'm not ashamed of Abhay. He's a lovely baby and I want to show him off!" Giselle smiles at Harry putting a reassuring hand on his arm.

"Oh? and did you tell them he had Down's?" he looks at her puzzled.

"Yes! why do you think there so many sticking there beaks in?" she winks at him.

"OK, then lets get this show on the road! Are you ready Mrs Roshan?" Harry shakes his head.

"I'm ready Mr Roshan!" she giggles at him taking Abhay as Harry collects the bags.

As they leave the nurses wish them well.

At the hospital entrance Harry leaves Giselle with security while he braves the paparazzi with the bags and makes his way to the car.

Then he slowly manoeuvres the car up in front of the hospital where he leaves it and collects Giselle and Abhay.

Leaving the safety of the hospital they are confronted by yells and the click click click of camera's.

Giselle stands on the steps smiling and making sure they can all get a good picture of Abhay.

"GISELLE, GISELLE... DID YOU KNOW YOU WAS GOING TO HAVE A DOWNS BABY?" one of the paps yell out to her.

"Who asked that?" Giselle scans the crowed.

The paps full silent and a guy gestures that it was him.

Giselle turns to look him in the eye... Harry is not sure what to do or say and tries to move Giselle towards the car, he mumbles "Oh, god!" under his breath.

Then Giselle smiles at the guy "No, we had no idea! Yes, it was a bit of a surprise but my son is wonderful. Harry and I are VERY happy and Abhay will want for nothing we ALL love him very much! Thank you for asking"


Harry ducks his head and helps Giselle put Abhay into his seat. "Harry you should answer the guy!" Giselle whispers to him.

"You, want negative press?" Harry hisses back to her.

"What does that mean?" Giselle straightens up and looks at him.


"Just get in the car!" Harry opens the door for Giselle and shuts it quickly behind her then he bolts around to the drivers door and is away before Giselle can say any more!

Once they are out onto the main road Giselle asks again what the problem is?

"I haven't told them!" Harry says meekly.

"WHAT!!!!" Giselle is furious at him "Why the hell not? Do you think they might not notice?"she's dumbfounded at his stupidity.

"Well, it's just they are so far away and were so happy when I told them I had a son ...I just did not know how to tell them?" Harry tries to explain.

"Well, you had better do it quick smart it will be all over the world in a couple of hours!" Giselle scowls at him.

They drive the rest of the way in silence until they arrive at Neal and Sarah's home.


Neal opens the door to great them "Hi, all OK?" Neal asks kissing his sister as she gets out of the car and opens the door to get Abhay.

Meanwhile Harry is at the back of the car removing bags. Neither of them answer him.

"Oh, boy... here we go! So who's done what to whom?" Neal asks.

Then they both start to talk at once Harry saying how Giselle called the paps to the hospital without telling him and Giselle about how the idiot she had married had not told his family that Abhay had Downs!!!!

"Ammmm.... OK, I think I got that! So, lets all get inside and have a nice cup of tea! Sarah's just changing Dawn and then she can help sort this out!" Neal heads inside.

Neal sniffs then turns to Giselle "I think Abhay might want to join them! Unless it you of course?"

Giselle can't help but smile her little brother always know how to make her laugh! She takes Abhay upstairs to change him while Harry dumps the bags in the hall and follows Neal to the kitchen.

"So, brother-in-law what have you done now?" Neal asks as he fills the kettle.

Harry tries to explain why he did not tell his family about Abhay.

Neal shakes his head " You idiot! How did you think they would not find out?" as they talk they make there way into the living room Neal carrying a tray of tea.

"No, It's not that it's.....?" Harry's voice trails off as he notices his face on the TV screen " OH, boy! that was fast!"

Neal looks at the TV and then at Harry's stricken face "You can use the phone in my office"

"Thanks" Harry makes his way to Neal's office and closes the door behind him.

Not long after Giselle and Sarah enter the room, Neal looks up from reading the paper " Hi, girls... what you done with the babies? Not dumped them already?" and he chuckles at his little joke.

"Don't be silly they are both asleep!" Sarah replies sitting down next to Neal.

Giselle flops down in a chair she looks around and can hear Harry's voice coming from Neal's office.

Gesturing with her head towards the closed door "Harry phoning his family?"

Neal grins "YEP!"

Giselle smiles back at him "Thought so! .... should have told them in the first place!"

"Tea?" Sarah asks handing Giselle a cup and they all settle back in their seats. Neal turns the volume up a little on the TV so they can catch up on the news!


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